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FreedomPop is Closing In on Major Phone Carriers

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FreedomPop has made my life easier. I think that most customers can attest to this. This has become the type of communications company that allows a lot of people to save money. At one time I used to have a $300 phone bill. I don’t worry about things like this anymore because now I have access to the plan. I kept my old phone when I discontinued my service with a major carrier. I decided to upgrade with FreedomPop, but I didn’t have to worry about any type of phone bill. That is very interesting to me. I now have $300 in my pocket each month because I am using the FreedomPop services. Learn more:

Some people may not be able to deal with this plan if they need a lot of bandwidth, but I don’t. I have a work phone so I really don’t have a big need to pay for a contract with someone like Sprint or T-Mobile. The phone plans are so expensive with these carriers. I would just rather use FreedomPop. I love the way that this plan has managed to work out for me and my family. I have a router at home so I already have access to all the things I want to play, see or hear without running out of bandwidth. When I am out in most stores there are free guest networks.

I read a FreedomPop review, and I was thrilled by the praise the company received. All of this has made it easier for me to drop my old phone service provider. I can live with the basic free plan that includes 500 text messages. I don’t send anywhere near that amount of text messages.

Some people may buy a phone because this company sells Samsung and iPhones. These are the certified refurbished phones that have been guaranteed to work. I already had an iPhone that I was comfortable with. I checked the bring your own device eligibility and I passed. I didn’t have to spend anything to start using my phone with my Freedom Pop plan, and I believe that this has given me the opportunity to save money. I no longer feel like I am getting ripped off. I am pleased to see that FreedomPop is cutting down phone service for mobile users. The FreedomPop review made it easy for me to choose this company for my new phone plan.