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Whitney Wolfe Continues To Inspire Women To Go After Their Business Dreams

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Whitney Wolfe is the founder and chief executive officer of Bumble, which is a dating app that empowers women by allowing them to make the first move. Recently, she put together a launch party for a product that was new to the brand and spoke about how women are becoming much more involved in the world of business during the party. This is definitely true for Wolfe who has grown the Bumble brand, which now has more than 22 million registered users. The company recently had a $100 million year in sales and is expected to continue to do better and better. Read this article at to know more.

Whitney Wolfe refused to sell Bumble for $450 million to the Match Group recently and then turned them down again when they offered more than $1 billion for the company. Previously, Wolfe was involved with Tinder as one of its co-founders and vice president of marketing, but she left the company amid controversy surrounding her accusations of sexual harassment by her previous boss. It also came to light, in Wolfe’s words, that Match Group had unfairly stripped her of her co-founder title. She ended up suing the company and was awarded $1 million. While this all took place, Wolfe has commented that she doesn’t feel resentment towards the company or previous boss as she just wants to focus her energy on her work.

After her split with Tinder, Whitney Wolfe decided to startup her own company and eventually created Bumble, which would be a direct competitor. She had help, along the way, from Andrey Andreev, the founder of Badoo, which is an online dating network. Apparently, she had made an impression on him while she worked at Tinder, and he had hoped she would come work with Badoo as the company’s CMO. Whitney Wolfe declined but eventually accepted his help in another way. Andreev became an investor and put up $10 million to help her launch her company. Today, Whitney Wolfe has built an empire through a company that serves women. She is an example to many and an inspiration to all of the women out there who are looking to become their own bosses.



Surf Air adds partners in luxury travel

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Membership benefits in Surf Air’s travel club just took a giant step toward more luxury announcing partnerships with other luxury travel groups. In honor of its fifth anniversary, Surf Air is joining forces with All Roads North, FoundersCard and The Private Suite LAX to take luxury travel in California and beyond to new heights.

All Roads North will enhance members’ travel experiences with customized ground itineraries at destinations the charter airline flies to. Members can expect luxurious accommodations and unique experiences from All Roads North.

The partnership with The Private Suite LAX will ease the stress of dealing with long lines at check-in and security at Los Angeles International Airport. Instead, they’ll go through check-in and security at a private terminal with its own TSA and Customs agents. Members will not have to make their way through crowded concourses or walk down long jet ways to the plane. They’ll ride in luxury directly to their plane.

And when members must travel outside of Surf Air territory, they’ll do so knowing FoundersCard will make their trips easier. Benefits include VIP privileges, such as priority check-in and discounted air fares when traveling. They’ll also enjoy access to top accommodations with privileges that include special rates and extra amenities.

Surf Air, founded in 2013, is a private air travel club with a twist. Members, who include businessmen, leisure travelers and frequent fliers, pay a monthly fee for which they receive unlimited flying. It’s like an all-you-can-eat buffet, only for air travelers. Beginning with a modest 12 destinations in California, the revolutionary Surf Air now flies to Texas and Europe as well as expanded destinations in the Golden State.

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Skout – The Friendship App

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Skout, the global app that enables you to meet new people and widen your friend circle, had a recent survey of approximately 23,000 people around the world to discover recent trends in online friendship.

The main take home message from Skout’s online friendship survey include: A major percentage of people have an online friend they’ve never met in life. Most people boast of five online friends! 83% say that they would prefer to meet their online friends in real life someday.
Online friendships persist across the globe. Mobile phones make it more convenient to develop online friendships. A major percentage of Americans surveyed say that they communicate with their online friends via mobile phone (vs. a computer), and 59% say they communicate with their online friends everyday.

Over the past few years, significant changes have taken place in the method of functioning and communication but the requirement for friendship is essentially the same and very crucial for our emotional well being,” remarks psychologist Irene S. Levine, PhD, producer of The Friendship Blog, a popular advice blog that assists people in going about with the murky waters of making and keeping friends. Online friendships can be complementary to real life friends, giving many of the same vital benefits, such as societal support and feelings of belongingness.”

Numerous journeys were taken in 2015 through Skout’s popular Travel feature, which enables users to choose a popular destination or search for a city anywhere in the world and immediately get in touch with new friends in that community. To download SKOUT for Android, iOS or Windows, or to sign up online, one should visit, Facebook and Twitter.

SKOUT is the most encompassing global platform for meeting acquaintances and broadening ones social circle. The SKOUT community spans numerous countries and is available in multiple languages. SKOUT is dedicated to providing a safe, reliable and convenient connection between people. The company was founded in 2007 and has its headquarters in San Francisco.