End Citizens United Backs Beto O’Rourke As He Pulls Even With Ted Cruz In Polls

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You have to ask yourself one simple question about our political system today. Do you want money corrupting our politicians or not? If you think the corrupting influence of money needs to be ripped out of our political system by the root, then you should start following and supporting a group called End Citizens United.

This group of dedicated workers is taking aim at Citizens United. Five conservative Supreme Court justices simply decided that corporations are people with First Amendment rights. One of the Democratic justices wrote in his dissent that the decision has the ability to destroy democracy as we know it.

End Citizens United wants to dismantle the decision which allows corporations to spend unlimited amounts of dark money to influence elections across the country. There’s absolutely no way that the interests of large corporations align with the interests of the people in any corner of America. Corporations can’t get sick, bleed or die, so they shouldn’t be able to influence our democracy.

That’s why it’s more important than ever to support Beto O’Rourke in his fight against Ted Cruz for Senate in Texas. End Citizens United is there on the ground to help the Democratic congressman from El Paso defeat the longtime incumbent blobfish. The differences between the two men couldn’t be more striking. For more information connect with End Citizens United on Twitter.

First of all, Ted Cruz was born in Canada. Secondly, the Republican senator takes incredible amounts of money from large corporations. O’Rourke, on the other hand, takes absolutely zero donations from corporations and only solicits money from individual donors. Who do you think these two men will fight for in Washington?

This election in Texas is a bellwether for money in politics. End Citizens United is helping O’Rourke with his financial operations by tapping into grassroots fundraising. Ted Cruz, on the other hand, is taking massive handouts from corporations while President Donald Trump, a man who once called Ted Cruz feckless, is planned to hold a rally in Texas for the incumbent. It seems that the establishment right-wingers are afraid of Beto O’Rourke, End Citizens United and common sense prevailing in the Lone Star State.

Learn more: https://www.indeed.com/q-End-Citizens-United-jobs.html 


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