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There are tons of advantages of being in association or in a trade union. In the USA alone, there are more than 90,000 different associations and trade unions. One of these associations is the American Institute of Architects. The organization has been one of the most vocal organization in creating links especially within the architects. Robert Ivy as one of the officials of this association has dedicated his life to rallying potential members to be part of the association. When he was in charge of the publishing of Architectural Record, he was successful in bringing the idea and advantage of being in an architectural association. This was from the late 1990s. He is currently in the center stage of an active association. Visit the website Architectural Record to learn more about Robert Ivy.

One of the main advantages of being part of an association such as the one Robert Ivy is in charge is the unlimited networking opportunities. Through seminars and workshops the association organizes, the members can meet and interact with their fellow architects and share experiences. This gesture helps individual professionals in building links and magically expanding their career bonds. These connections and networks are also ideal for job hunting. Sharing opportunities among the members has made the association be one of the most active associations in the USA.

The architecture association through Robert Ivy leadership has enabled the association to be efficient in lobbying. Lobbying has been one of the most proficient tools in influencing policies that are favorable to the architecture industry. Under the leadership of the architecture association, it is fulfilling to see how a relatively small association has influenced good policies especially to the benefit of the public. Learn more about Robert Ivy at

Robert Ivy as one of the most experienced architectures in the country has dedicated his life to the betterment of the profession. He has left many foot marks in the area of publishing, teaching of architecture, and practicing. He has won awards both in the architecture and in the contemporary art world. Apart from practicing the profession, his contribution to the profession has given him the credibility to be a juror on different panels.


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