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How the RealReal is changing the game

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Some photos on therealreal’s Instagram account are typical as one is a giveaway to win a Fendi bag. All people will need to do to enter to win it is to follow their account and like the post and tag other friends. Another picture shows a fancy watch called The Cartier Tank with nice details and a message that the link to purchase it is in their bio. On the watch is also a secret signature. Another photo shows off a unique purse with fur on it to show how comfortable and stylish it truly is with an identical slogan that the link to buy it is in their bio. Above the posts of their stylish items is stories of their stores in LA and Soho. The RealReal is a store that sells many different fashion items from clothing to watches to much more. It even sells pre-owned items and is built on selling genuine content at a fair price. That is how the company has been able to quickly rise in revenue, popularity, and expand their social media presence. They use social media to their advantage with the extreme potential of using it. The brand makes sure to not sell fake items and even gives out information to buyers on how to spot out the difference between fake and real products. The RealReal is able to sell items rapidly due to their genuine nature, but it also has made a difference in the world with their social media presence with people buying a lot of content online. It is changing the game by giving the people power to resell their items and be rewarded for it in turn. Julie Wainwright, who is the CEO and founder of the company, details the growth in the business.