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Trabuco- The Siege Weapon Used In The Middle Age

The Trabuco weapon was one the most dangerous weapon that was used before the invention of modern ammunition. It was founded in the 400 BC by the Chinese who used it as a siege weapon to their enemies. The war machine fired shots in the form of large stones which were targeted to the protective walls of the opponents to cause massive destructions. The projectiles fired were not only stones, but they ranged from corpses, living prisoners, human skulls, fireballs, and even animal carcasses to scare their enemies.

The Trabuco Working Mechanism

The Trabuco war machine was developed using the sling or catapult mechanism. The war machine was easy to make where it consisted of a lever, counterweight, sling, and an armrest. Further, its mechanism involved the conversion of gravitational potential energy to kinetic energy to hurl the projectiles. Also, the velocity of the missiles to its targets entirely depended on the force applied minus the heat that dissipated on friction. Moreover, the war machines were built in different sizes where the small ones could be operated by one person while the large ones required 15-45 people.


The Trabuco weapon era could further be sub-divided into two interfaces of its existence. The first one was referred to as the traction Trabuco while the other modified war machine was the hybrid Trabuco. The traction Trabuco was efficient in its usage as it would fire up to four times per minute but had major drawbacks. Its mechanism required large teams to operate it which was difficult as coordination was a problem hence its abandonment. Further, the war machine was modified in the 11th century when a counterweight solution was introduced instead of having people operate on the short arm beam.

Further, the war machine was used by the Europeans when they first acquired it in the 600 AD according to The Europeans encountered the Trabuco war weapon during crusades after the Arab merchants had taken it to the Middle East. What’s, more, the Europeans used the war weapon and laid siege to their enemies which caused destruction all over Europe. Also, the war weapon was used in battles between the Christian and Muslims at the Mediterranean surroundings during the middle age. Nonetheless, the war weapon became obsolete after gunpowder was invented.


Jason Hope Excited About the Future of the IoT

The SENS Research Foundation was founded in order to do research that will lead to the application of regenerative medicine to aging. SENSE stands for “Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence”, and was first formed in 2009 by Aubrey de Grey. In 2010, entrepreneur and philanthropist Jason Hope became involved with the foundation and recently donated $500,000 to establish a laboratory in Cambridge. The lab will focus on creating what the foundation calls “AGE-breakers“, drugs that break down advance glyscation end products. The metabolic was accumulates in human tissues an cause the elasticity of the skin and blood vessels to decrease with age.

There is very little research that compares the benefits of AGE-breaker treatments but will more donations like Mr. Hope’s the scientific community will continue to get closer to a breakthrough.Jason Hope is constantly looking toward the future, and has been identified as a futurist for his commitment to the Internet of Things. Jason is from Tempe, Arizona and attended Arizona State University, where he earned a Bachelor’s degree in finance and a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) from the University’s Carey School of Business. In a recent interview with, Jason talked about his interest in technology and what it will do for humankind in the future.

He finds the IoT perhaps the most intriguing technology of his generation. He believes that in the very near future, all of our homes will be dependent on our devices that are part of the IoT, from lighting, heating, and cooling already in play in 2017. Hope thinks that the IoT will have its greatest effect on our health as devices that regulate and monitor our fitness and biometrics become available. One of the most forward-thinking young people in the business world, Jason Hop is on the forefront of the IoT and has donated his time and money to exploring its capabilities.

Boraie Development: Helping To Address New Jersey’s Real Estate Needs

Boraie Development has built some of the most popular residences in New Jersey and has helped to ease the pressure on the state’s surging real estate market. With a shortage of housing looming nationally, the extraordinary real estate work being done in New Jersey by Boraie Development is helping the state provide needed housing in some of its most densely populated cities. According to a Philly Purge article, the percentage of delinquent and foreclosed mortgages in New Jersey had been among the highest in the country. But as employment rates rise, a new more positive trend is developing.


With high interest rates and people’s inability to afford mortgages, the demand for affordable housing in New Jersey and nationwide is increasing to almost crisis level. But there appears to be a real estate renaissance beginning in New Jersey. Home values are rebounding and more people are holding on to their homes in anticipation of higher potential profits if they wait and sell later. This has shifted a growing number of people’s interest to apartments with accessibility to mass transit. As the number of available, affordable, conveniently located apartments with all the modern amenities rises, it will help to ease the housing crunch in New Jersey.


For over 40 years, Boraie Development has been in the forefront of real estate development in New Jersey. Founded by the visionary Egyptian immigrant Omar Boraie in the mid-1970s, the company has long been instrumental in breathing new life into cities like New Brunswick and other parts of New Jersey. While others were fleeing dilapidated, burnt out sections of many cities because they felt they were dangerous and unproductive, Omar Boraie saw the potential for a bright future. Working with his children, he has been able to improve vast tracts of New Jersey’s downtown areas and attract economic investment in them. Check out their website



According to Rutgers, Boraie Development has a reputation for creating Class A office space and spectacular residential properties. Now one of New Jersey’s top real estate companies, Boraie Development primarily uses private sources of capital to fund its projects. Plus, the company works with top architects and contractors with a clear vison of the potential of the projects and the ability to successfully complete them in a timely manner. The Boraie Development team also offers exceptional property management, marketing and sales services. Their commitment and ability to address New Jersey’s real estate needs makes them an industry leader.




Organo Offering Premium Coffee And Brilliant Business Opportunities

Organo is a company that aims to provide quality products to people all over the world. A global network marketing company, Organo is on a mission to reach out to people and provide them with essentials that can have a good impact on their life. The company offers its range of premium products that enrich lives and also provide business opportunities to those who want to partake in these ventures. Watch this video on Youtube.

The brand has an extensive range of teas and coffees that are made with some of the finest ingredients sourced from some of the best ingredient farms in the entire world. The products that the brand sells are solely available through their distribution network that spans over fifty countries all over the world.


The company follows a multi-level marketing strategy that allows people to indulge in their products while having access to an incredible earning opportunity for them. Being an Organo distributor means that you can be your boss and start up a business with products that exceed quality standards, or you can also choose to do it as a side business that offers a decent amount of earnings to supplement your general income. The company has an incredible compensation package for those who are part of their distribution system and provides them several business incentives to help them boost the amount that they earn every month. Visit to know more.


To keep their regular customers happy, Organo Gold decided to start a Preferred Customer Program. Products like tea and coffee, which Organo sells are usually consumed by customers on a daily basis, which means that they need a constant supply of products. Customers tend to come back often after experiencing the bliss of good coffee, which is why the Preferred Customer Program is brilliant for anyone coming back for more. Through the program, customers can avail of exclusive discounts and offers that are exclusive to them. They avail of a flat 25% off on all Organo products, which by itself is reason enough to opt for the program. In addition, customers also get access to exclusive offers which can further reduce the prices of the products that they intend to buy. To top it off, people who are part of the Preferred Customer Program get access to the 24/7 chat line for any queries about products, shipping, payments, or just anything about Organo and the things that it sells.


James Dondero’s $1 Million Challenge

James Dondero is an influential Dallas businessman and philanthropist. He has over 30 years of experience in various investment practices. Some of these are as a provider of retail solutions, investment funds, and as a financial analyst. His business activities extend worldwide. Over his life, he has supported academic and veteran initiatives, as well as, other philanthropic endeavors.

Recently, Mr Dondero promoted a $1 million grant. He, along with the firm he founded, Highland Capital Management, want the money to go to the Family Place. The Family Place Legacy Campaign supports community efforts that service victims of family violence. The Dondero sponsored grant contributed to the campaign’s $16.9  million to build a new facility in service of 2,000  victims each year. Highland Capital Management is a patron level donor. Visit to know more about James Dondero.

James Dondero did not only co-found Highland Capital Management, he is also its president. The grant is being distributed through the company’s subsidiary, the Highland Capital Foundation. The $1 million challenge is a philanthropic effort that matches 50% of money donated for the cause. Dondero’s foundation entrusts Linda Owen and The Dallas Foundation to administer funds. They seek to ensure the greatest impact of their philanthropic activities. The company believes good can come from public and private partnerships. Follow James on Linkedin.

The Family Place offers a full spectrum of services for both public and private victims of family violence. Like the institution, James Dondero’s influence spans more than one company. He is chairman and board member of several companies. James Dondero is an active leader in both the investment world and of altruism.


Rocketship Education, Helping The Community

If you are a parent who lives in a low income community and you are seeking a quality school for you child to attend, Rocketship Education is defiantly the school that you are looking for. Rocketship Education has been around for more than ten years now. The school is a non profit elementary school. The school is very popular because they are only located in low income communities and they are geared to help kids in these communities. Rocketship Education are public charter institutes. The goal of the school is for children who are in low income areas to perform and progress just as well as children who are not.

Many studies have shown that students who come from low income areas perform lower in school than the children who are not. Rocketship Education helps students in every aspect in their lives so that they can perform better.

Many parents are very happy about Rocketship Education and everything that they have done for the community and for the students as well. Some parents came out and spoke publicly about their satisfaction with the school. One of the most things that parents love about Rocketship Education is that they are welcomed to be actively involved in their child’s education life.

Outside of education, Rocketship Education has been helping families financially as well. Some students perform well in school because they do not have food to eat at home, don’t have any school supplies, or they feel like they’re going to be teased because they do not have cool shoes or clothing. Rocketship Education does not want any of their students to feel that way.

They recently had a large fund raiser for the families of Rocketship Education. This fund raiser raised more than $60,000 within a short amount of time. Many people were very excited and grateful about the outcome of the fundraiser.

Parents who actually received the money were happy and thankful for the donation. In the end the children were happy as well. Rocketship Education is doing an amazing job with all of their efforts to make the community a better place!

Sentient AI – Ecommerce Customer Experience

Sentient AI: The Customer Might Not Always Be Right, but They Do Deserve An Excellent Ecommerce Customer Experience


I worked retail for a number of years. Though I do not miss it, I did learn a great deal from the experience. You might not always agree with what your customer has to say, but they do have the right to express their opinion. They might not walk away with exactly what they want, but at least you can give them the same experience as you give everyone else.

Five Tips You Can Use To Improve Your Ecommerce Customer Experience

1) According to research done by Sentient AI( Artificial Intelligence), you need to know your product inside and out. You cannot get by only knowing the bare minimum. I can tell you based on the first-hand experience that your customers will not like it. They will go elsewhere for the same product. If you do not know anything about what you are selling, then you should not be selling it.

2) You should be nice and friendly to your customers. Customers can tell if you are at all interested in serving them. If you approach them with total disinterest, then they will feel it and move on to someone else. You might not like the person you are serving, but you still need to smile. I know it can be difficult at times, but you need to try.

3) You should say thank you every time someone makes a purchase online. If you say thank you, they will want to come back and buy from you again. Saying thank you is habit-forming. Saying thank you will also increase your e-commerce sales, according to Sentient AI.

4) You need to train your staff and not just some of them. You also need to use the same training. I saw a great deal of haphazard training when I worked retail. Customers will have a more positive experience with you when all your staff is trained in the right way.

5) You need to show respect to your customers. You might not agree with their attitude toward you, but you should never let your emotions overtake you. You should try to put yourself in their shoes. They might be having a bad day. You never know what their story is. The image they present to you during the transaction might not be the whole picture, according to Sentient AI. Learn more about Sentient at Crunchbase.


“Never judge a book by the cover”

Logan Stout Understands Success And Has Advice To Share Regarding It

When a person has found success, it can be hard to regret anything that they did on their way toward that success. There are times, though, when someone has regrets and they wish that they had lived differently. Logan Stout has shared that he has regrets in regard to the way that he got to where he is now. He has shared that he wishes that he had enjoyed his life as he worked toward Logan Stout’s success. He wishes that he had taken the time to enjoy his experiences and the people that he dealt with. He regrets the fact that he was working too hard to enjoy all that he went through.

Logan Stout has shared that he believes that a good company needs good people behind it. When a company is trying to be successful that company has to have good people backing it. He believes that good people can bring about success in all kinds of situations. He has shared in an interview that he believes that the better the people are that are working toward a specific kind of goal, the better the outcome.

There are some pieces of wisdom that Logan Stout has shared in addition to his belief that a company has to have good people working for it and that the path to success should be enjoyed. He has shared that he believes that people should live in a simple way. He believes that people should love abundantly. He has a family he cares for, and he spends time with them. Logan Stout believes that it is important for a person – or a business – to give generously and to help those around them. He believes in the power of prayer and he thinks that it should be a part of daily life. He is someone who knows what it takes for a person or business to be a success.

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Neurocore Brain Performance Center Can Offer the Help You’ve Been Looking for

Depression can quickly become devastating, and deadly, if left alone and untreated. Thankfully, even the worst cases of depression are treatable. Through a combination of therapies, and diagnostic testing, Neurocore Brain Performance Center have developed a better understanding of the disease, and have created a variety of techniques to better help combat Depression, and a variety of associated mental illnesses. Though many never look for help in dealing with their depression symptoms, even when their outlook is darkest, and signs of the illness can be hard to spot by family and friends, help has never been as thorough as that provided by Neurocore’s treatment plans. Treating a variety of types of Depression, as well as Anxiety, ADHD, sleep disorders, and a multitude of other cognition issues, Neurocore Brain Treatment Center is making help available for the first time to many.

See more information about Neurocore at

As the leading cause of suicide in the world, Depression has become an unprecedented health crisis in recent years. The number one most reported mental illness in the United States, Depression has ravaged the friends and family of many, and has gone without effective treatment or cure for as long as the illness has been able to be diagnosed. Though funding and a further understanding is needed of Depression, and on a variety of the mental illnesses that Neurocore treats, the organization’s Biofeedback and Neurofeedback combo treatment and diagnostics have proven a viable option for many sufferers.


In a study led by Elsye White, Ph.D., and published by Neuroregulation in March of this year, the techniques used by Neurocore Brain Treatment Centers have shown clinical viability in the treatment of patients with Depression and Anxiety symptoms. Furthermore, the majority of those treated by Neurocore report greatly minimized symptoms as well as seeing lasting results, and overall better quality of life, thanks to the program, the diagnostics run, and the training provided. Clinical Trials in Michigan and Florida are currently running and free lunches, along with seminars provided by Neurocore are hosted once monthly in both areas for further providing information on the Center’s various offerings. No matter the depths Depression has taken, Neurocore Brain Performance Center is providing potent and lasting help. Follow Neurocore on

How Has Brown Modeling Agency Taken Over The Game?

The great success of the infamous Brown Modeling Agency has the industry blazing with activity and chatter. Since the company isn’t located in the biggest of markets, people have been scratching their heads in utter confusion. The truth is that a modeling agency doesn’t necessarily have to be located in a big city to be successful. Yes, larger cities can offer more opportunities, but the industry is truly made of its talented individuals. Did you know that many of the top models weren’t born in major metropolis areas? That’s right! Brown Modeling Agency is playing by its own rules and thanks to these rules, it has created its own lane.

This place is one of the leading full-service agencies in Texas. Its headquarters is actually in the city of Austin. Its extensive range spans across the entertainment industries of runway, print, catalogue, fashion, film, commercial, industrial video, corporate events, conventions and television. Thanks to being a consolidation of Wilhelmina Austin and Heyman Talent-South, this agency has exploded straight to the top of the game. You’ll find some of the most professional personnel right here. Many of its 450 talented-base of professionals have done work for Louis Vuitton, Dell, Dodge Ram, Toyota, Bing as well as:

  • Bright House
  • TNT Network
  • Landshark Beer
  • HBO
  • And other popular publications

The options are nearly endless to some degree, but nothing is taken for granted. The ship’s captain is former-model Justin Brown, and he has become a local industry icon. This guy has simply put Brown Modeling Agency on the map. As of today, this agency is a force that has to be dealt with. Justin Brown has first-hand knowledge of how the modeling business truly works, and he knows all of the trick of the trade. During his modeling days in California, he would travel from firm-to-firm. This in-depth insight is paying-off right about now as Brown Modeling Agency is setting new standards, it’s changing the status quo, and it’s creating newer trends. You can visit their Instagram page