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Whitney Wolfe Continues To Inspire Women To Go After Their Business Dreams

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Whitney Wolfe is the founder and chief executive officer of Bumble, which is a dating app that empowers women by allowing them to make the first move. Recently, she put together a launch party for a product that was new to the brand and spoke about how women are becoming much more involved in the world of business during the party. This is definitely true for Wolfe who has grown the Bumble brand, which now has more than 22 million registered users. The company recently had a $100 million year in sales and is expected to continue to do better and better. Read this article at to know more.

Whitney Wolfe refused to sell Bumble for $450 million to the Match Group recently and then turned them down again when they offered more than $1 billion for the company. Previously, Wolfe was involved with Tinder as one of its co-founders and vice president of marketing, but she left the company amid controversy surrounding her accusations of sexual harassment by her previous boss. It also came to light, in Wolfe’s words, that Match Group had unfairly stripped her of her co-founder title. She ended up suing the company and was awarded $1 million. While this all took place, Wolfe has commented that she doesn’t feel resentment towards the company or previous boss as she just wants to focus her energy on her work.

After her split with Tinder, Whitney Wolfe decided to startup her own company and eventually created Bumble, which would be a direct competitor. She had help, along the way, from Andrey Andreev, the founder of Badoo, which is an online dating network. Apparently, she had made an impression on him while she worked at Tinder, and he had hoped she would come work with Badoo as the company’s CMO. Whitney Wolfe declined but eventually accepted his help in another way. Andreev became an investor and put up $10 million to help her launch her company. Today, Whitney Wolfe has built an empire through a company that serves women. She is an example to many and an inspiration to all of the women out there who are looking to become their own bosses.