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The Philanthropy of Adam Milstein

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A highly successful real estate developer in Southern California, Adam Milstein was born in Israel. He served in the Israeli Defense Force during the Yom Kippur War in 1973 and later earned a degree in 1978 from the Israel Institute of Technology. Adam Milstein furthered his education after he immigrated to the United States in the early 1980’s by earning an MBA from the University of Southern California.


Both and American and Israeli patriot, Adam Milstein has long supported a variety of causes meant to strengthen the bonds between the nations of the United States and Israel through the organization he and his wife founded, The Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation (MFF). Through his support of various initiatives and his own programs, Adam Milstein has fought against antisemitism on college campuses, connected Americans with Israel, and advanced education in both the United States and Israel.

Although he had been a philanthropist for decades, he dramatically expanded his giving after he achieved financial success roughly 15 years ago and was able to rethink how achievement is defined. Adam Milstein describes himself as an “active philanthropist,” which means that he doesn’t just write checks to organizations, he also becomes personally involved in shaping agendas and futures. He helps with marketing, strategy, content and much more. At the same time, he never steps on the toes of any of the groups he supports.

Lessons Learned

He takes the lessons he has learned in business and applies them to his philanthropy work by striving to eliminate redundancy and carefully considering all possible angles and strategies in order to reach intelligent decisions. A connector, he creates synergies between the organizations he works with and rolls up his sleeves and contributes sweat equity on his own.

As an Isreali-American, Adam Milstein is vitally concerned that Jewish Americans feel a connection with Israel, and he is especially committed to making sure that a bond exists between the two countries for generations into the future. In short, he is a philanthropist who puts his money where his mouth is and then some.

Thor Halvorssen a Man Opposed to all Tyrants

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Thor Halvorssen is the founder of the Human Rights Foundation (HRF) and is an avowed and dedicated human rights activist. He has come out in opposition to the socialist governments in Venezuela and Cuba and as such became an advocate for the right-leaning Weekly Standard and Fox News. But Halvorssen has an individualistic mindset concerning whoever is committing human rights violations. Recently interviewed by a Fox News commentator who wanted to do a hatchet job on Bernie Sanders because of his socialistic leanings, Fox News was shocked when Halvorssen not only was in agreement with Sanders’ socialist value system but was an avid supporter of the candidate having given Sanders the largest donation allowable by law.
The Weekly Standard wanted to know more about this unique advocate for human rights and sent a writer to do an in-depth study.
The writer discovered that Thor Halvorssen began life surrounded by extreme wealth. His home in Venezuela came equipped with a sauna, pool, library, billiard room and a servant’s wing for a staff that included a driver, bodyguard, gardener, butler, cook, and governess. His parents instilled in him a sense of extending family status to the staff.
Halvorssen rejects the conservative label applied to him by many and claims to be a classic liberal in the John Stuart Mill mold. He is an equal opportunity activist attacking target on both sides of the political spectrum.
He was sent to an English boarding school where he first encountered and then overcame bullying.
After beginning his foundation, Halvorssen appointed Vaclav Havel as the chairman of HRF, who served until his death in 2011 at which time Halvorssen selected the Russian chess grandmaster and political activist strongly opposed to Vladimir Putin, Garry Kasparov as foundation chairman. Kasparov protested the imprisonment of the band, Pussy Riot, and was carried off and assaulted by the Russian police. Pussy Riot was convicted of the crime of singing an anti-Putin song, and the band was sentenced to serve two years behind bars.
Thor Halvorssen is a unique humanitarian who serves to advance the human condition against any repressive political system anywhere in the world.

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