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Rousseff’s Impeachment Trial Impacts Venezuela

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Brazilian official Dilma Rousseffs impeachment trial is a heavy blow to Nicholas Maduro’s political faith. Last week Rousseff, who is a political ally to Maduro, was removed from office and given notice that there would be an impeachment trial over national budget discrepancies.
While Rousseff is fighting back against these charges, calling them a “farce” and the trial a ruse to get her out of office, President Maduro has marked this as the beginning of the end for himself and his political allies.Expert Jose Manuel Gonzalez thinks Maduro is being examined for possible removal from office by the beginning of next year through the process of recall referendum. This is due to public unrest over economic hardships and lack of natural resources during his presidential term.

Maduro has stated in last week’s press conference that now that Rousseff has been thrown out, he knows that the political powers that did this will be coming for him. I believe that with Venezuelas crumbling infrastructure and political unrest, there is only so much that his political party can do. Manuel Gonzalez thinks that he sees the writing on the wall and knows that his term as President is soon coming to a close.