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EOS Leading the Way in Lip Balm Brands

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Evolution of Smooth,, more commonly known as EOS, is now more popular than Chapstick, according to recent sales information. That is pretty impressive, considering that Chapstick has long been the leader in lip balm. In fact, Chapstick first began offering its product in the mid-1880s, while EOS opened their doors as a small start-up in 2009. It is safe to say that the past seven years’ have proven successful for EOS lip balm, as surpassing a brand that most everyone is familiar with and has used for so long is quite the honor.

Despite surpassing Chapstick and selling more than one million lip balms per week, Burt’s Bees is still the leader in sales, but only by a slight margin. Nevertheless, these two products rank in top spots, leaving Chapstick, as well as the brand’s once biggest competition, Blistex, trailing in their dust.

EOS is a brand that uses only natural ingredients in its products, one of the highlights that has helped the brand rise to the top as more consumer’s desire using such products. The natural ingredients inside of EOS lip balms soothe and soften them lips, preventing chapped lips and other displeasing lip conditions. But this is far from the only highlight the EOS brand brings your way.


  • Comes in fun and exciting flavors
  • Is designed to enhance all of your senses
  • Sold in a unique ball-shape
  • Recommended by top beauty magazine editors as well as a slew of celebrities

The products are available on Well, Target, Walmart( and also online on eBay, Amazon and Ulta.


3 Reasons Evolution Of Smooth Is Growing

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Social Media Loves EOS

Evolution of Smooth was founded in 2007. Everything about the company reflects the Millennial wave and its marketing is no exception. When EOS lip balm wanted to market its lip balm, the company looked to social media and celebrities as a starting point. Thanks to this savvy thinking, EOS was able to directly reach its customers and speak their language. Throughout Facebook, Instagram and Twitter you can find celebrities taking selfies with the white spheres of lip balm that characterize the Evolution of Smooth brand.

EOS Knows Its Demographic

The creation of Evolution of Smooth was a risky decision. Targeting a specific demographic, young Millennial women, leaves you exposed to the chance of failure. This didn’t stop EOS from succeeding and the company can now boast about its amazing popularity. As a brand of lip balm, EOS is the second most popular and has even beat Chapstick. Among young women, EOS is one of the top 50 brand names according to a recent study by Goldman Sachs and Teen Vogue. This level of success defied even the best expectations and speaks to the brilliance behind this brand.

EOS Is Expanding Its Product Line

With the popularity Evolution of Smooth is enjoying among Millennial women, the company has decided to reach into entirely new areas of the personal care market. There are now Evolution of Smooth lotions and shaving creams to compliment the lip balm. Honestly, the potential for EOS is nowhere near fully tapped. Millennial women are an incredibly loyal crowd and when they love a brand they’ll follow it anywhere it goes. EOS could easily spread into soaps, shampoos, and other products without a second thought. It wasn’t the most likely outcome, but this company has built a brand name to last for ages. Visit for more information.

How did EOS started?

Revolutionary EOS

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With flavors including passion fruit, blueberry acai, passion fruit and many more you will be delighted at the array of flavors to pick from. You’ll also love the unique packaging because unlike standard tube lip balms, Evolution of Smooth lip balms come in a fun sphere-like package making it completely distinguishable and easy to find in your purse. These lip balms are packed with antioxidants, nourishing shea butter, and smoothing jojoba oil. What’s better is the EOS lip balms are paraben and petrolatum free! It’s the perfect blend of organic ingredients you and your lips have been searching for.
Evolution of Smooth is multifaceted because they also offer decadent lotions, hand creams, and shaving cream. All products are come in fun scents like cucumber, fresh flowers,berry blossom and more! They are packed with aloe, oats, and nutritious shea butter. These products are high quality and great for treating your dry skin.

You can buy the Evolution of Smooth products all over the country. So don’t hesitate go try an Evolution of Smooth product for yourself today! Buy these products on Walmart or online via eBay.

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