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Making a Difference in Healthcare: Brian Torchin

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The healthcare industry is an excellent field for finding steady work, provided that job seekers are properly prepared. Brian Torchin understands this, and wants as many qualified candidates as possible to find rewarding careers in the medical industry.

Brian is the founder of HCRC Staffing. He’s a practicing chiropractor who became fascinated with the medical field while obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science at the University of Delaware. Brian Torchin discovered that healthcare facilities have a difficult time finding capable staff to fill job openings.

He eventually created HCRC Staffing as a resource for getting help to medical professionals and healthcare employment agencies.

Brian has seen that it can be difficult for medical students to gain employment. Every healthcare vocation from technicians to doctors can run into obstacles when trying to find the right position for their skills and background.

Brian wants candidates to feel confident in their job search. He understands the demanding world of healthcare, and has created a process for lining up interviews and landing jobs that produces results.

HCRC candidates receive job counseling to help them get started in on a suitable and rewarding career path. Brian Torchin himself is often involved in seeing that job seekers find employment quickly.

As part of the process, all candidates are also vetted and verified to ensure that employers are getting properly trained and qualified help. The vetting process also ensures that patients receive the highest level of care.

Brian Torchin continues his medical practice while also serving as the President of HCRC Staffing. Drawing on his years of physical therapy and chiropractic experience, he speaks publicly about working in the healthcare industry. and has gained a strong following on Twitter. Brian Torchin has made an impact on launching and furthering the careers of those determined to succeed in a stressful industry.