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Mighty Fortress Church – A Church On Fire For The Lord

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The Senior Pastor of Mighty Fortress International Ministries Church is Dr. Thomas R. Williams. The church is located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The congregation was asked to surrender their hearts to the Lord.

Bishop Williams stated he was there to preach the word of the Lord to help the congregation with their spiritual walk with God. He told the congregation that whatever situation they are in the Lord will show them a way out, but they had to listen to be able to see the way out of their situation. Bishop Williams told the congregation Satan is after their faith in the Lord. Hearing the word is not enough, it must be assimilated and mixed with faith. Visit to know more.

Bishop Williams told the congregation, they needed a building. The congregation prayed to the Lord to provide a building for them to worship outside of northern Minnesota. In faith, the congregation reached out to the Lord to claim their building, depending on the Lord to answer their prayers.

At Mighty Fortress Church, anyone looking for a closer walk with the Lord, to get to know him on a personal level, can attend this church. The people are warm, friendly, and you can develop long-lasting relationships with them. Lives are changing with the bible as a guide. These are some things that make the church unique. It does not matter your race or culture. You are welcome at Mighty Fortress International Church. Watch this video on Youtube.

At Mighty Fortress Church the congregation is important, and people are encouraged to participate in whatever way they can.

For over 30 years, Bishop Williams has ministered to God’s people. He is respected by all who know him. Mighty Fortress International Ministries was founded by Bishop Williams. He is the President of the church.

Bishop Williams graduated from Rhema Bible Training Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He studied Mass Communications at North Central University in Minneapolis, where he received his Bachelor of Arts Degree. He attended Bethel University and Seminary in St.Paul, MN. He received two Honorary Doctorate Degrees from the Seminary and Midwest Christian College. He is married to Sabrina Williams and together they were blessed with three children.