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Wen Conditioner Could Be a Hair Volume Booster

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Most people have seen a commercial on QVC or two for Wen hair care products by Chaz Dean and have wondered whether the products are truly as great as the company claims. Wen uses plant extracts and essential oils to cleanse and strengthen the hair, and a number of famous women have sworn by the products. To find out if Wen is truly effective, Bustle’s Emily McClure decided to try Wen’s Fig conditioner for seven days.
During the first three days of the experiment, McClure shared that her hair felt softer and stronger. She also noticed that her hair was pretty oily. On the fourth day, when she didn’t have time to wash her hair, she added some curls for texture, but they fell quickly because her hair was so well moisturized.

She also continued to notice that her hair had more volume and moisture. McClure says that Wen hair Fig conditioner is likely a great choice for women with very fine hair, since the product adds volume fairly quickly.

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Healthy, Shiny Hair is One Bottle Away

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Many companies promise all of their customers shampoo commercial hair with regular use of their products. Sadly, it is often difficult to tell which ones are telling the truth and which are just trying to boost sales. The glamorous models in the glossy print ads are styled and edited to look a certain way and it is unknown if the product was even used. Recently Emily McClure, an author from Bustle’s fashion and beauty section, decided to take matters into her own hands and see if a certain product was actually as good as the models made it look. (Original article can be found here Her seven day trial period of Wen by Chaz Dean was written and photographed to give readers a crystal clear look on how the hair care line looked on her.

After using the cleansing conditioner McClure discovered body and shine that she did not have before. Wen by Chaz uses a unique formula to take the place of shampoo, conditioner and detangler to provide the gorgeous hair they promise to their users. After showering and blow drying, the difference can definitely be seem in the before and after pictures. McClure states that she loved the way her hair felt and could not wait to show it off. The only down side to her trial run seemed to be that the volume did not completely last until her next shower.

By giving customers something other than a different line of shampoos and conditioners Wen introduces a product that takes hair care to a new level. With real life testing this product will give customers the healthy shiny hair they crave.