Academy of Art University: Transforming Passion In Art Into A Life-Changing Career

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The Academic of Art University is one of the transformational art institutions in San Francisco, California. The institution boasts tremendously experienced staff, students, and alumni. It specializes in the transformation of artistic enthusiasts into high-quality professionals of art who can fully utilize their passion for their betterment. With open admission programs, the facility is set to work with willing students to impart them with life-changing and sharpened skills which they can turn into a meaningful career in the competitive market.

Being a member of the US National Association of Schools of Art and Design, the facility boasts specialization in fine arts at both the bachelors and masters levels. All various categories of studies are controlled and accredited by their respective nationally-recognized bodies including the National Architectural Accrediting Board and the Council for Interior Design Accreditation.

The facility runs programs allied to any of the four main areas of passion which students exhibit including design, entertainment, fine arts, and liberal arts. Through the competitive programs, the facility boasts churning out graduates who are easily absorbed into the market through corporates such as Apple, Nike, Zynga, Pixar, among others. As the largest accredited private art facility and university in the US, the institution is dedicated to positively contributing to transforming passion into a career.

One of the alumni of the facility is Kendal whose appearance and performance in The Bachelor has garnered her many fans and fame in the entertainment industry. Her well-played role in the Season 22 of the show has helped transform the show into a well-orchestrated storyline that has got fans glued to their screens. Kendal’s expertise in her career as an actor is a testament to the professionalism of the Academy of Art University. As an alumnus of the facility, she undertook her bachelors in Multimedia Communications, a program she enrolled for in 2010 and completed in 2014. Since then she has worked in various other televised shows, but her role in The Bachelor got her into the limelight.

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