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Futurist Jason Hope Puts Money Where Mouth Is In Search For Eternal Youth

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Tech entrepreneur Jason Hope has recently donated $500,000 to the SENS foundation, to be used for research into atherosclerosis and the underlying inflammatory processes that cause not just it, but many other disease states as well.

For its part, the SENS Foundation was elated with Hope’s donation and said, in no uncertain terms, that it constitutes a major boost to the fight against atherosclerotic disease. They praised Hope for his magnanimity and urged other wealthy entrepreneurs to follow in his footsteps and to directly contribute to the great fight against the nation’s deadliest diseases.

A perpetual novice mind

As long as he can remember, Jason Hope has had a youthful fascination with the world of technology and how that world can interact and create synergies with the world of medicine. As he grew older, rather than attenuate, that fixation on all things technical and how they can be parlayed into medical advances has only intensified. Avidly reading such publications as Nature, The Lancet and Popular Science from childhood, Hope has always taken the long view of technology’s historic arc, acutely aware that it requires sagacious guidance to be put on its most effective course.

It was so that Hope became interested in the area of atherosclerosis research, as much for its promise to directly curb the nation’s number one killer, coronary heart disease, as its connection with a vast numbers of degenerative diseases. Always abreast of the currents in medical research, Hope was well aware that, in recent years, the consensus had gradually started pivoting towards the understanding that the underlying processes of injury and inflammation that lay at the core of atherosclerotic disease also played crucial roles in nearly every major geriatric degenerative process. In short, a total cure for atherosclerosis would forebode the real world coming of the Fountain of Youth.

Aside from apoptosis, or programmed cell death, itself, Hope understood that the nature of geriatric degeneration is intimately linked with damage to and repair of joints, organs, vessels and tissue. As a result, he sees the ongoing research into atherosclerosis and its underlying processes as the most potentially bounteous area of medical research in the world today.

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