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Neurocore Brain Performance Center Can Offer the Help You’ve Been Looking for

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Depression can quickly become devastating, and deadly, if left alone and untreated. Thankfully, even the worst cases of depression are treatable. Through a combination of therapies, and diagnostic testing, Neurocore Brain Performance Center have developed a better understanding of the disease, and have created a variety of techniques to better help combat Depression, and a variety of associated mental illnesses. Though many never look for help in dealing with their depression symptoms, even when their outlook is darkest, and signs of the illness can be hard to spot by family and friends, help has never been as thorough as that provided by Neurocore’s treatment plans. Treating a variety of types of Depression, as well as Anxiety, ADHD, sleep disorders, and a multitude of other cognition issues, Neurocore Brain Treatment Center is making help available for the first time to many.

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As the leading cause of suicide in the world, Depression has become an unprecedented health crisis in recent years. The number one most reported mental illness in the United States, Depression has ravaged the friends and family of many, and has gone without effective treatment or cure for as long as the illness has been able to be diagnosed. Though funding and a further understanding is needed of Depression, and on a variety of the mental illnesses that Neurocore treats, the organization’s Biofeedback and Neurofeedback combo treatment and diagnostics have proven a viable option for many sufferers.


In a study led by Elsye White, Ph.D., and published by Neuroregulation in March of this year, the techniques used by Neurocore Brain Treatment Centers have shown clinical viability in the treatment of patients with Depression and Anxiety symptoms. Furthermore, the majority of those treated by Neurocore report greatly minimized symptoms as well as seeing lasting results, and overall better quality of life, thanks to the program, the diagnostics run, and the training provided. Clinical Trials in Michigan and Florida are currently running and free lunches, along with seminars provided by Neurocore are hosted once monthly in both areas for further providing information on the Center’s various offerings. No matter the depths Depression has taken, Neurocore Brain Performance Center is providing potent and lasting help. Follow Neurocore on