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The US Money Reserve: an American Company that Keeps on Giving

Founded in the year 2001, US Reserve and is an American company that distributes its products, Including gold coins, As well as silver and platinum Products which are considered legal tender all throughout the globe.

The company has proved itself to be a reliable source for thousands upon millions of clients hello are in need of, or just have the plain desire to own these types of legal tender. Each and everyone of the employees the company has been trained in calling research and legal tender, and so are well equipped to complete their positions at the company.

These employees working at US Money Reserve also provide top-of-the-line customer service for clients all around the world. The motto at the company is to continue growing upon its customer base and maintain its old customer relationships, while also providing high quality coins of: gold, silver, and platinum. Follow US Money Reserve on Twitter

As described on the website:, the clients of the company “have place their trust in [the company’s] ability ability to help choose the highest quality and most appropriate precious metals for their portfolios.”

Many of the customers of the company, after purchasing from it have earned a lot of profit, because of the high quality pieces that they have purchased from the US Money Reserve. US Money Reserve is proud and honored to have helped this occur for these customers.

The company has been successful in business since its initiation, which was more than a decade ago. US Money Reserve also boasts over 400,000 satisfied customers currently. US Money Reserve is one of America’s biggest distributors of coins that have been issued by the US government. Read more: US Money Reserve | LinkedIn and US Money Reserve | Facebook

The company’s great team has helped many customer’s make the decision of the type of coin they would like to purchase to add to their portfolios.

Those who own precious metals or are just plain admirers of history or coins will be enthusiastic when they hear of the latest coin set that is now available for purchase through the US Money Reserve.

The US Reserve has just released an American exclusive set of coins: “Perth Mint 65th Anniversary Coronation Set of Her Majesty the Queen Elizabeth II of England.” The set contains three coins of low mintage from The Perth Mint that has been specifically made to honor the 65th anniversary of the Queen of England’s coronation.

The CEO of the Perth Mint, Richard Hayes claims that the Perth Mint has had a “long-standing global alliance with the US Money Reserve” and will continue to grow together.

Willis Towers Watson CFO Michael Burwell Explains The Key To His Success


Michael Burwell is The Chief Financial Officer of Willis Towers Watson. Prior to joining Willis Towers Watson, Burwell worked at Pricewaterhouse Coopers LLP. While working for PwC, Burwell held many titles, including Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer. Burwell received a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Michigan State University.


As far as his daily routine, Michael Burwell tries to wake up around 5 every morning. Regardless of his daily tasks, he likes to make his bed every morning. Burwell likes to ride his bike so that he can reflect on what he wants to accomplish during the day.


Burwell says that his mindset is a key to his success. He is constantly looking for ways to do more with less. Burwell says that technology allows him to be productive. He likes to inform his peers of different apps that he feels would help increase their productivity. Burwell is always open to listening to new ideas. Michael Burwell encourages employees to speak up when they have a suggestion.


Burwell believes that everyone should keep an open mind. You have to be a good listener. Burwell also encourages people to network. You should look to communicate with others and try to understand them. Burwell advises employees to always stay positive and never settle. Burwell often asks himself if he could have handled a situation even better than he did. Burwell believes that failure helps people learn about themselves and what they can do to improve. Burwell keeps an eye on the marketplace so that he can prepare for any situation that may occur. Read This Article to learn more.


Looking Ahead To The Future


Burwell says that over his career, he has learned the importance of collaboration. Burwell has also learned that while making everyone happy is something leaders should strive for, it is unlikely to ever happen. Burwell is a fan of the flip board, as it allows him to view content on a real time basis. Burwell believes that micro communities will keep evolving due to the recent technological advancements. He says that micro communities allow people to get in contact with advertisers. Burwell is also excited about the future of InsureTech.



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Why Choose Delicious Waiakea Water

Hawaii volcanic water is taking the world by storm due to its many profound benefits. Not only is volcanic water naturally pH-balanced, but it is chock full of nutrients, electrolytes and minerals that are good for your body and health. One of the most well-known volcanic water companies in the world is Waiakea. Waiakea has been around since early 2012 and provides a delicious water alternative to those who want more out of the bottle they’re drinking from daily. Since the company has been in business, Waiakea has manufactured and sold over a million bottles. The water itself originates in gorgeous Hawaii at the base of the Mauna Loa volcano. The water first comes from the snow-peaked volcanic mountains and passes through volcanic rock to naturally filter the liquid. Once the water reaches the bottom of the volcano, Waiakea will collect it and bottle it to be sold. Further filtration is required to meet Health Department standards.


The founder and current CEO of the company is Mr. Emmons. He is the face and name behind the brand and has been a devout member of the Water Filtration Organization for many years. The Waiakea company is currently worth $10 million as of last year, making it one of the largest and fastest growing companies in the world. Waiakea has its headquarters in California, where the water is bottled and sold to the public. Each Waiakea bottle that you purchase has pure, natural volcanic water inside, which has a plethora of benefits you would not get from regular bottled water. Not only is volcanic water full of minerals and vitamins, but it’s a natural source of electrolytes as well since the water has to pass through volcanic rock to reach its source. Waiakea offers a number of different bottle varieties, from single bottles to 24-packs available for purchase either through their site or locally.


Waiakea uses only the most sustainable sources to bottle their water, which makes them the first Carbon Neutral certified water bottle company. For every purchase that is made, Waiakea will send part of the proceeds to aid social programs in Hawaii. Along with this, Waiakea will provide one week of clean water to a needy area for every purchase when you buy their water.

A Review of Rodrigo Terpins’ Phenomenal Business and Racing Careers

The list of racing sportsmen in Brazil cannot be complete without the name of Rodrigo Terpins. He is one of the most professional and experienced rally drivers in the country. Moreover, he is also an entrepreneur and an active investor. He is passionate about rally driving and has taken part in many rally competitions like the Sertoes Rally. Mr. Terpins hails from a family of veterans. Jack Terpins, his father, was a professional football player and is currently the President of Latin America Jewish Council as well as Maccabi Latin America Confederation. Michael Terpins, his brother, is also a rally driver. The two brothers are members of the Tea Bull Sertoes Rally Team. Together, they have taken part in five rally competitions in a T-Rex motorsport by MEM Motorsport. Terpins was born and raised in Brazil. He spent most of his childhood years fixing motorcars thus his passion for racing. For more details visit Crunchbase.


Rodrigo Terpins participated in the recent Sertous Rally together with his partner Fabricio Manchiana. This is the 22nd edition of the Sertoes Rally and it covered a distance of approximately 2600 kilometers spread over two states with various stages. The team, racing T1 prototypes, emerged number three in the rally. Overall, they emerged number eight out of all the 38 participants that took part in the competition. Mr. Terpins was impressed with their overall performance. The event was one of the biggest rally events in Brazil and it attracted several sponsors, passionate fans and professional drivers from all over the region. Check out



Rodrigo Terpins attended the University of Sail Hilaire and graduated with a degree in Business Management. He used the management knowledge and skills while he was working at Lojas Marisa for 16 years. He was made the president of the company before resigning in 2007. Mr. Terpins founded his own company called T5 Participacoes in 2008. He effectively balances his business career with his racing events. Rodrigo Terpins owes his achievements to his brother, Michael Terpins, who guided him through the racing sports. He is also hardworking, consistent and disciplined when it comes to racing. He has many fans that often attend the competitions he participates in.

Two OSI Industries All Beef Patties Please

The tale of “The Golden Arches” begins hand in hand with OSI Industries; a world wide quality food provider of humble beginnings. The veritable “Tale of two cities” (not the Dickens classic novel), one city; Chicago, and the other; San Bernardino California. Richard and Maurice McDonald + Ray Kroc + Otto Kolschowsky + 100 years of hard work = Success!

Not just any ol’ success, but perhaps the greatest success story this world has ever seen. The great McDonald’s restaurant chain is, of course, known by everyone alive, and shows no signs of slowing down. Few are familiar with how McDonalds’s restaurants got all the beef for their now world famous hamburgers. Well, therein lies the tale of Chicago and an immigrant from Germany named Otto Kolschowsky.

From those days a mere 100 or so years ago, Otto began his small business providing meat products and butcher services to his fellow Americans. The partnership began with McDonald’s restaurants and Ottos little meat market has now become one of the largest food companies in the world and they are going strong.

OSI Industries (“O” for “Otto” and “S” for “Sons”) has enjoyed great success from those wonderful days in the early 1900’s, and today their reach is global and their services are many and their products are first rate. We probably all consume something from their company every day.

Food is nothing if not creative. The phrase ‘Culinary Arts’ is after all, an accurate description of what They are all about. With their expansion into Chicken and poultry, the creative teams at OSI Industries are not only providing the staples for the world, they are creating new ways to prepare and deliver quality dishes. Their wide range of products and services is meeting the world wide demand for DANG GOOD FOOD!

They may not sound like a fancy French culinary ristorante, but rest assured, they are on the cutting edge of feeding the world. With a new global trading platform based in Germany (wasn’t Otto from Germany?), OSI Industries has broadened their footprint and they continue to grow in amazing ways.

Their creative abilities, which come from the best employees there are, allow them to not only maintain industry standards, but raise the bar and set new standards for the world to emulate (and envy, to be sure.)

From the beginnings of a small meat market, to a world supplier of not only meat, but vegetable products as well, the future of OSI Industries is bright, and despite being well fed, their clients and customers are hungry for more.

A company does not reach world class levels by accident. The work is hard and the hours are long. However, each and every of the 20,000 plus employees around the world are dedicated to their efforts and the ends are always satisfying. Great products and services come from great people, there is no other way for such great success to happen.Hold the onions please.

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The Evolution of the Coverage of Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin

The FBI has seized and arrested two of the people who used to own and operate the website. This is not the first time Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin have been confronted by law enforcement officials, and it likely won’t be the last. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

The first time they were arrested courts ruled that Lacey and Larkin’s first amendment rights had been violating, calling into question the legitimacy of former Sheriff of Maricopa County Joe Arpaio.

This time authorities are alleging that Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin knowingly participated in prostitution rings. You see, is a competitor to Craigslist, a website that hosts personal ads for yard sales, car trades, and much more. Everyone knows that their is prostitution happening on sites like this as well, but the creators of Craigslist aren’t being persecuted the same way Michael and Jim are.

Michael Lacey was trying to enjoy his life with his new bride when the FBI raided his home. Lacey and his fiancee had just been married and were planning their wedding celebration when the agents raided their home, guns out, in riot gear. It was like the FBI was taking down Pablo Escabar, but in reality they were raiding the homes of a harmless journalist.

Michael Lacey has hired one of the best attorneys available today. Paul Cambria is an expert on first amendment law, successfully keeping Larry Flynt, famous porn producer out of prison.

“We don’t believe he should be detained,” Cambria said in reference to Lacey’s arrest. “Not for a minute.”

The attorney also explained that believes the removal of from the open web is a clear case of government censorship. The website’s adult section had been removed since January of 2017, and to top it off, Michael Lacey is no longer even a part of the company.

“Any time that the government shuts down a major form of speech,” Cambria said. “It has a chilling effect.”

Who are Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin?

As the owners of the Phoenix New Times, Lacey and Larkin pursued corrupt politician and incumbent Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Arpaio had been targeting immigrants as long as a lot of Arizona residents had been alive. A lot of Maricopa County had no idea what it was like to have a normal Sheriff protecting their community. Instead, they had Joe Arpaio, who was rumored to torture prisoners and commit illegal arrests.

Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey are responsible for informing the public about Arpaio. They may have even played a role in the ending of Arpaio’s reign as sheriff.

Now, at Front Page Confidential, Larkin and Lacey continue their actions against Joe Arpaio. Expanding their scope, not only by preventing Arpaio from sitting in congress but also targeting national level politicians like John McCain and Paul Ryan, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are a voice for the American people and the first amendment.

Vijay Eswaran Shares His Empowering Personal Philosophy With Millions Of People

Over the past 20 years, Vijay Eswaran has used his unique, powerful personal and business philosophy to build the direct sales company the QI Group in a very successful organization. He has also taught his philosophy to millions of people through his motivational speeches, books and articles. Eswaran’s philosophy is surprisingly simple. It involves developing a mindset where people believe they can succeed, pictures themselves doing it and take steps every day to make it a reality. By embracing this philosophy and putting it into practice, Vijay Eswaran has gotten incredible results.

Raised in a working class community in Penang, Malaysia, Vijay Eswaran used that philosophy to help him earn a socioeconomic degree from the London School of Economics, build a company valued at billions of dollars and become one of Asia’s richest people. And he has long been willing to teach anyone that’s interested how to use his philosophy to enjoy their own success. Eswaran shared that philosophy with his marketing team when he co-founded the QI Group in 1998. It helped his staff overcome economic and other obstacles and generate hundreds of millions of dollars in sales.

To give a wider range of people access to this empowering philosophy, Vijay Eswaran has written a series of books that teach people how to develop a mindset that engenders success. Some of the books he has written include 18 Stepping Stones, In The Thinking Zone, In The Sphere of Silence and On The Wings Of Thought. Understanding that fear is a common roadblock to people attaining their goals, Eswaran has also written a series of enlightening articles to help people use fear to their advantage. Those articles include Two Minutes From The Abyss, The Stages of Change, 3 Ways Fear Drives Success and 5 Cs of Servant Leadership.

Vijay Eswaran is also a very generous philanthropist. He has given millions to charity through the two charitable foundations he created. He has done so much for others, Eswaran was named a ‘Hero of Philanthropy’ by Forbes Asia. But by far the most valuable gift Vijay Eswaran has given to the world is sharing his personal and business philosophy. Through doing that he has been able to improve the quality of life for countless people in Asia and around the world. His books, articles and speeches are a legacy that will continue to have a positive impact for generations after he’s gone.

Sheldon Lavin’s Impact on OSI Group Leads the Firm to Global Expansion

Over the past few years, OSI Group has vastly dominated the American meat manufacturing industry. Initially, the company was known as Otto and Sons and it was majorly controlled by Mr. Otto alongside his two sons who dedicated most of their time to the development of the firm. Moreover, the company supplied meat products to the locals in Chicago. Consequently, McDonalds contracted them to supply fresh meat-based products. For that reason, there was an increased demand for meat and other animal proteins. For that reason, Otto and Sons sought to expand their manufacturing capacity by growing their portfolio of services. At the same time, they needed a finance manager to catapult the leveraging of resources. Therefore, they hired Sheldon Lavin to handle the allocation of resources and plan the way forward to diversifying.

Background Information

While working at the company, Sheldon Lavin focused his duties around the expansion of the firm. For starters, he wanted to understand how the company manufactures its food. Additionally, he dedicated most of his days to grasping the basic managerial processes of the departments. Therefore, when it was time for Otto and Sons to rebrand their company, Lavin came in handy not only as a financial expert but also a stakeholder because he was largely interested in manning the firm.

Joining the High Table of Leadership

Instantly, Sheldon Lavin bought the controlling shares of the company. For that reason, he became the dominant controller of the firm and assumed the position of the chief executive officer. Moreover, he still retained his position as the finance expert and oversaw the management of the entire company. Alongside the fact that he was now a significant shareholder, Lavin was more motivated to propel the firm towards unparalleled service delivery.

Global Expansion

Of late, the company has penetrated competitive markets in the same category of service delivery. Moreover, some of its affiliates are situated in China, Europe, and India among others. For that reason, the company is largely established in competitive markets and has created a clear pathway for its consumers to enjoy its services around the globe.

The General Observation

Perhaps OSI Group is largely recognized as a leading food services provider because of Lavin’s impact in growing the consumer base and service delivery portfolio. Moreover, with his guidance, the company has acquired over ten facilities in foreign geographical locations. Besides, Sheldon Lavin has always spearheaded the acquisition of these facilities with the hope of increasing the profits generated by the company.

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Anthony Petrello- Prolific Business Executive And A Philanthropist

Tony Petrello is the CEO of Nabors Industries, the biggest oil and natural gas drilling company in the United States. Nabors is an off-shore drilling company with headquarters in Texas and has the best drilling rigs in the drilling industry. The company was started as a contractor of geothermal, oil and natural gas equipment.

Over the years, it has grown into one of the greatest companies in the world. Tony Petrello joined the company in 1991 as the Chief Operating Officer. In 2011, he was appointed the CEO after overseeing a major transformation in the company in different capacities.

Tony Petrello’s role in this company cannot be underestimated. Since he joined the firm, it is no longer the same company. He came up with brilliant ideas of boosting business through acquisition. He was behind two major acquisitions of competing firms. These acquisitions enabled Nabors Industries to expand its operations. Currently, the company is operating in 25 countries and has hundreds of rigs in different locations. Petrello has managed to lead the company at probably the worst time. The economic crisis has messed up many companies which have been forced to close down due to a shortage of finances. Nabors Industries have however not been affected greatly. In fact, during the crisis, the company was doing very well. Post the 2008 financial crisis, Petrello has managed to take the company through the hardships and has seen the business do even better than it would be expected.

Anthony Petrello is not only prolific with business; he is doing very well in giving back to the community. Nabors Industries have created huge wealth which he is now using to supporting the weak and the needy. His main goal in philanthropy is to see the success of neurological disorders treatment research being carried out at the Texas Children’s Hospital. He has been supporting this research since his daughter was born with the neurological disorder. He tried going around the world looking for a facility that could treat her, but there was none. He decided to come back home in Texas and supported Texas Children’s Hospital research treatment of this problem.

Tony Petrello has contributed $5 million to the research center and has pledged to add $2 million later. Petrello is working closely with his wife who is also passionate to see the research succeed as it will solve the medical condition of her daughter as well as thousands of other children who suffer from similar conditions.

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The Inevitable Crush of Cryptocurrency

In times of financial success, most people never consider an adverse occurrence. Although most people diversify their risks in anticipation for such happenings, some ramifications are unimaginable and can catch you off-guard. Borrowing from our historical experiences, the popular internet money, cryptocurrency might be up for some hard times soon. In “Paul Mampilly’s Advice on Bitcoin and the Cryptocurrency Bubble,” he explains how the cryptocurrency bubble is near its end. According to him, predicting exactly when the crash is going to happen is not possible, but on a statistical basis, it is bound to happen. He goes further to explain how the 1999 financial bubble exploded and most people who had invested heavily in certain companies found themselves penniless. Visit to know more.

In the article, Paul Mampilly states that according to historical events and the 1999 bubble, those companies that were affected were large corporations. These had engaged in business for numerous years and possessed an extensive portfolio of investments spread across different financial sectors. The value of their stocks increased exponentially over a short period which was a real sign of the eventual crash. New investors didn’t even know what was about to hit them. According to Paul Mampilly, this is the same scenario that investors of cryptocurrency are going to undergo. A similar event to the 1999 financial bubble. Read this article at

Cryptocurrency values are currently off the roof with one Bitcoin going at $19,000. If you are not conversant with these terms, then it would be valuable first to learn the definitions. A cryptocurrency is a digital currency that is only available online and doesn’t possess any regulatory body governing its usage and supply. The most popular cryptocurrency is Bitcoin that has a mysterious figure behind its development and actual utilization by the public. Other popular digital currencies followed suit and increased the value of digital currencies even further. Paul Mampilly warns that based on the plunge that Bitcoin took in 2018, other negative impacts that are going to destabilize the coin are yet to be felt.

The frequent occurrence of an economic bubble is fundamentally based on the excessive valuation of a particular asset way beyond its actual functional value. The fate is set when based on such excessive valuation, individuals start to invest in the asset which might not have a future. Mampilly states that one of the earliest signs of is a high public interest which creates more instability. Investors become emotionally connected to their investments and avoid selling their stakes. After the majority of individuals become part of the bubble, it unexpectedly bursts, leaving significant investors with nothing.