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Dick DeVos has always been someone to contribute positively to society. Ever since the early days of his career, improving his state and the lives of the people in it have always been his main plan. Before immersing himself into politics and philanthropy, DeVos was set to succeed his father as the CEO of Amway. He had been working with the company and learning its intricacies for an incredibly long period and was all set to take over when the time was right. Having worked with the international division of the company, he was well aware of the potential that the company had within its sector. In spite of this path being laid down in front of him, DeVos always had an interest in other avenues.



One of the more prominent instances where Dick DeVos showcased an incredible amount of interest in the wellbeing of his state was when there were changes being brought forth to the city of Grand Rapids. The city council had proposed the construction of a stadium that would be used for yearly sporting events. DeVos, being a resident of the city knew the challenges that they would have to face as a result of its construction. The city would be able to use the stadium only on limited occasions, which meant that the rest of the time, losses would be incurred. To change this decision, DeVos decided to lobby against the construction of this stadium and put forward a counterproposal for the construction of a city center that could be used by the people living within Grand Rapids all the year around. This idea was received with an incredible amount of positivity and is the direction that the city ultimately chooses to go towards.



Over the years, DeVos has undertaken several such endeavors to transform the lives of people, not just within the state of Michigan, but throughout the country. Helping people has always been his main goal, and he has been able to take on numerous objectives that have enabled him to make a difference in the lives of people all over.



One of how DeVos has been able to make a considerable difference is with regards to the development of his organization, known as the DeVos Family Foundation. This was an institution that was known to offer a high amount of support to individuals who were in need of it throughout the country. There were many avenues that DeVos tried to improve on with the help of this organization, and through it, was able to transform the lives of thousands. One of the main focuses of this organization was education reform, which was something incredibly important to his wife, Betsy DeVos as well. Through this, they were able to provide scholarships to students who wanted to seek good quality education.


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