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Energy Crisis Continues in Venezuela

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The country of Venezuela has been getting hit from all sides economically over the last several months, as there has been a major drought in the region, a lack of food and medical supplies, as well as widespread power outages. In fact according to expert Danilo Diaz Grandos, to combat the problem, officials in Venezuela made the decision to cut days off the work week in order to save energy for a time period of two months. Understanding that this was not going to fix the entire problem, they have rolled out other measures to conserve. In an effort to save power, Venezuela has shifted their clocks forward thirty minutes, which officials in the region believe will cut rectify at least a portion of the problem.

The move forward is set to begin on May 1, although it really can’t be said how long the time change will go on. If the switch starts to create a decrease in the lack of energy, there is a good chance that the time chance will go on for a significant period of time. However says Danilo Diaz, there are other things that are going to have to be done to address the problem, and it appears that the government in Venezuela is trying to pull out everything they can to throw at the situation.