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Who is David McDonald at OSI Group?

David McDonald has been at OSI Group since he joined in the 1980s and for all those years he has displayed excellent performance at the private company. He joined after university where he had pursued a degree in animal sciences. David McDonald attended Iowa University which is considered one of the best universities in the United States. Since he became an employee of the company, he has been promoted to several positions. He has worked as a project manager at the same company and now works as the Chief Executive Officer of the company. Under the leadership of the professional, OSI Group has experienced growth, and today it has become a leading company in the food sector around the world. The organization is known for the supply of quality products to its customers. Today it has expanded to various countries and has established plants in other countries.

He has led the OSI Group to acquire other companies like Baho Food. It is a food company and is specialized in manufacturing snacks, meat, and other foods. David McDonald said they acquired the Dutch-based company because they have a strategy to expand the presence of the company in Europe. The business also has affiliates in Germany, Netherlands and other nations in Europe. The top management of Baho Food retained their positions, and they are expected to bring ideas together with OSI Group executives for successful ventures. They hope to develop a growth strategy that can lead to success.

David McDonald has been working among the top executives of OSI Group for many years. He has been responsible for strategic growth of the company. Since he became one of the top leaders of OSI, he has played a crucial role in coordinating the activities of OSI Group. He works with a team of other professionals, and they have been playing their roles effectively. It is a strategy that has been helping the company to achieve balance. According to the talented leader, there are other expansions to be launched in the future.

The excellent performance of OSI Group is credited to the dedication of McDonald who is always looking for ways to improve the operations of the company.

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Graeme Holm And His Creation Of Infinity Group Australia

Graeme Holm started Infinity Group Australia because he wanted to build a company that could offer to loans to anyone in Austrlia. He wanted his customers to get something out of the loans that would be less expensive, have better service, and more options. He offers flexibility to his customers, and he wants all his clients to know that they can get exactly what they need.


  1. Infinity Group Australia Is Not A Bank


This is not a bank. Graeme Holm built a company that would compete with the banks, and he wanted to be certain that everyone who was concerned about their credit, getting the right amount of money, and paying off the loan without much trouble. Infinity Group does not overcharge their customers, and they do not ask their customers to pay extra fees. Graeme wants customers to get what they need without spending all their money on this one thing.


  1. Easier Than The Banks


Infinity Group Austrlia was designed to be easier to use than the banks, and he wants to make certain that allow the people who want a loan will come to him instead of a bank. He knows that the banks cannot match his customer service level, and he believes that the people who come to Infinity Group will get a better price. Some banks might need to start matching prices, and he is pleased to know that these banks will have to change their business practices to keep up.


  1. Awards


Infinity Group was recently given a commendation by the AFR, and the Australian Financial Review talked about how they are impressed with the lower prices and better service. The company has been recognized many times because of how well they treat customers, and Graeme Holm has been the person driving that policy. His company wants to impress people so that they know that they can come back at any time to get even more help. He does not want to give people loans and push them out the door. He wants them to come back because they trust the company.


  1. Multiple Loans


There are people who come in to get loans for their businesses or personal expenses. There are those who have chosen to get a personal loan, and they come back to get a mall business loan for their new company. They could finance a new project, or they could get a loan that will pay off their debt. There are so many choices at Infinity Group that everyone should at least ask.


  1. Conclusion


Graeme Holm is an expert in the loan industry, and he has done a great job helping people get loans that will help them live their lives. They will be happier with the amount of money tyhey are spending, and they will find that they always get a better price than the banks. This is one of the best places for anyone in Australia to get a loan, and that has changed banking across the country. Learn more :


Stay Focused On Your Upwork Tasks With These Tips

What do you do when you have several tasks to complete on Upwork? You create a to-do list of all your tasks. However, your to-do list is not going to be helpful if you are procrastinating instead of working. Use the following tips to stay focused on your Upwork tasks throughout the day.

Prepare Your List Early

Waiting until the morning to prepare your to-do list causes you to waste valuable time. Why not take a few minutes before bedtime to prepare your to-do list for the following day? This way, you can spend the morning hours working on your first task instead of creating your to-do list. There is nothing like completing a task in the morning to keep you motivated all day.

Group Your Tasks

If your to-do list is full of similar tasks, group them together by category. One example is a category for the phone calls you need to make to your clients. You may decide to make your phone calls in the morning to get them out of the way. When it is time to check your to-do list, you are going to notice that an entire category has already been completed. You can move on to the next group of tasks, which may be your emails or promotional tweets.

Assign A Priority

It is important to assign a priority to every task on your to-do list. The task with the closest deadline should have the highest priority. You can place the task that is not due for almost a month at the bottom of your list. If there is a change in your schedule for any reason, assigning a priority keeps you from missing your deadlines. It also helps you figure out what tasks to reschedule if you need to rearrange your day.

Upwork has been connecting freelancers and clients for years. There are many freelancers who have found short-term, recurring and long-term work. Whether you are a web designer or virtual assistant, you can find work in your area of expertise through Upwork.

Keeping your to-do list organized is a great way to save time and stay productive throughout the day.

Southridge Capital services and Stephen M Hicks’s input for its success.

Southridge capital is a leading financial solution company based in Connecticut that offers advice and structured finance to public companies by ensuring that the companies have the full understanding of the innovative financial solutions that will help them achieve their goals. Southridge Capital is managed, and run by an executive team that has a clear understanding of the market and the knowledge in curating that enables them to execute financial plans for their customers. Southridge Capital has invested over $1.8 billion in new companies around the world since 1996.


Southridge capital can provide services that cover every financial aspect of a company. This is made possible by the advisory umbrella that contains the Financial Analysis from which a detailed and projected financial statement is produced by the company to make sure the decisions are together with the operation and financial assumptions. Southridge provides services that will enable companies to balance between debt and equity alongside the provision of access to equipment and materials that will help in achieving the desired outcome through the balance Sheet Optimization. The company offers advice to companies regarding bankruptcy and the measures they can put in place to boost their financial muscle. Furthermore, Southridge capital has a legal settlement service team that helps in settling litigation through a clear definition of all legal necessities and thus minimizing the expenses and the time taken. The structured financial feature of the Southridge capital is composed of Financial Solutions, Credit enhancement, and Securitization. You can vivit their twitter account for more info.


Management of Southridge capital consists of Stephen M Hicks- CEO, Laurence Ditkoff, CFA, Narine Persaud, CFO and Henry Sergent, General counsel, and CFA. Stephen M Hicks says that what makes his success is the focus he has on the organization and the daily tasks that need to be achieved incredibly are very vital. In his career, he once failed in a company despite a lot of money being pumped into the company and putting in their best efforts; this was a challenge they had to live through by staying liquid until they managed to get out of the situation. Stephen M Hicks came up the idea of Southridge capital as a matter of ‘luck and circumstance’ as he puts it.For more details you can checkout



Academy of Art University: Transforming Passion In Art Into A Life-Changing Career

The Academic of Art University is one of the transformational art institutions in San Francisco, California. The institution boasts tremendously experienced staff, students, and alumni. It specializes in the transformation of artistic enthusiasts into high-quality professionals of art who can fully utilize their passion for their betterment. With open admission programs, the facility is set to work with willing students to impart them with life-changing and sharpened skills which they can turn into a meaningful career in the competitive market.

Being a member of the US National Association of Schools of Art and Design, the facility boasts specialization in fine arts at both the bachelors and masters levels. All various categories of studies are controlled and accredited by their respective nationally-recognized bodies including the National Architectural Accrediting Board and the Council for Interior Design Accreditation.

The facility runs programs allied to any of the four main areas of passion which students exhibit including design, entertainment, fine arts, and liberal arts. Through the competitive programs, the facility boasts churning out graduates who are easily absorbed into the market through corporates such as Apple, Nike, Zynga, Pixar, among others. As the largest accredited private art facility and university in the US, the institution is dedicated to positively contributing to transforming passion into a career.

One of the alumni of the facility is Kendal whose appearance and performance in The Bachelor has garnered her many fans and fame in the entertainment industry. Her well-played role in the Season 22 of the show has helped transform the show into a well-orchestrated storyline that has got fans glued to their screens. Kendal’s expertise in her career as an actor is a testament to the professionalism of the Academy of Art University. As an alumnus of the facility, she undertook her bachelors in Multimedia Communications, a program she enrolled for in 2010 and completed in 2014. Since then she has worked in various other televised shows, but her role in The Bachelor got her into the limelight.

Malcolm CasSelle’s Big Cryptocurrency Move in the Gaming Industry

Malcolm CasSelle is the CIO of OPSkins and the president of WAX or the Worldwide Asset eXchange. Through these two companies he is able to create a marketplace for individuals to buy and sell items through their online video games. CasSelle has led many startups and was formerly president at CTO, formerly the Tribune publishing, dealing with digital access. His focus for his company is discovering, displaying, and measuring the engaged assets based on social signaling. He has made his career in the digital industry by working with Media Pass, which is a leading digital subscription solution to major media companies. As an entrepreneur, he is also an investor and has invested into companies such as Facebook, Zynga, big data and blockchain verticals. In his earlier parts of his career, he was a co-founder of PCCW, a publicly-traded telecom in Hong Kong and with them he was able to raise billions for the company through private transactions. CasSelle was able to earn his degree in computer science from MIT and Stanford University. He is also multilingual, learning Japanese and Mandarin.

Malcolm CasSelle and his OPSkins has pushed him into being the front-runner for in-game virtual assets. It is not surprising that he is one of the top Bitcoin merchants in the world. OpSkins is the leader in placing virtual assets in a centralized marketplace. Malcolm CasSelle and the other creators of OPSkins made a new blockchain system for trading virtual assets called WAX. To explain further, WAX is a P2P marketplace, where virtual assets are traded. This form of trading is decentralized and a blockchain. This system is creating a big change in cryptocurrency because it is solving the problems of fragmentation and fraud which is a very common issue when dealing with virtual Assets in the market.

WAX allows its customers to tokenize gaming assets, buy, and sell assets to and from other players without even logging off of their game. The platform also allows users to cross use different cryptocurrencies to give a broader access for many individuals to trade, buy, and sell with each other. There are WAX tokens that act as store-value for receiving items in a game and as a contract for buying and trading in the future. The WAX platform is for global users and allows sellers to access a wider range of supplies. Malcolm CasSelle strongly believes in his work and is convinced cryptocurrency will grow even larger through the use of the gaming industry.

Surf Air adds partners in luxury travel

Membership benefits in Surf Air’s travel club just took a giant step toward more luxury announcing partnerships with other luxury travel groups. In honor of its fifth anniversary, Surf Air is joining forces with All Roads North, FoundersCard and The Private Suite LAX to take luxury travel in California and beyond to new heights.

All Roads North will enhance members’ travel experiences with customized ground itineraries at destinations the charter airline flies to. Members can expect luxurious accommodations and unique experiences from All Roads North.

The partnership with The Private Suite LAX will ease the stress of dealing with long lines at check-in and security at Los Angeles International Airport. Instead, they’ll go through check-in and security at a private terminal with its own TSA and Customs agents. Members will not have to make their way through crowded concourses or walk down long jet ways to the plane. They’ll ride in luxury directly to their plane.

And when members must travel outside of Surf Air territory, they’ll do so knowing FoundersCard will make their trips easier. Benefits include VIP privileges, such as priority check-in and discounted air fares when traveling. They’ll also enjoy access to top accommodations with privileges that include special rates and extra amenities.

Surf Air, founded in 2013, is a private air travel club with a twist. Members, who include businessmen, leisure travelers and frequent fliers, pay a monthly fee for which they receive unlimited flying. It’s like an all-you-can-eat buffet, only for air travelers. Beginning with a modest 12 destinations in California, the revolutionary Surf Air now flies to Texas and Europe as well as expanded destinations in the Golden State.

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How Peter Briger Has Served His Company And The Broader Community

Fortress Investment Group is a New York City-based investment management firm that specializes in alternative assets such as distressed debt, real estate, hedge funds, credit funds, and private equity. It was established in 1998 but three business partners. Peter Briger arrived at this company in March 2002 when he was named as a member of this company’ management committee. Since November 2006 he has served on the board of directors and since August 2009 he has been a co-chairman since 2012. He is also a partner of this firm. He was brought on board in order to diversify what Fortress Investment Group offers as he has an excellent reputation in the industry in regards to buying and profiting greatly off distressed debt.

Peter Briger spent the first 15 years of his career at Goldman Sachs. While at that financial firm he was a member of several committees such as the Global Control & Compliance Committee and the Japan Executive Committee. He was one of Goldman Sachs’ leaders in other ways as well such as co-heading a number of funds such as the Asian Distressed Debt, Asian Real Estate Private Equity, and the Special Opportunities Fund.

He earned his B.A. at Princeton University in 1986 and his M.B.A. at the University of Pennsylvania in 1988. As a graduate of Princeton University, Peter Briger has been active on the Princeton Entrepreneurship Council. The goal of this organization is to support the creation of small businesses and entrepreneurship on the campus of this Ivy League school. This involves education, funding, and mentorship. Peter Briger has donated money to this organization many times and has also served as a mentor to many budding entrepreneurs.

Peter Briger has supported other causes as well. He is a member of the Silicon Valley Council which donates money to global nonprofits dedicated to helping children. He has worked to alleviate poverty issues in the San Francisco Bay Area by donating to nonprofits such as Tipping Point. He has also supported nonprofits that support the education of children and making sure that children from the riskiest demographics are provided with opportunities. A Force of Innovation: Two Decades of Fortress Investment Group


Neurocore Centre of Brain Performance

Neurocore is a company that deals with diagnostics of the human brain. The company determines what is ailing the brain and it processes and trains your brain for better performance. Using their advanced qEEG technology, they can tell how well your brain is performing. They acquire data from sensors attached to the patient’s head. The data is then analysed and a program can then be developed with the intent of solving your problem. There are a variety of methods used to build your profile: Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

  • Heart Rate Variability
  • Integrated Auditory and Visual Performance Test
  • A clinical intake discussion
  • Behavioural Checklist

Training the Brain to Perform Better

Neurocore has a 45 minute session of bio-feedback and neuro-feedback that takes advantage of the ability of your brain to change. This process is known as neuroplasticity. The session lasts 30 minutes where the brain learns to stop going out of range and its function improves. In the bio-feedback, the patient is taught deep and slow breathing to allow efficient blood and oxygen flow in the body.


Employment at Neurocore

They are a group of individuals striving to help others using their technology. Their pay is a little lower than average but their working conditions make up for this. Workers say that they have an immersive workplace, fun working environment, great management, good discount and benefits schemes. Neurocore does not have any new job openings as of now. Some of the people who have been to the company and reviewed it tend to think that employment is based on favouritism. However, the hiring process is based on a merit. See more information at Linkedin about Neurocore.

Southridge Capital is to be Awarded for Successful Investments

Financial analysts are advisors who suggest to a capitalist the best project to undertake. Usually, this one is based on the projection of which a project has a likelihood of doing better in the days to come. Southridge Capital is one of the enterprises that carry out this investment function to enhance decision making. This successful idea has worked best with the unending contribution of Steven Hick’s.


Steven Hick’s has seen small and medium enterprise come up and gain stability in the business world. He is known for his unique act of performing duties so successfully by primarily using his knowledge. The Southridge Capital has been in operation for the last two decades. Having had a lot of expertise in finance, Steve has managed to beat the competitors in the industry. Indeed he had acquired training in management from the King’s college and later in Fordham where he attained his master’s degree.


Ideally, the Southridge Capital is meant to assist corporations that are publicly owned especially by the government. Individual clients also happen to be beneficiaries of the same. Apart from being an advisory body, it also acts as a profit-oriented enterprise. Whatever kind of service they offer to their clients, it’s done at a certain fee. Most capitalists cannot ignore these bodies since they have got a lot of information and exposure as well. Again this is done by highly skilled and qualified personnel. Southridge Capital uses various principles to carry out their projections. Some of them include the use of comparative income statements that assist in determining whether the business is performing financially or not. This strategy also provides a summary of the items that led to the nonperformance. Check out for more.



Balance sheets are also of Importance in that the company can compare the liabilities alongside the assets. This assists companies in honouring their obligation when they fall due. Southridge Capital has also sent a warning to their clients concerning insolvency that is caused by a mismatch between the assets and liabilities. In the real world when an enterprise lack financial resources to continue with its operations, it can be acquired by another well-performing organization.



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