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Eric Lefkofsky Pioneers Effective Ways of Diagnosing Cancer

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Eric Lefkofsky is passionate about battling cancer. When doctors diagnosed a loved one with cancer, he witnessed the treatment process up close. Lefkofsky is the CEO and co-founder of Tempus. His technology company built an operating system that assists in battling cancer. He is also a partner in a company called Lightbank. This company is a venture fund that invests in disruptive technologies. Lefkofsky also helped co-found Uptake Technologies, which developed a leading platform for predictive analysis. The platform serves some of the world’s largest industries.

Tempus has taken on the task of building the world’s largest library of clinical and molecular data. Its operating system is designed to make the data useful and accessible to the medical world. The company’s sequencing approach uses transcriptomic sequencing and deep machine learning that enables doctors to familiarize themselves with a patient’s tumor on a personal basis. Physicians can analyze molecular and clinical data much easier and come up with treatment options that are unique to each patient. Physician decisions are data-driven in real time. Physicians gain access to system tools that actually learn as the system gathers additional data. Reporting enables physicians with insights they can act on.

Eric Lefkofsky established a private charitable foundation, the Lefkofsky Family Foundation, with his wife. The Foundation’s mission is to implement initiatives, that are high-tech, in ways that will enhance the lives of people where the Foundation implements those initiatives. Lefkofsky keeps busy. He also serves as a Trustee of Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago. He can add to his resume time served as an adjunct professor at the University of Chicago. Lofkofsky has also written a book titled Accelerated Disruption. To know more about him click here.

His education includes a degree from the University of Michigan and a Juris Doctor at the University of Michigan Law School. His Tempus staff includes a team of highly experienced and educated individuals. The list includes PhDs, MDs, an engineer, and a director of clinical lab operations.