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Fabletics Gives Thought To Traditional Offline Mall Shoppers As Well as Online Customers

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While Fabletics and other online fashion retailers have seen the value of the internet, Fabletics is also aware that a lot of people still like to shop in physical stores. As a matter of fact, some people actually prefer shopping in these stores. Therefore, Fabletics is making sure that they are providing service for both of these methods of shopping. Kate Hudson, Don Ressler and some of the others in the Fabletics team have seen that some people still like to shop around in stores and try on some of the clothes they see. Therefore, Fabletics has decided to open up some physical stores in a few of the markets.


Given the success of Fabletics and what Adam Goldenberg has said about fashion companies that are not primarily internet based, it is still wise to set up some kind of physical presence so that people can have the best of all worlds. This is especially an advantage for people that are not good with their sizes. Often times, people have a hard time measuring themselves because they don’t have the right tools. At least with physical locations, people will be able to try on clothes in order to see if the items fit.


Part of the fun in shopping for clothes is seeing if the items fit before paying for them. This is one experience that people miss from the internet. Fabletics does not seek to deprive people of this experience. With their business model that has turned out to be a success among customers, they have decided that they want to reach more people in the markets. Once they have set up physical stores, they have seen their profits rise even higher. Given that they are always bringing forth new products, it is safe to say that they are going to keep growing as a company.


One thing about mall shopping is that it helps people find some new items. Even in stores like Fabletics, people could actually see all of the products that they company has to offer. This will give people ideas on what they want to buy and wear.

Kim Dao Lucky Bags recap

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Fukubukuro is a Japanese tradition each New Year invented by Ginza Matsuya Department Store. Fuku stands for luck, while fukuro stands for bag. They are known as ‘Lucky Bags‘ which are just bags that have a random selection of things placed inside. Kim Dao went to shop for two of these bags to open up for her audience. She bought one of the bags from a place called Cecil Mcbee and the other from We Go. Kim Dao spent a total of $100 dollars on each one of these Lucky Bags.


The items placed in these bags likely contain contents that are worth more than the initial value of the bag. Some stores even use Fukubukuro’s to get rid of bulk items that the company hasn’t been able to sell off. The items that Kim Dao had retrieved from the first bag was a navy pea coat, white summer dress, grey sweater dress, plaid trench coat, black v-neck top, white sweater and a pair of white shorts. All the items looked especially good on Kim and she seemed thrilled about everything that she got in the first bag!


Lastly, the contents of the second bag was a petite white backpack, a light blue sweater with the words ” If you want to be Happy, be” imprinted on it, a cute white study bag, letterman style jacket, a long khaki skirt that she didn’t seem to like very much, tan jumpsuit, pink and white skirt, a matching pink and white sweater, white gloves, grey infinity scarf, “New York College” imprinted shirt, black Indian style top, two head scarfs with roses and two pairs of socks! The second bag didn’t seem to impress her as much and plans to give away some of the clothes. Kim Dao and her friend Rachel both bought Lucky bags this year and go on to compare what each person got and even trade with each other. They happily shared this moment in laughter and had even managed to get some of the same pieces of clothes. Kim Dao likes to uphold this tradition every New Year, for it is a neat and fun thing to do.


Athleisure: The Perfect Way To Add To Your Athleisure Wardrobe

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In a society where yoga pants tend to rule, it’s no surprise how far athleisure brands like Fabletics have come. Since yoga pants have become so versatile when dressing for a plethora of different occasions, they have become one of the most desirable items of clothing on the market. Athleisure, or athletic leisure clothing from Fabletics not only makes a fashion statement nowadays, but provides comfort to consumers worldwide. In a recent article, it talks about how athleisure has become a lifestyle and shares some surprising statistics regarding athletic wear.

For example, the article starts out by talking about how athleisure wear has come so far. Last year, forty four billions dollars was sold in athletic wear alone from Fabletics. And surprisingly enough, denim sales have gone done five percent or more since 2013. Crazy statistics, right? To think that the yoga pant will someday replace denim isn’t so shocking knowing how comfortable and form fitting yoga pants have become. Americans will choose the comfort over style in many instances, but with athleisure they don’t have to choose. You can wear athleisure with regular casual wear and still pull it off for any occasion. The versatility of athleisure is amazing. To read more about athleisure, visit this page:

As mentioned earlier, Fabletics is one of the more popular athleisure brands because of the subscriptions it offers. By becoming a member, you can subscribe to receive new athleisure wear each and every month delivered to your door at a fixed and reasonable price. Sounds amazing, right? For all you athleisure addicts, this is the perfect way to gradually grow the perfect athleisure wardrobe. Even if you don’t want to receive products each month, you can still become a member and purchase when you wish to. With great unique pieces, amazing low prices and free delivery, it’s easy to see how Fabletics has made over two hundred million in a year.

Talking Fashion With Doe Deere

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Doe Deere is a young entrepreneur that has never let anything hold her back from her dreams. Deere was born in Russia, and she and her family immigrated to the United States when she was very little. Deere is a woman that wanted to work in fashion and be independent from a very young age. Deere dabbled in fashion after college, and she was able to start her own fashion line in 2004. She named her fashion line limcrime. She was her own model in that fashion line. Even though she really enjoyed what she was doing, she wanted to be able to do more. Deere enjoyed modeling makeup, and she wanted to be able to use a makeup that was bold and colorful.

The makeup industry was really at a loss for makeup that was bold and colorful. Deere decided that she was going to try to make her own brand of makeup. The only problem that Deere had was that she did not really have that much funding. Deere only had a few hundred dollars to make her dream come to life, and that is exactly what she did with the money that she had. Deere was able to form Lime Crime makeup, and now Lime Crime is an international success.

The Bustle did an interview with Doe Deere about all of the fashion laws that she does not obey. Deere is a person that likes to dress however she feels. Fashion stipulates that a person should dress for certain occasions, or that they should always dress their age. Deere dresses in a way that makes her feel good, and the occasion is not important to her. Deere colors her hair colors that are unnatural, and she does not let that stop her from wearing different colors, patterns, and bright makeup.

Deere’s favorite clothing are socks. She had hundreds of pairs of socks, and she likes to wear them on different occasions. Fashion says that a woman should never wear open-toed shoes with sox, but Deere chooses colorful socks with her opened-toed shoes on a regular basis.

Learn more about Doe Deere:

Athleisure Fabletics Trending This 2016

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Are you looking for sportswear that is fashionable and trendy? Fabletics on en.wikipedia offers a wide variety of athleisure items that suit your styles and needs. You can find your favorite athleisure wear that follows your daily lifestyles, and Fabletics is your one-stop-shop for this.

About Fabletics

Fabletics is where you can find high-quality sportswear items and accessories designed for active women who love function and style. It was launched by JustFab Inc. and co-founded by actress Kate Hudson. Co-CEOs, Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg recognized that the market for activewear on did not provide the complete components that would help and satisfy consumers. They saw that the luxury brands available in the market were not as stylish as many expected. Therefore, they established Fabletics onĀ Marie Claire to fill in the gap in the market.

What is athleisure?

It sounds like the combination of the words “athlete” and “leisure”. Apparently, the word speaks for itself. Athleisure is a fashion style that emanates from the love for activewear and leisure clothes.

Athleisure items and accessories have become very popular because many people have already become conscious about health and wellness. It does not necessarily mean that most of them are now going to gyms. Therefore, athleisure has become a fashion trend for those who find comfort wearing it even when going elsewhere after going to a gym, or they simply wear it for leisure activities.

Popular types of athleisure items

l Yoga Pants
l Tights
l Leggings
l Cycling Shorts
l Sneakers


If you are active and would like to show it with style in your leisure time, visit or contact Fabletics now to find your best athleisure clothes and accessories for all your daily needs.