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Cloudwick And Current Trends In AI Research

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When Cloudwick announced they were releasing a new AI-based cybersecurity system, this created a shock wave in the data security community. Cloudwick called their new system CDL and did everything possible to evangelize the technology. Using cutting-edge neural networks, CDL can quickly analyze terabytes of high-velocity system data. Every network packet, log, alert and netflow indicator is immediately preserved and analyzed by CDL. Because it is scalable, CDL is a promising choice for people who plan on growing their businesses significantly. In development, CDL was a collaborative project that Cloudwick shepherded and guided to completion. The security system was built in collaboration with Intel and a number of top security vendors.

Because of its price points and scalability, CDL is sure to democratize the use of security analytics in the modern tech sector. CDL’s neural network was created with a combination of techniques related to AI. Technical disciplines involved included machine learning, advanced data analytics and entity behavior analytics. With companies like CW leading the charge, it seems clear that cybersecurity will evolve at an exponential rate. By unlocking the power of AI and machine learning, companies like CW are jump-starting a new era of benign AI design and application. Of course, this is far from the first time that CW has astonished commentators through cutting-edge, innovative security design. CW also impressed the security world when it released the Cloudwick Data Analytics Platform (CDAP) in late 2016.

Through this and many other industry initiatives, CW has proven that it can stand up with any competitor in terms of innovation and conceptual vibrancy. CW has done everything it can to create an environment conducive to growth in machine learning. By maintaining a renowned summer internship program, CW is trying to ensure that young people remain excited about developing the future of AI. Without a constant flow of graduates dedicated to AI, the security industry won’t be able to realize the promise of machine learning in a timely fashion.