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OSI Group: From German Immigrants to Global Inspiration

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When Otto & Sons was formed, who knew that success from this small butchershop would turn into one of the world’s most dominant meat suppliers. This company serves as true inspiration to what immigrants can do when they believe in the American dream.It all started with a German immigrant from Chicago name Otto Kolschowsky. He opened up a small retail meat store that also served as a butchershop. Once the business started to get off the ground, he decided to go into wholesaling of meat. This led to him having to move to Maywood. As a result, in 1928 he named the company Otto & Sons. His selling of good and fresh qualities of meat led to Ray Kroc wanting Kolschowsky to supply his first McDonald franchise.

However, once Kroc bought out the company, Kolschowsky‘s meat became the sole supplier for the entire chain. This made the company a huge success.Once McDonalds took off in the fast food business, Otto & Sons went right along with it. One of the main reasons this happen was because of the loyalty in wanting to serve meat to every McDonalds restaurant. They were able to do this with a process called cryogenic freezing. This involved freezing the meat and keeping it frozen while traveling to the different franchises. If it were not for this invention, the meat would have spoiled.

Otto & Sons did so well that other restaurants wanted their services too as soon as they found out how successful McDonalds had become and some of the reasons behind it.Otto & Sons success became massive so they changed their name to reflect it. Now the company is called OSI Group. Once the company saw that globally they could make an impact, OSI Group used their technique of cryogenic freezing to send meat overseas for any business wanting fresh meat. Yes, OSI Group serves as a lesson of hard work paying off. Mostly everyone has benefited from this company’s service. OSI Group will be around for a very long time as long as people want fresh meat.