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Dick DeVos: Aiding The Development Of The City Of Grand Rapids

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Dick DeVos has always been someone to contribute positively to society. Ever since the early days of his career, improving his state and the lives of the people in it have always been his main plan. Before immersing himself into politics and philanthropy, DeVos was set to succeed his father as the CEO of Amway. He had been working with the company and learning its intricacies for an incredibly long period and was all set to take over when the time was right. Having worked with the international division of the company, he was well aware of the potential that the company had within its sector. In spite of this path being laid down in front of him, DeVos always had an interest in other avenues.



One of the more prominent instances where Dick DeVos showcased an incredible amount of interest in the wellbeing of his state was when there were changes being brought forth to the city of Grand Rapids. The city council had proposed the construction of a stadium that would be used for yearly sporting events. DeVos, being a resident of the city knew the challenges that they would have to face as a result of its construction. The city would be able to use the stadium only on limited occasions, which meant that the rest of the time, losses would be incurred. To change this decision, DeVos decided to lobby against the construction of this stadium and put forward a counterproposal for the construction of a city center that could be used by the people living within Grand Rapids all the year around. This idea was received with an incredible amount of positivity and is the direction that the city ultimately chooses to go towards.



Over the years, DeVos has undertaken several such endeavors to transform the lives of people, not just within the state of Michigan, but throughout the country. Helping people has always been his main goal, and he has been able to take on numerous objectives that have enabled him to make a difference in the lives of people all over.



One of how DeVos has been able to make a considerable difference is with regards to the development of his organization, known as the DeVos Family Foundation. This was an institution that was known to offer a high amount of support to individuals who were in need of it throughout the country. There were many avenues that DeVos tried to improve on with the help of this organization, and through it, was able to transform the lives of thousands. One of the main focuses of this organization was education reform, which was something incredibly important to his wife, Betsy DeVos as well. Through this, they were able to provide scholarships to students who wanted to seek good quality education.


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Cloudwick And Current Trends In AI Research

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When Cloudwick announced they were releasing a new AI-based cybersecurity system, this created a shock wave in the data security community. Cloudwick called their new system CDL and did everything possible to evangelize the technology. Using cutting-edge neural networks, CDL can quickly analyze terabytes of high-velocity system data. Every network packet, log, alert and netflow indicator is immediately preserved and analyzed by CDL. Because it is scalable, CDL is a promising choice for people who plan on growing their businesses significantly. In development, CDL was a collaborative project that Cloudwick shepherded and guided to completion. The security system was built in collaboration with Intel and a number of top security vendors.

Because of its price points and scalability, CDL is sure to democratize the use of security analytics in the modern tech sector. CDL’s neural network was created with a combination of techniques related to AI. Technical disciplines involved included machine learning, advanced data analytics and entity behavior analytics. With companies like CW leading the charge, it seems clear that cybersecurity will evolve at an exponential rate. By unlocking the power of AI and machine learning, companies like CW are jump-starting a new era of benign AI design and application. Of course, this is far from the first time that CW has astonished commentators through cutting-edge, innovative security design. CW also impressed the security world when it released the Cloudwick Data Analytics Platform (CDAP) in late 2016.

Through this and many other industry initiatives, CW has proven that it can stand up with any competitor in terms of innovation and conceptual vibrancy. CW has done everything it can to create an environment conducive to growth in machine learning. By maintaining a renowned summer internship program, CW is trying to ensure that young people remain excited about developing the future of AI. Without a constant flow of graduates dedicated to AI, the security industry won’t be able to realize the promise of machine learning in a timely fashion.

How the RealReal is changing the game

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Some photos on therealreal’s Instagram account are typical as one is a giveaway to win a Fendi bag. All people will need to do to enter to win it is to follow their account and like the post and tag other friends. Another picture shows a fancy watch called The Cartier Tank with nice details and a message that the link to purchase it is in their bio. On the watch is also a secret signature. Another photo shows off a unique purse with fur on it to show how comfortable and stylish it truly is with an identical slogan that the link to buy it is in their bio. Above the posts of their stylish items is stories of their stores in LA and Soho. The RealReal is a store that sells many different fashion items from clothing to watches to much more. It even sells pre-owned items and is built on selling genuine content at a fair price. That is how the company has been able to quickly rise in revenue, popularity, and expand their social media presence. They use social media to their advantage with the extreme potential of using it. The brand makes sure to not sell fake items and even gives out information to buyers on how to spot out the difference between fake and real products. The RealReal is able to sell items rapidly due to their genuine nature, but it also has made a difference in the world with their social media presence with people buying a lot of content online. It is changing the game by giving the people power to resell their items and be rewarded for it in turn. Julie Wainwright, who is the CEO and founder of the company, details the growth in the business.

Stream energy Company Philanthropic Services to Society

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Stream Energy is a private company which was launched in 2005 by both Rob Snyder and Pierre Koshajki. Stream Energy has rapidly grown and has expanded its services in other states which include; New York, New Jersey, Washington D.C, Georgia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Illinois, and Texas. The company is entrusted energy supply, providence of gas services and offer other services to the people. Stream energy Patch Company uses multi-level marketing as its method of marketing sales. In August 2017, the company had been able to secure job opportunities for almost three hundred people.

Stream Energy Charity Foundation

Stream energy patch recently established a new foundation known as stream care. This foundation has helped many people in Dallas who faced challenges resulting from the hurricane Harvey calamity. The company works together with Hope supply company to ensure that people are provided with the help they need. When Hurricane Harvey occurred many people and animals lost their lives, and those that survived were left homeless and helpless.

For this reason, stream care foundation using the savings from direct energy sales, decided to give back to the community by creating a charity foundation of stream cares. This foundation aimed at bringing the homeless children to a set-aside waterpark to be their new home. Many leaders after seeing the work of stream care were pleased and contributed funds to top up in helping the needy. For many years, Stream Care in partnership with Hope Supply Company has been able to help many people faced by calamities in Dallas with food, school supplies, diapers, and clothing. Through this charity foundation the company acquires loyalty from potential investors.

Stream care foundation brought light to the victims of Hurricane Harvey since they provided them with the basic needs giving them hope for survival.

Stream energy Patch Company through the stream care foundation also helped in saving lives of Texas people after a tornado occurred in 2016. The company is dedicated to bringing hope to victims of various calamities and has the vision to expand its services to other parts of the world.

Doe Deere: “Lime Crime” an American Dream

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How does a homeless newly immigrant child go from waiting in church lines for food to become one of America’s most successful CEO’s? Introducing Doe Deere, founder of makeup company “Lime Crime” and advocate for empowering women through her products and company message. Doe Deere employees a team of over 35 individuals all leading the way to show women that they can be anything they want to be and more.

Doe Deere’s journey has been filled with hope, despair, and change. Doe was born in Russia and live there throughout her younger years, yet, she always knew that America was the place she wanted to be at. She recalls admiring all the American movies, loving the music and being enchanted by the English language. Her dream to move to America would come true at the age of 17 when her mother decided to take her and her sister across the pond.

New York City, “If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere”, a quote Doe Deere often read. Her hopefulness to make something out of herself in the land opportunity was for the taking. Unfortunately, the light of that dream began to deem in the struggle her family dealt with to just pay the bills. Doe’s mother was an accounted in Russia, however, here her transfer papers were slow moving which meant that her accolades meant nothing. She was forced to take on cleaning jobs and eventually the family would end up at a Manhattan homeless shelter. There, during the cold nights huddled in one room and the waiting in line for food, Doe Deere kept her hopes of America buy daydreaming about becoming a fashion designer.

In 1999, the family would finally begin to recover. Dorchen Leidholdt, a social worker came to the aid of her family. Leidholdt would find her mother an accounting job, her sister a scholarship to Colombia University, and for Doe, a route to the Fashion Institue of Technology. Moving forward to 2008, Doe Deere would finally realize her American dream in the form of “Lime Crime”. Doe Deere has demonstrated that those who make America great, may not even start as Americans.