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Gooee IoT Lighting Shaking Up Retail

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People use their phones and watches in the store and many a device is now equipped with shopping apps that enable people to make money back on purchases they are already making, or these money back opportunities encourage people to spend the money they may have not felt so compelled to spend. These money making offers can be “texted” to your phone so a coupon is scanned at the register for redemption, but what if this could be made easier?


IoT lights from Gooee are about to be a part of modern retail shopping experiences. These new WiFi and bluetooth enabled sockets can sense where consumers are in the store and send their devices exclusive coupons and rebates encouraging them to buy or try new products they may not have picked up otherwise. This is an amazing chance for small companies to grow their awareness through real time marketing initiatives that may be worlds more effective in selling product than with television marketing.


If a consumer watches a commercial for a new product, and goes to the store and sees it, they will be more likely to buy it, but if they are in the store and see an $8 rebate pop up on their device while they are staring at the product they will be more likely to pick it up.