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Shervin Pishevar Understands Bitcoin In Latest Set Of Tweets

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I’m glad that someone else finally chimed in on the bitcoin craze. Shervin Pishevar recently went on a tweet rant that lasted more than 21 hours. He touched on a lot of points, but his tweet about bitcoin has gotten lost. It echoes something I’ve been saying for years.

Proponents of bitcoin like to tout the online currency’s unregulated status. Essentially, bitcoin lovers believe that the online currency is inherently valuable because it is not under the regulatory eyes of any government. Instead, it exists online in something called the blockchain.

The blockchain is simply data that is stored on millions of computers around the world. You probably have some of this data on your computer if you are dabbling in bitcoin. This distribution of data makes bitcoin impossible to hack. It also makes it impossible to control.

Shervin Pishevar does not think bitcoin is completely untethered. In fact, his tweet storm says otherwise. He thinks the online currency will drop rapidly over the next few months alongside the stock market to create another recession. This goes against everything bitcoin proponents love about the online currency.

Shervin Pishevar, like me, knows that bitcoin is tied to the stock market. It has no inherent value. Gold, on the other hand, has tangible value. It’s something you can hold, admire and bury in your backyard in case of a crisis. That’s why gold will skyrocket in value as the economy tanks.

People won’t want to hold their bitcoins when things get bad. In fact, there’s nothing to hold. It’s an abstract idea, and, as Shervin Pishevar says, its value is tied to the stock market. It’s not some independent currency that will sore in value when the times get tough.

I’m just glad that Shervin Pishevar is back. He’s disappeared for a while due to some personal issues, but he’s one of the great market minds of today. His tweet storm marks the return of an investment giant. He was smart enough to invest in Uber early, and he set up his own investment business called Investment company. He certainly knows what he’s talking about.

Vijay Eswaran Shares His Empowering Personal Philosophy With Millions Of People

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Over the past 20 years, Vijay Eswaran has used his unique, powerful personal and business philosophy to build the direct sales company the QI Group in a very successful organization. He has also taught his philosophy to millions of people through his motivational speeches, books and articles. Eswaran’s philosophy is surprisingly simple. It involves developing a mindset where people believe they can succeed, pictures themselves doing it and take steps every day to make it a reality. By embracing this philosophy and putting it into practice, Vijay Eswaran has gotten incredible results.

Raised in a working class community in Penang, Malaysia, Vijay Eswaran used that philosophy to help him earn a socioeconomic degree from the London School of Economics, build a company valued at billions of dollars and become one of Asia’s richest people. And he has long been willing to teach anyone that’s interested how to use his philosophy to enjoy their own success. Eswaran shared that philosophy with his marketing team when he co-founded the QI Group in 1998. It helped his staff overcome economic and other obstacles and generate hundreds of millions of dollars in sales.

To give a wider range of people access to this empowering philosophy, Vijay Eswaran has written a series of books that teach people how to develop a mindset that engenders success. Some of the books he has written include 18 Stepping Stones, In The Thinking Zone, In The Sphere of Silence and On The Wings Of Thought. Understanding that fear is a common roadblock to people attaining their goals, Eswaran has also written a series of enlightening articles to help people use fear to their advantage. Those articles include Two Minutes From The Abyss, The Stages of Change, 3 Ways Fear Drives Success and 5 Cs of Servant Leadership.

Vijay Eswaran is also a very generous philanthropist. He has given millions to charity through the two charitable foundations he created. He has done so much for others, Eswaran was named a ‘Hero of Philanthropy’ by Forbes Asia. But by far the most valuable gift Vijay Eswaran has given to the world is sharing his personal and business philosophy. Through doing that he has been able to improve the quality of life for countless people in Asia and around the world. His books, articles and speeches are a legacy that will continue to have a positive impact for generations after he’s gone.