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Professor Kamil Idris Discusses U.S. Tariffs Against China

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Kamil Idris knows quite a bit about intellectual property. For nearly a decade, Professor Idris served as the Director General of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). He has used the internet to discuss various topics related to intellectual property laws and violations thereof. One fairly recent online commentary noted the United States has decided to put its foot down regarding China’s instances of intellectual property theft.


Professor Kamil Idris notes allegations that Chinese manufacturers copied goods developed by businesses in the United States and elsewhere. Copying reflects more than mere cheating. Many companies that original put time, money, and resources into developing the goods eventually went out of business. Lower-priced and nearly identical products from China competed with the originators. The intellectual property of the original developers was appropriated. The import products derived from the appropriation hammered the western businesses in their own markets.


President Donald Trump has chosen to take steps to deal with intellectual property theft. The way the Trump Administration chooses to deal with the situation shocked many. Tariffs, possibly $100 billion worth of tariffs, may be levied against Chinese imports. Tariffs reflect taxes on Chinese goods. The punitive nature of the tariffs could lead China to curb intellectual property theft. Cutting out intellectual property violations could lead to the threats and implementation of tariffs going away. Ultimately, the plan here is for the pain of the tariffs to make intellectual property violations simply not worth it.


China plans on countering any tariffs levied against its products with tariffs of its own. Eventually, the world will see how the U.S. vs. China battle over intellectual property rights plays out.


Professor Kamil Idris should continue to write about the topic since he possesses such expertise about intellectual property. In addition to his work at WIPO, Prof. Idris serves as a member of the Permanent Court of Arbitration.