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Dallas Plastic Surgeon: Dr Sameer Jejurikar

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Dr Sameer Jejujikar is part of The Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute in Dallas, Texas. He is a renowned plastic surgeon who is certified and specializes in cosmetic surgery of the nose, body, eyes, breast, and face. He has been practicing medicine for close to 20 years now, and he acquired his medical degree at Michigan University. In Dallas, he is associated with several hospitals including Pine Creek and Dallas Medical Center. Dr Jejurikar is highly experienced in the field of plastic surgery, and he has received extensive training that has improved his art in cosmetic surgery. Dr Jejurikar is passionate about his career and is very warm and sensitive.

Just recently, Dr Sameer Jejurikar was honored by Patient’s Choice with the Compassionate Doctor Certification. Patient reviews revealed him as the top physician in the nation. According to patients, Dr Jejurikar is warm, friendly and compassionate. The Compassionate Doctor Certification was formulated for patients to rate their favorite physicians. Dr Jejurikar was honored for receiving the award, and in a statement, he said that he is forever grateful to his patients and their dedication for taking the time to vote for him. The America Registry also went ahead and added Dr Jejurikar to The Registry of the Business Excellence following this award.

Dr Sammer Jejurikar uses his art in cosmetic surgery to help his patients get the body that they desire and attain their goals. At the Dallas Institute of Plastic surgery, he works together with other ten plastic surgeons. They have a skin care center and fully accredited operating rooms. The institute also has hotels where patients can recover after surgery. Dr Jejurikar says he receives patients from all over the world because he is globally recognized and the facilities at the institute are also world class. He is, therefore, proud to be part of the Dallas Institute.

NewsWatch TV Review Helps Technology Company Promote Awesome Products

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Nathalie Van Wijkvliet, Chief Marketing Officer for Avanca, a company that makes innovative products in the mobile technology space, let host Andrew know how pleased she was to be working again with NewsWatch TV. This is her company’s second go-round appearing in a promotional segment on the show. Nathalie had several complimentary remarks and fond recollections about her first experience, which was to get support for Avanca’s crowdfunding campaign for their Ockel pocket-sized pc. She credits the exposure on the show to helping them reach their crowdfunding goal and contributing to the product’s success. She praised the NewsWatch staff’s professionalism, support and excellence. Now Avanca is back to market the launch of another fantastic product in the Ockel line – a complete desktop windows device that has the ease of use of a mobile device. Nathalie was also proudly wearing yet another one of their products – wireless sports headphones. These are especially good for working out and running since the wearer doesn’t have to deal with cords that drop out of the ears in the middle of their favorite music or coaching. Nathalie even promised to give Andrew a pair after he teasingly told her he was going to be participating in a marathon. The light-hearted but informative segment highlights why it’s a joy for companies and other marketers to work with the NewsWatch TV team.

NewsWatch is dedicated to bringing their viewers current and interesting stories showcasing a variety of topics. The fresh and approachable segments spotlight subjects like technological advances, media, travel, consumer products, health and wellness and celebrity appearances. The enthusiastic and knowledgeable team is curious about everything and loves to keep you in the know. Join the NewsWatch community of learners, contributors and creators for a fun and knowledgeable experience.

Jeffrey Aronin Works With Paragon Biosciences To Create Vital Medicines

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Paragon Biosciences’ mission is to work towards improving people’s lives through the use of different innovations in the biomedical field. They are working on helping people to live longer and more healthier lives. The company works to ensure each startup biotech company has the financial and human resources it needs to be successful. This is how Paragon creates successful biotechnology companies.


Paragon’s Leadership Includes Successful Entrepreneur


Paragon likes to take on challenges that other companies in the same field would pass up. Their CEO, Jeffrey Aronin, says the company thrives on trying to solve problems that others might deem unsolvable. The whole team has a strong commitment to finding new science to solve vexing medical conditions. The leadership of the company comes from a wide variety of industries. They feel bringing together team members and leaders from different industries and backgrounds is what makes the company unique and better able to solve challenges other companies are not able to.


Jeffrey Aronin has been a successful entrepreneur for many years leading different pharmaceutical companies. He has been praised for his help in giving families access to the types of medicines they need. Another passion that Jeffrey Aronin has is the creation and sustainability of future generations of leaders in healthcare. This is what has led him to not only bring in the best leaders for Paragon, but has led him to bringing in the most dynamic and experienced leaders to the startups that the company creates in the biosciences industry.


Additionally, Aronin also has a Chicago-based leading incubator in healthcare. Currently, the incubator has more than 200 companies in different levels of development being created right now.


Fruitful Career


Throughout his career, Jeffrey Aronin has won many honors and awards for his accomplishments. He won a Weizmann Leadership Award in 2017. A few years earlier, he won a Discovery Award from the Frederic A. Gibbs Foundation. These are just a few of the many awards he has accumulated over the years. He also works for many charitable organizations across the world. Aronin holds up his philosophy that Paragon is a company dedicated to helping people around the world who need it most.


Importance of associations according to Robert Ivy

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There are tons of advantages of being in association or in a trade union. In the USA alone, there are more than 90,000 different associations and trade unions. One of these associations is the American Institute of Architects. The organization has been one of the most vocal organization in creating links especially within the architects. Robert Ivy as one of the officials of this association has dedicated his life to rallying potential members to be part of the association. When he was in charge of the publishing of Architectural Record, he was successful in bringing the idea and advantage of being in an architectural association. This was from the late 1990s. He is currently in the center stage of an active association. Visit the website Architectural Record to learn more about Robert Ivy.

One of the main advantages of being part of an association such as the one Robert Ivy is in charge is the unlimited networking opportunities. Through seminars and workshops the association organizes, the members can meet and interact with their fellow architects and share experiences. This gesture helps individual professionals in building links and magically expanding their career bonds. These connections and networks are also ideal for job hunting. Sharing opportunities among the members has made the association be one of the most active associations in the USA.

The architecture association through Robert Ivy leadership has enabled the association to be efficient in lobbying. Lobbying has been one of the most proficient tools in influencing policies that are favorable to the architecture industry. Under the leadership of the architecture association, it is fulfilling to see how a relatively small association has influenced good policies especially to the benefit of the public. Learn more about Robert Ivy at

Robert Ivy as one of the most experienced architectures in the country has dedicated his life to the betterment of the profession. He has left many foot marks in the area of publishing, teaching of architecture, and practicing. He has won awards both in the architecture and in the contemporary art world. Apart from practicing the profession, his contribution to the profession has given him the credibility to be a juror on different panels.


How Do Freedom Checks Promise To Revolutionize The Investment World

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The increased prevalence of scam investments has seen most individuals shy away from committing their funds to investments and in effect missing out on potentially life-changing profits. And one of the most overlooked, and often doubted but highly rewarding investment is Freedom checks. Misinformation has seen most people not only shy away from these investments but also express negative opinions about their viability, therefore, forcing most individuals to avoid them. But Matt Badiali is out to educate willing investor on its viability. Read more about Freedom Checks at

Matt Badiali and freedom checks

Matt Badiali believes that Freedom checks will help American investors acquire full independence in the energy industry. Ideally, this form of investment focuses on natural resource companies that deal with the production, processing, and distribution of oil and gas. While arguing that it promises to revolutionize the investment stage, Matt pegs this belief on the ever-increasing demand for oil and energy. He holds the opinion that as the global population continues to increase so will the demand for oil and energy and in effect increased demand and value for the energy company stocks.

How much do you get from freedom checks?

By investing in these checks, investors get a chance to share the spoils with the natural resource industry in the form of increased share values and dividends. These shares are distributed by the master limited partnerships that often extend as much as 90 percent of their total profits to the investors. These abnormal returns have in the past seen most people shy away from investing in MLPs as they likened them to pyramid schemes. Read this article at Money Morning.

These beliefs couldn’t, however, be further from the truth considering that these MLPs are required by law to extend these profits t investors if they hope to enjoy tax benefits. Upcoming MLPs have also adopted this trend thereby creating a buzz around the subject even making it seem like a scam non-energy industry insiders. Matt’s education has therefore gone a long way in educating investors to the truth behind MLPs and opening up people’s thoughts to investments in the energy industry as they now realize freedom Checks were never illegitimate.

More about Matt Badiali

Matt Badiali is a former Wall Street trader who has dedicated his life towards educating the rest of the population on how to go about investments. He refers to these educational programs as taking Wall Street to the main street.


Neurocore Leads the Field in Neurofeedback Training

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An intriguing article on the website provided some insight into Neurocore and the history of brain-wave analysis and neurofeedback training. That history begins more than 200 years before Neurocore arrived on the scene.

In the late 1700’s an Italian scientist named Luigi Galvani fastened some recently detached frog legs to a metal fence during a lightning storm. The legs twitched when lightning struck the fence. Galvani thought the twitching was due to “animal electricity.” Volta guessed a bit closer, suspecting a connection between the saline tissue of the frog’s legs and the metal fence. Volta was right to suspect a current.

Galvani and Volta’s experiment would ultimately lead to the development of the EEG, or electroencephalogram. The EEG is used to detect various types of electrical brain wave activity. Two small disc-like electrodes are attached to the scalp to monitor brain activity. Today, EEG’s are used to detect various disorders such as epilepsy, stroke, depression, and many others.

The first report of the diagnostic use of an EEG was in 1929. The experimenter was one Hans Berger of the German university town of Jena. Berger’s motivation was his firm belief in mental telepathy. Berger would go on to coin the terms alpha wave and beta wave to describe the two types of brainwaves he discovered. Alphas are larger waves produced when the subject’s eyes are open. Betas are smaller waves that replace the alphas when the subject opens his eyes.

Quantitative Electroencephalography (qEEG) is a digital technique for analyzing electrical brain wave activity and comparing it to various cohorts. From early the early thirties until the sixties, EEG’s were analyzed graphically. Widespread computer analysis of EEG’s took off in the nineties when personal computers first became both powerful and relatively cheap. Since then, normative databases of brain activity have been created. Researchers use those databases as benchmarks when analyzing brain function, or lack thereof, in patients.

In the late 1960’s neurofeedback became a thing. Neurofeedback has since been used to treat epilepsy with success rates at times reaching 60-percent. NASA uses includes neurofeedback as part of its program to train astronauts.

Today, Neurocore offers qEEG treatment for clinical depression. Successes include an 84% reduction of depressive symptoms. And after treatment, 54% no longer displayed symptoms consistent with depression. Neurocore is also using qEEG to treat children with ADHD. Results mirror those described above for clinical depression.

Neurocore was founded in 2004. They focus on providing brain assessments that are data driven coupled with training programs for adults and children. They also offer something called HRV, or Heart Rate Variability training. It is a method that uses another form of biofeedback to help subjects to bring their breathing and heart rate under conscious control. This helps strengthen the mind-body connection. In just 14 years, Neurocore has become the nation’s leading authority on applications of neuroscience.

Whitney Wolfe Continues To Inspire Women To Go After Their Business Dreams

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Whitney Wolfe is the founder and chief executive officer of Bumble, which is a dating app that empowers women by allowing them to make the first move. Recently, she put together a launch party for a product that was new to the brand and spoke about how women are becoming much more involved in the world of business during the party. This is definitely true for Wolfe who has grown the Bumble brand, which now has more than 22 million registered users. The company recently had a $100 million year in sales and is expected to continue to do better and better. Read this article at to know more.

Whitney Wolfe refused to sell Bumble for $450 million to the Match Group recently and then turned them down again when they offered more than $1 billion for the company. Previously, Wolfe was involved with Tinder as one of its co-founders and vice president of marketing, but she left the company amid controversy surrounding her accusations of sexual harassment by her previous boss. It also came to light, in Wolfe’s words, that Match Group had unfairly stripped her of her co-founder title. She ended up suing the company and was awarded $1 million. While this all took place, Wolfe has commented that she doesn’t feel resentment towards the company or previous boss as she just wants to focus her energy on her work.

After her split with Tinder, Whitney Wolfe decided to startup her own company and eventually created Bumble, which would be a direct competitor. She had help, along the way, from Andrey Andreev, the founder of Badoo, which is an online dating network. Apparently, she had made an impression on him while she worked at Tinder, and he had hoped she would come work with Badoo as the company’s CMO. Whitney Wolfe declined but eventually accepted his help in another way. Andreev became an investor and put up $10 million to help her launch her company. Today, Whitney Wolfe has built an empire through a company that serves women. She is an example to many and an inspiration to all of the women out there who are looking to become their own bosses.



End Citizens United Backs Beto O’Rourke As He Pulls Even With Ted Cruz In Polls

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You have to ask yourself one simple question about our political system today. Do you want money corrupting our politicians or not? If you think the corrupting influence of money needs to be ripped out of our political system by the root, then you should start following and supporting a group called End Citizens United.

This group of dedicated workers is taking aim at Citizens United. Five conservative Supreme Court justices simply decided that corporations are people with First Amendment rights. One of the Democratic justices wrote in his dissent that the decision has the ability to destroy democracy as we know it.

End Citizens United wants to dismantle the decision which allows corporations to spend unlimited amounts of dark money to influence elections across the country. There’s absolutely no way that the interests of large corporations align with the interests of the people in any corner of America. Corporations can’t get sick, bleed or die, so they shouldn’t be able to influence our democracy.

That’s why it’s more important than ever to support Beto O’Rourke in his fight against Ted Cruz for Senate in Texas. End Citizens United is there on the ground to help the Democratic congressman from El Paso defeat the longtime incumbent blobfish. The differences between the two men couldn’t be more striking. For more information connect with End Citizens United on Twitter.

First of all, Ted Cruz was born in Canada. Secondly, the Republican senator takes incredible amounts of money from large corporations. O’Rourke, on the other hand, takes absolutely zero donations from corporations and only solicits money from individual donors. Who do you think these two men will fight for in Washington?

This election in Texas is a bellwether for money in politics. End Citizens United is helping O’Rourke with his financial operations by tapping into grassroots fundraising. Ted Cruz, on the other hand, is taking massive handouts from corporations while President Donald Trump, a man who once called Ted Cruz feckless, is planned to hold a rally in Texas for the incumbent. It seems that the establishment right-wingers are afraid of Beto O’Rourke, End Citizens United and common sense prevailing in the Lone Star State.

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Shafik Sachedina: Contributions To Healthcare

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Shafik Sachedina is a dentist that has a long history of caring for patients. His professional medical skills helped him put the largest healthcare network together in the United Kingdom known as Sussex Healthcare.

He has a co-partner that also brought his skills onboard by the name of Shariz Boghani. Together they both formed an assistant living center that houses not only the elderly but patients with brain disorders and learning disabilities.

Shafik Sachedina and his partner have become very successful since opening Sussex Healthcare. They started out with one facility and 25 years later now have 20 with a new state of the art gym. Having a place where people can get some rehab and maintain their independence is a good thing. Plus, they have nutritious meals that are prepared by a chef in each of the homes that they are assigned too. If patients have special dietary needs, the chefs are trained to make sure they only eat what they should have.

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Shafik Sachedina and his business partner are also involved with training the staff that they hire. There is an academy on the property where employees can take classes on how to handle the patients correctly. They will be interacting with them on a daily basis, which makes this training important. It does not matter what the skill set is because you do not need experience. This good for people exciting to be in the medical field and need a chance to grow somewhere. Shafik Sachedina will hire them on, or Amanda Morgan-Taylor, the new CEO will do the hiring herself. She wants to make sure that the employee understands her position of improving the interactions between client and staff. It is always good to go beyond and above to give the residents the best care possible.

The businessman has done a great job on his part in introducing what patient care should look like for each resident. If you have a loved one in need of help, maybe Sussex can help you out. Your loved one will be treated with great respect and will love this atmosphere.

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Who is David McDonald at OSI Group?

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David McDonald has been at OSI Group since he joined in the 1980s and for all those years he has displayed excellent performance at the private company. He joined after university where he had pursued a degree in animal sciences. David McDonald attended Iowa University which is considered one of the best universities in the United States. Since he became an employee of the company, he has been promoted to several positions. He has worked as a project manager at the same company and now works as the Chief Executive Officer of the company. Under the leadership of the professional, OSI Group has experienced growth, and today it has become a leading company in the food sector around the world. The organization is known for the supply of quality products to its customers. Today it has expanded to various countries and has established plants in other countries.

He has led the OSI Group to acquire other companies like Baho Food. It is a food company and is specialized in manufacturing snacks, meat, and other foods. David McDonald said they acquired the Dutch-based company because they have a strategy to expand the presence of the company in Europe. The business also has affiliates in Germany, Netherlands and other nations in Europe. The top management of Baho Food retained their positions, and they are expected to bring ideas together with OSI Group executives for successful ventures. They hope to develop a growth strategy that can lead to success.

David McDonald has been working among the top executives of OSI Group for many years. He has been responsible for strategic growth of the company. Since he became one of the top leaders of OSI, he has played a crucial role in coordinating the activities of OSI Group. He works with a team of other professionals, and they have been playing their roles effectively. It is a strategy that has been helping the company to achieve balance. According to the talented leader, there are other expansions to be launched in the future.

The excellent performance of OSI Group is credited to the dedication of McDonald who is always looking for ways to improve the operations of the company.

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