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IAP Worldwide Purchase Two Business Units Increasing its Success

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IAP Worldwide is still succeeding in its operation with the recent purchase of two DSR Technologies’ Business Units. They could not hide their thrill as they purchased the Aviation and Logistics Business Unit based in Oklahoma and Tactical Communication & Network Solutions (TCNS) with a strategic location in Aberdeen.

The Aviation and Logistics Unit offers a broad range of services to the whole world including repair and management of aircraft, supporting different missions across the world and logistics. TCNS deals mainly with engineering and provision of technological services and supporting the defense unit in the US.

Expanding Operations

Doug Kitani, who is the Chief Operating Officer of IAP Worldwide, is sure that the company will be able to expand its operations and offer different services at a personalized level because of the purchase of the two units. The market for IAP Worldwide services is expected to experience double growth. The two units acquired from the DRS Technologies will work with National Security (an IAP group) to form a new unit—Aviation and Engineering Solution.

The acquisition of the two units by the IAP Worldwide is an added advantage because the company will increase services and have a good portfolio. The company will be relied upon by the US government and other non-governmental organizations across the whole world.

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Offering Reliable Solutions

The IAP Worldwide has established a platform for development as its CEO claims. The company built the platform to ensure that their customers are fully satisfied by the services they offer. Also, they also wanted to ensure that they can continue to be innovative as a company. The organization acquired the units to continue providing services that are essential to the government and other NGOs as well.

About IAP Worldwide

IAP Worldwide is an organization that has committed itself to providing first class services to a wide range of customers. They have been providing excellent for more than 60 years now amassing a lot of experience and winning a lot of contracts due to their commitment. The organization offers services to the government of the United States and international organizations.

Some of the services provided are management and dealing with challenges such as natural and human-made disaster management. The company has worked with the different organizations, and it has been successful in every endeavor. They are always at the beck and call to ensure that your needs are fully catered for.

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