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Kamil Idris and Intellectual Property Rights

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Intellectual property is the creativity of another person or group of persons. There is a wide spread use of other intellectual property. Many people do not realize there is no right to download, copy, or re-print other’s intellectual property.

Intellectual Property Day is April, 26. Intellectual Property Day began in 2010. Since it began, it has cultivated in popularity. There are more people who recognize they have no rights to download, copy, or re-print the work of others. This constitutes a breach upon their intellectual property rights.

Before Intellectual Property Day began, there were more people out on the streets who did not realize that the creativity of others was protected by what is called the intellectual property right. This is really guarded to creators of all kinds of work. The intellectual property rights do not get boundaries.

Kamil Idris is an avid speaker on intellectual property rights. He enjoys educating others on intellectual property rights. Kamil Idris promotes Intellectual Property Day. He hopes each April 26, will present a better understanding of intellectual property rights to more and more people.

Kamil Idris not only wishes to spread the word of intellectual property rights every year, he wants to spread the word on a daily basis. Kamil Idris is head of the World Intellectual Property Organization. This organization serves to spread the word of intellectual property and the rights of intellectual property.

Kamil Idris thinks intellectual property law is quickly being one of the most popular forms of law to study. Kamil Idris received his Bachelor of Law from Khartoum University. He also holds a Master of Law from Ohio University and a Doctoral of Law from the University of Geneva.

Kamil Idris’ concentration of law is international law. He holds both his Masters and Doctoral degrees in the concentration of international law. Kamil Idris has spoken before the United States Congress in order to help safeguard the intellectual property rights of American creators. He has had a long career. He hopes to be able to educate the general public on intellectual property rights laws.

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Yeonmi Park Tells the World Her Story

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Yeonmi Park is an extraordinary individual as she is not only a North Korean defector, but according to News.AU, she is also a current human rights activist with the mission to help others escape this totalitarian regime. Yeonmi Park grew up in North Korea until her escape in 2007 to China while accompanied by her mother. In 2009, Ms. Park became settled in South Korea with a new mission to help others who have been put into a similar position as her. Ms. Park, in her new book, In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom, discusses her troubles as well as her fears as she flees the North Korean border and discovers freedom.
Ms. Park was born and raised in North Korea. Though she was born during a totalitarian regime, her family was a well respected family that allowed her many privileges in the country while growing up. Though she grew up in a wealthy family, the economic crash that took place in North Korea forced her family to be involved with the black market. As a result, Ms. Park’s father was sent to a labor camp in North Korea as a result of smuggling to keep his family alive and well fed. After her father was sentenced to a lifetime of labor, Ms. Park and her mother experienced the troubles of hunger and were forced to beg for food.

Though Ms. Park and her mother were able to eventually escape the North Korean border, Ms. Park and her mother then became involved in human trafficking. As a result of this horrifying experience, Yeonmi Park has become a human rights activist who speaks out against human trafficking and now has the mission to help individuals travel safely into China from North Korea. Yeonmi Park, through her experience has been able to personally testify of the brutality that she faced in her country. With tens of thousands of individuals escaping for the border each year, it comes as no surprise that the United Nations will soon be getting involved. Yeonmi Park’s new Amazon released book is a testament to her bravery and to her struggles.