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OSI Group: From German Immigrants to Global Inspiration

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When Otto & Sons was formed, who knew that success from this small butchershop would turn into one of the world’s most dominant meat suppliers. This company serves as true inspiration to what immigrants can do when they believe in the American dream.It all started with a German immigrant from Chicago name Otto Kolschowsky. He opened up a small retail meat store that also served as a butchershop. Once the business started to get off the ground, he decided to go into wholesaling of meat. This led to him having to move to Maywood. As a result, in 1928 he named the company Otto & Sons. His selling of good and fresh qualities of meat led to Ray Kroc wanting Kolschowsky to supply his first McDonald franchise.

However, once Kroc bought out the company, Kolschowsky‘s meat became the sole supplier for the entire chain. This made the company a huge success.Once McDonalds took off in the fast food business, Otto & Sons went right along with it. One of the main reasons this happen was because of the loyalty in wanting to serve meat to every McDonalds restaurant. They were able to do this with a process called cryogenic freezing. This involved freezing the meat and keeping it frozen while traveling to the different franchises. If it were not for this invention, the meat would have spoiled.

Otto & Sons did so well that other restaurants wanted their services too as soon as they found out how successful McDonalds had become and some of the reasons behind it.Otto & Sons success became massive so they changed their name to reflect it. Now the company is called OSI Group. Once the company saw that globally they could make an impact, OSI Group used their technique of cryogenic freezing to send meat overseas for any business wanting fresh meat. Yes, OSI Group serves as a lesson of hard work paying off. Mostly everyone has benefited from this company’s service. OSI Group will be around for a very long time as long as people want fresh meat.

Why Choose Delicious Waiakea Water

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Hawaii volcanic water is taking the world by storm due to its many profound benefits. Not only is volcanic water naturally pH-balanced, but it is chock full of nutrients, electrolytes and minerals that are good for your body and health. One of the most well-known volcanic water companies in the world is Waiakea. Waiakea has been around since early 2012 and provides a delicious water alternative to those who want more out of the bottle they’re drinking from daily. Since the company has been in business, Waiakea has manufactured and sold over a million bottles. The water itself originates in gorgeous Hawaii at the base of the Mauna Loa volcano. The water first comes from the snow-peaked volcanic mountains and passes through volcanic rock to naturally filter the liquid. Once the water reaches the bottom of the volcano, Waiakea will collect it and bottle it to be sold. Further filtration is required to meet Health Department standards.


The founder and current CEO of the company is Mr. Emmons. He is the face and name behind the brand and has been a devout member of the Water Filtration Organization for many years. The Waiakea company is currently worth $10 million as of last year, making it one of the largest and fastest growing companies in the world. Waiakea has its headquarters in California, where the water is bottled and sold to the public. Each Waiakea bottle that you purchase has pure, natural volcanic water inside, which has a plethora of benefits you would not get from regular bottled water. Not only is volcanic water full of minerals and vitamins, but it’s a natural source of electrolytes as well since the water has to pass through volcanic rock to reach its source. Waiakea offers a number of different bottle varieties, from single bottles to 24-packs available for purchase either through their site or locally.


Waiakea uses only the most sustainable sources to bottle their water, which makes them the first Carbon Neutral certified water bottle company. For every purchase that is made, Waiakea will send part of the proceeds to aid social programs in Hawaii. Along with this, Waiakea will provide one week of clean water to a needy area for every purchase when you buy their water.

Trying Your Skin With A Drink?

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For centuries people (primarily women) have treated their skin with different creams to try to retain its youthful look. Those creams have been made of every combination of ingredients that you can think of. Users will do whatever it takes to try to keep their look for as long as possible.

Creams are often expensive and messy. They may or may not get the job done that they are claiming that they will do. Worst of all, they are simply not convenient. That is why Jeunesse Global has introduced a new product to its Youth Enhancement System called Naara.

This product is skin care that you can drink. That’s right, you can drink this product in order to take better care of your skin. There is no more need for messy creams with frustrating price tags. Instead, you just get to work improving your skin by drinking down this product at some point during your busy day.

The product has been clinically tested in a double blind study to prove its effectiveness. The results from those studies were highly positive, and this gave Jeunesse Global the confidence that it needed to put out Naara to the public. They wanted to make sure that what they had to offer to the public was something that they could actually benefit from.

The company says that use of this product can bring about more youthful looking skin in as little as four weeks when used consistently during that time and as instructed. That is incredible because it means that there really is something to what this product has to offer.

Many people have tried this and find it to be a much easier way to deal with their skincare. They like that they can take it wherever they go and that they can just drink it down in order to start seeing better skin. It is a lot easier for the way that we work in the modern world. Thinking about it this way helps to prove that Jeunesse Global is really onto something. There just might be a bit more to what this little company does than first meets the eye. It might be worth using their products.