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Collecting Evidence Using the Securus Technologies System

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One of the most challenging parts of getting a fugitive into custody is providing the courts enough in the way of evidence to keep them behind bars. These fugitives have become especially clever at concealing their crimes, so when we have to connect the dots, many times we have to struggle to collect things that may or may not be used successfully in the court to prosecute. When a suspect is allowed to walk based on weak or no evidence, despite them admitting to the crime, it can be extremely frustrating.


We has a suspect in custody but the evidence we needed to lock him away for good was missing. We know that someone other than the suspect had been to the crime scene to clean it up before we arrived, we just could not get any leads. The concern we had was that the evidence we needed was still within our grasps, we only had so much time before he was released and he could be gone for good.


While in the jail, I decided to see if I could get the Securus Technologies phone monitoring system to help break the case open. This inmate telephone call monitoring system is able to do the work of a half-dozen officers at once, listening to what the inmates say and picking out key chatter in their calls.


While the suspect was on the phone all the time, our presence in the jail must have upset him, as he frantically called his brother a number of times to make sure something was taken care of. When it wasn’t the suspect got irate and demanded his brother step up. We did too, putting heavy surveillance on him, and catching him in the act one night trying to destroy key evidence in this case that would convict our suspect.


Securus Technologies unveils GTL’s inappropriate press statements

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Securus Technologies is a renowned leader in providing responsive customer service, innovative and all-inclusive civil justice technical solutions. It has received an A+ rating and certification from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) for upholding their standards. It also aims in serving inmates, public safety, correction agencies and law enforcement societies. Richard A. Smith, the company’s CEO, stated his love for the kind of productiveness of his business. Additionally, he said the company’s mission is to serve their clienteles with their best interests at heart and fulfilling their needs.


The company’s CEO expressed his disappointment. He indicated that the firm compromised their integrity levels while serving their customers. Therefore, Securus Technologies analyses several issues of the potential wrongdoings released by Global Tel Link industry on June 9, 2016. This is done to challenge GTL to act with better integrity and have their issues corrected. Securus Technologies also focuses on providing explanations on many GTL’s inappropriate claims.


Among the multiple issues released by the press, the main systematic wrongdoing by GTL is inflating charges to their esteemed customers. It added various charges to calls after they were rated, timing the call durations while adding 15 or 36 seconds to every call, using add-on programs and frequently billing the phone calls more than once. These actions were crafty, problematic and wholly unauthorized. As a result of these unlawful GTL’s activities, the taxpayers were highly overcharged.


Securus Technologies responded by stating that customers should never be served by an industry that intentionally plays tricks on them. It further reported such actions as a breach of integrity levels and matched forward so that they do not go unnoticed. Securus Technologies deeply cares for its customers and their responsibilities. It would not allow such actions to take place in their industry and tarnish their name. Their accreditation by BBB gives them an upper edge among their competitors and has Securus being confirmed for providing full-spectrum solutions.

Business and Family Opportunities

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Securus Technologies is a world-famous Information Technology firm currently located within Dallas, Texas. The company is most notable for its work alongside a very good customer base, something that we will talk about a little bit later in this article. What’s notable about Securus Technologies is that they recently revealed the fact that the Better Business Bureau has awarded it with an accredited A+ rating. This rating comes from meeting certain standards the Better Business Bureau has, focusing on such areas as customer service, reliability, services, and product quality. Securus Technologies has carefully worked alongside the grading rubric for this accreditation and his men every single one with flying colors. View the company profile on


The interesting thing about Securus Technologies as the fact that it focuses primarily on the justice system within the United States. Its customer base is primarily incarcerated individuals currently serving time within the American penal system, but it also represents employees aof the justice system, such as police officers, corrections officers, and other individuals who work directly within prisons or in jail houses. Securus provides security and communications technology to these individuals, with several reliable products and services being at the disposal of inmates when they need them. One such product is a free downloadable application that is compatible with both Apple and Android mobile devices, making it readily available and useful no matter where the inmate is located at the time. The Application supports seamless streaming video chat capabilities, which is very useful when needing to communicate efficiently with loved ones and family members. This is especially important for individuals who are looking for new methods of communication outside normal visitation opportunities.


Securus brings to the table whole slew of new and interesting accommodations to inmates and their family members. They are both a technological and humanitarian company.