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Doe Deere: “Lime Crime” an American Dream

Home | Business | Doe Deere: “Lime Crime” an American Dream

How does a homeless newly immigrant child go from waiting in church lines for food to become one of America’s most successful CEO’s? Introducing Doe Deere, founder of makeup company “Lime Crime” and advocate for empowering women through her products and company message. Doe Deere employees a team of over 35 individuals all leading the way to show women that they can be anything they want to be and more.

Doe Deere’s journey has been filled with hope, despair, and change. Doe was born in Russia and live there throughout her younger years, yet, she always knew that America was the place she wanted to be at. She recalls admiring all the American movies, loving the music and being enchanted by the English language. Her dream to move to America would come true at the age of 17 when her mother decided to take her and her sister across the pond.

New York City, “If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere”, a quote Doe Deere often read. Her hopefulness to make something out of herself in the land opportunity was for the taking. Unfortunately, the light of that dream began to deem in the struggle her family dealt with to just pay the bills. Doe’s mother was an accounted in Russia, however, here her transfer papers were slow moving which meant that her accolades meant nothing. She was forced to take on cleaning jobs and eventually the family would end up at a Manhattan homeless shelter. There, during the cold nights huddled in one room and the waiting in line for food, Doe Deere kept her hopes of America buy daydreaming about becoming a fashion designer.

In 1999, the family would finally begin to recover. Dorchen Leidholdt, a social worker came to the aid of her family. Leidholdt would find her mother an accounting job, her sister a scholarship to Colombia University, and for Doe, a route to the Fashion Institue of Technology. Moving forward to 2008, Doe Deere would finally realize her American dream in the form of “Lime Crime”. Doe Deere has demonstrated that those who make America great, may not even start as Americans.


The Goodness That Comes with Waiakea.

Home | Business | The Goodness That Comes with Waiakea.

The bottled water market is numerous with hundreds of water brands. There is an estimated a hundred billion dollars in this industry across the world with the Italians as the number one consumers of bottled water. A few years back, selling bottled water was not well recognized but currently, the water market has become very competitive. Companies now add a little something to the water to make it clearer and stand out. With the added ‘little something’, companies claim that the uniqueness and goodness are what makes the water standout from the rest. All this is done to promote the companies’ bottled water.

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With all these to light, many people might actually be asking what makes the water different from millions of bottled water in the market. To begin with, Waiakea water was founded in the year two thousand and twelve and is located in Hawaii. Come to think of it, when you think of Hawaii, what is the first thing that comes in mind? I would guess the natural goodness that comes with the vibe of Hawaii. Waiakea water is all Hawaiian, including the name. Waiakea is coined from the words wai akea which translates to broad waters. Incorporating the culture definitely promotes the good feeling of buying anything Hawaiian.

Since the commencing of the company, they have made enormous strides by taking the extra steps. Their creativity has contributed to the growth of the brand since the water filtered is actually volcanic water. Waiakea water is filtered through water running fourteen thousand feet of the porous volcanic rock through Mauna Loa Volcano. Not only does Waiakea water brings the awesomeness in saying you are drinking volcanic water but it also thrives in taking care of the environment. The business is certified carbon neutral because they use low emission vehicles to distribute and deliver their products.

Beyond taking care of the environment, three percent of their revenue goes to local programs in the community and non-profit organizations. Also, every liter of water bought, Waiakea company donates a full weeks supply of clean water to the people of Malawi in need of these services. That aside, they use degradable bottles and recyclable plastic thus saving the environment from pollution. What isn’t literally good about Waiakea?



The End Citizens United’s Mission

Home | Company | The End Citizens United’s Mission

The End Citizens United’s Mission

The formation of End Citizens United was triggered by the decision that was made in the year 2010 about the case that was presented between the Citizens United vs. F.E.C. The decision that was made to allow big corporations to spend as much money as they need in America’s elections would entirely change the United States’ politics for as long the law still exists. The worst of it is that the court issued legal permission to big corporations and individuals to spend money without being scrutinized which means America’s elections can now be bought. This could mean the big corporations could select the leaders of their choice by sponsoring them with any amount they need. However, this decision only marked the beginning of another fight. The group’s financial information is available on OpenSecrets.Org.

The Formation of End Citizens and its Grievances

The End Citizens United political committee was started in the year 2015 to spearhead the fight against big corporations funding political parties with ill intentions. The End Citizens United represents the average Americans and they are not funded by big money but they receive their donations from grassroots. Some of the problems that come with the 2010 Supreme Court decision include the rich groups funding their aspirants who will end passing laws that favor big corporations at the expense of the average Americans.

Apart from their commitment to put an end to the Citizens United, they are also focused on ensuring that pre-reform candidates are elected and also doing away with using money in politics among other commitments. The End Citizens United political committee intends to fight this war by ensuring that the issue of big money politics becomes a national concern. The End Citizens have shown their support to the pro-reform Democrats candidates which have received several critics in the past. However, they have responded to these critics by stating out that despite the fact that there are some Republicans and independent candidates have shown their fight against this fight against big money politics, there are many Republicans members of Congress who have shown that they are determined to protect the 2010 Supreme Court decision from being reversed.

Read more: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/End_Citizens_United 

Jacob Gottlieb Is Jumping Into A New And Exciting Venture That He Calls Altium Capital:

Home | CEO Profiles | Jacob Gottlieb Is Jumping Into A New And Exciting Venture That He Calls Altium Capital:

Stuart Weisbrod and Jacob Gottlieb are well-known fund managers that did some important work together at a company called Merlin BioMed Group. This pair of entrepreneurs now finds themselves once again in close proximity to each other as they have recently started to share the same office space. Jacob Gottlieb and Stuart Weisbrod are also planning to do some interesting collaborations with one another now that this situation has materialized.

Merlin was the creation of Stuart Weisbrod and Jacob Gottlieb was one of his critical team members that helped the firm to achieve massive success. The investment management firm had as its primary focus, the emerging field of biotech in the healthcare sector as well as the medical device and the pharmaceutical sector. Stuart Weisbrod brought on Jacob Gottlieb in the capacity of portfolio manager and he proceeded to do some outstanding work. Jacob Gottlieb led Merlin to a return that exceeded one-hundred percent. This occurred during 1999 and 2000 during a very exciting time for the biotech field.

In the wake of his time at Merlin, Jacob Gottlieb went on to found an asset management outfit called Visium. During this time, he experienced massive success and accomplished the impressive feat of turning his initial capital of $300 million into $2.5 billion. The company also weathered 2008’s financial crash and the company’s fortunes continued to shine as the company became a hedge fund worth $8 billion. Jacob Gottlieb is now working hard on his newest hedge fund project called Altium. Following his past successes in the field, Altium is already investing into the healthcare industry and has bought a stake in Oramed Pharmaceuticals Inc. This company has the potential to drastically change the lives of countless people who suffer from the condition of diabetes. The fact that he is running this new venture in the same office space as Stuart Weisbrod certainly suggests that great things could be coming from this pair again soon.

The development of the biggest tour company in Brazil by Guilherme Paulus

Home | Financial Leader | The development of the biggest tour company in Brazil by Guilherme Paulus

Guilherme Paulus started CVC Tour Company in 1972. Four decades later, it is the biggest tour company in Latin America. It grew so big that he even sold part of it to Carlyle Group. He is now holding about 37 percent of the company. The growth of this company, however, depicts the great work that he has done in the Brazilian tourism industry. He has created something that has offered job opportunities to hundreds of people around the country. Since he created this company, his life changed, and the Brazilian tourism sector changed. Many tourists have been coming into the country through the recommendation of CVC.

Guilherme Paulus had partnered with a friend in 1972 to start this company. In fact, it is his friend who came up with the idea of building CVC and even offered to provide the money needed to start the operations. Guilherme Paulus was young and had no source of money to allow him to finance the company. He was an intern with IBM. After the deal with Carlos Vicente, he started working on the project. He left his job at IBM and concentrated on making the dream of a tour company possible. Four years into the business, he was left alone. His friend was no longer in the business, and it was all alone for him. He had to look for ways of surviving seeing that his friend was the investor in the business. Guilherme was convinced that the idea would work no matter the challenges, he held on made sure that he never allowed anything wrong to happen. By the stroke of the new millennium, he was the owner of the biggest tour company in Brazil.

Guilherme Paulus has succeeded because he has always been a committed leader in the business. His eyes and mind are focused on building an empire that would offer more advantages to the country. So far, it is no longer what he can achieve, but what he can help the country achieve. He has built a successful business that has offered job opportunities to thousands of Brazilians. He has also created another business known as GJP Hotel and Resorts.

About Guilherme Paulus: www.forbes.com/profile/guilherme-paulus/

How Jason Hope And The Internet of Things Will Change The World.

Home | entrepreneur | How Jason Hope And The Internet of Things Will Change The World.

Hop into your local time machine and travel back to the ’70s or ’80s. You’ll find a world that is completely detached from the digital, internet-driven experience that modern humans are living in. In the impossibly short timeframe of just 30 or 40 years, humanity has changed in a way that will never be undone. We are now more connected, more educated, and more prosperous than ever before. Jason Hope is a futurist who has spent years establishing his reputation for being sharp-minded and focused on issues that are just beyond the bend. Hope is joining many of his futurist colleagues in calling for the enhancement of the Internet of Things. What is the Internet of Things? What is the IoT all about? Let’s take a closer look at the subject. You can find Jason Hope on Twitter @JasonHope for latest updates.

Jason Hope has been a firm believer in the Internet of Things essentially since he jumped out of college and started working full-time in the tech field. Like many other entrepreneurs, Jason Hope is constantly put in front of technology as a means to expand his wealth and help to develop new products that can actually change the world. With that being said, Hope doesn’t believe in the Internet of Things because it is a financially viable thing to do. Hope believes in the Internet of Things because it is the ONLY thing that you can do.

The internet along with surging smart technology has fundamentally changed the world that we live in. From our smart watches which track our location and physical attributes to the smart public transit systems that keep people moving in highly populated areas, the internet has become a life-changer. Hope has seen the signs and he knows that there are more leaps and bounds to make in the coming years and he wants to be there when they happen.

The Internet of Things, Hope believes, can be the most important technological innovation in recent memory. Hope believes that the IoT will become so widespread and integral to our daily lives that any corporations who choose to ignore it now will be doing so at their own economic peril. The Internet of Things isn’t going to be the final frontier for innovation, but it is certainly going to be the most important one.

Jason Hope is a talented futurist with an extensive career as an entrepreneur. He graduated from Arizona State University before getting his MBA from the WP Carey School of Business.

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Shervin Pishevar Understands Bitcoin In Latest Set Of Tweets

Home | Business | Shervin Pishevar Understands Bitcoin In Latest Set Of Tweets

I’m glad that someone else finally chimed in on the bitcoin craze. Shervin Pishevar recently went on a tweet rant that lasted more than 21 hours. He touched on a lot of points, but his tweet about bitcoin has gotten lost. It echoes something I’ve been saying for years.

Proponents of bitcoin like to tout the online currency’s unregulated status. Essentially, bitcoin lovers believe that the online currency is inherently valuable because it is not under the regulatory eyes of any government. Instead, it exists online in something called the blockchain.

The blockchain is simply data that is stored on millions of computers around the world. You probably have some of this data on your computer if you are dabbling in bitcoin. This distribution of data makes bitcoin impossible to hack. It also makes it impossible to control.

Shervin Pishevar does not think bitcoin is completely untethered. In fact, his tweet storm says otherwise. He thinks the online currency will drop rapidly over the next few months alongside the stock market to create another recession. This goes against everything bitcoin proponents love about the online currency.

Shervin Pishevar, like me, knows that bitcoin is tied to the stock market. It has no inherent value. Gold, on the other hand, has tangible value. It’s something you can hold, admire and bury in your backyard in case of a crisis. That’s why gold will skyrocket in value as the economy tanks.

People won’t want to hold their bitcoins when things get bad. In fact, there’s nothing to hold. It’s an abstract idea, and, as Shervin Pishevar says, its value is tied to the stock market. It’s not some independent currency that will sore in value when the times get tough.

I’m just glad that Shervin Pishevar is back. He’s disappeared for a while due to some personal issues, but he’s one of the great market minds of today. His tweet storm marks the return of an investment giant. He was smart enough to invest in Uber early, and he set up his own investment business called Investment company. He certainly knows what he’s talking about.


Dallas Plastic Surgeon: Dr Sameer Jejurikar

Home | Surgeon | Dallas Plastic Surgeon: Dr Sameer Jejurikar

Dr Sameer Jejujikar is part of The Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute in Dallas, Texas. He is a renowned plastic surgeon who is certified and specializes in cosmetic surgery of the nose, body, eyes, breast, and face. He has been practicing medicine for close to 20 years now, and he acquired his medical degree at Michigan University. In Dallas, he is associated with several hospitals including Pine Creek and Dallas Medical Center. Dr Jejurikar is highly experienced in the field of plastic surgery, and he has received extensive training that has improved his art in cosmetic surgery. Dr Jejurikar is passionate about his career and is very warm and sensitive.

Just recently, Dr Sameer Jejurikar was honored by Patient’s Choice with the Compassionate Doctor Certification. Patient reviews revealed him as the top physician in the nation. According to patients, Dr Jejurikar is warm, friendly and compassionate. The Compassionate Doctor Certification was formulated for patients to rate their favorite physicians. Dr Jejurikar was honored for receiving the award, and in a statement, he said that he is forever grateful to his patients and their dedication for taking the time to vote for him. The America Registry also went ahead and added Dr Jejurikar to The Registry of the Business Excellence following this award.

Dr Sammer Jejurikar uses his art in cosmetic surgery to help his patients get the body that they desire and attain their goals. At the Dallas Institute of Plastic surgery, he works together with other ten plastic surgeons. They have a skin care center and fully accredited operating rooms. The institute also has hotels where patients can recover after surgery. Dr Jejurikar says he receives patients from all over the world because he is globally recognized and the facilities at the institute are also world class. He is, therefore, proud to be part of the Dallas Institute.

NewsWatch TV Review Helps Technology Company Promote Awesome Products

Home | Company | NewsWatch TV Review Helps Technology Company Promote Awesome Products

Nathalie Van Wijkvliet, Chief Marketing Officer for Avanca, a company that makes innovative products in the mobile technology space, let host Andrew know how pleased she was to be working again with NewsWatch TV. This is her company’s second go-round appearing in a promotional segment on the show. Nathalie had several complimentary remarks and fond recollections about her first experience, which was to get support for Avanca’s crowdfunding campaign for their Ockel pocket-sized pc. She credits the exposure on the show to helping them reach their crowdfunding goal and contributing to the product’s success. She praised the NewsWatch staff’s professionalism, support and excellence. Now Avanca is back to market the launch of another fantastic product in the Ockel line – a complete desktop windows device that has the ease of use of a mobile device. Nathalie was also proudly wearing yet another one of their products – wireless sports headphones. These are especially good for working out and running since the wearer doesn’t have to deal with cords that drop out of the ears in the middle of their favorite music or coaching. Nathalie even promised to give Andrew a pair after he teasingly told her he was going to be participating in a marathon. The light-hearted but informative segment highlights why it’s a joy for companies and other marketers to work with the NewsWatch TV team.

NewsWatch is dedicated to bringing their viewers current and interesting stories showcasing a variety of topics. The fresh and approachable segments spotlight subjects like technological advances, media, travel, consumer products, health and wellness and celebrity appearances. The enthusiastic and knowledgeable team is curious about everything and loves to keep you in the know. Join the NewsWatch community of learners, contributors and creators for a fun and knowledgeable experience.

Importance of associations according to Robert Ivy

Home | Master Architect | Importance of associations according to Robert Ivy

There are tons of advantages of being in association or in a trade union. In the USA alone, there are more than 90,000 different associations and trade unions. One of these associations is the American Institute of Architects. The organization has been one of the most vocal organization in creating links especially within the architects. Robert Ivy as one of the officials of this association has dedicated his life to rallying potential members to be part of the association. When he was in charge of the publishing of Architectural Record, he was successful in bringing the idea and advantage of being in an architectural association. This was from the late 1990s. He is currently in the center stage of an active association. Visit the website Architectural Record to learn more about Robert Ivy.

One of the main advantages of being part of an association such as the one Robert Ivy is in charge is the unlimited networking opportunities. Through seminars and workshops the association organizes, the members can meet and interact with their fellow architects and share experiences. This gesture helps individual professionals in building links and magically expanding their career bonds. These connections and networks are also ideal for job hunting. Sharing opportunities among the members has made the association be one of the most active associations in the USA.

The architecture association through Robert Ivy leadership has enabled the association to be efficient in lobbying. Lobbying has been one of the most proficient tools in influencing policies that are favorable to the architecture industry. Under the leadership of the architecture association, it is fulfilling to see how a relatively small association has influenced good policies especially to the benefit of the public. Learn more about Robert Ivy at zdnet.com.

Robert Ivy as one of the most experienced architectures in the country has dedicated his life to the betterment of the profession. He has left many foot marks in the area of publishing, teaching of architecture, and practicing. He has won awards both in the architecture and in the contemporary art world. Apart from practicing the profession, his contribution to the profession has given him the credibility to be a juror on different panels.

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