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Sheldon Lavin’s Impact on OSI Group Leads the Firm to Global Expansion

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Over the past few years, OSI Group has vastly dominated the American meat manufacturing industry. Initially, the company was known as Otto and Sons and it was majorly controlled by Mr. Otto alongside his two sons who dedicated most of their time to the development of the firm. Moreover, the company supplied meat products to the locals in Chicago. Consequently, McDonalds contracted them to supply fresh meat-based products. For that reason, there was an increased demand for meat and other animal proteins. For that reason, Otto and Sons sought to expand their manufacturing capacity by growing their portfolio of services. At the same time, they needed a finance manager to catapult the leveraging of resources. Therefore, they hired Sheldon Lavin to handle the allocation of resources and plan the way forward to diversifying.

Background Information

While working at the company, Sheldon Lavin focused his duties around the expansion of the firm. For starters, he wanted to understand how the company manufactures its food. Additionally, he dedicated most of his days to grasping the basic managerial processes of the departments. Therefore, when it was time for Otto and Sons to rebrand their company, Lavin came in handy not only as a financial expert but also a stakeholder because he was largely interested in manning the firm.

Joining the High Table of Leadership

Instantly, Sheldon Lavin bought the controlling shares of the company. For that reason, he became the dominant controller of the firm and assumed the position of the chief executive officer. Moreover, he still retained his position as the finance expert and oversaw the management of the entire company. Alongside the fact that he was now a significant shareholder, Lavin was more motivated to propel the firm towards unparalleled service delivery.

Global Expansion

Of late, the company has penetrated competitive markets in the same category of service delivery. Moreover, some of its affiliates are situated in China, Europe, and India among others. For that reason, the company is largely established in competitive markets and has created a clear pathway for its consumers to enjoy its services around the globe.

The General Observation

Perhaps OSI Group is largely recognized as a leading food services provider because of Lavin’s impact in growing the consumer base and service delivery portfolio. Moreover, with his guidance, the company has acquired over ten facilities in foreign geographical locations. Besides, Sheldon Lavin has always spearheaded the acquisition of these facilities with the hope of increasing the profits generated by the company.

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