Malcolm CasSelle’s Big Cryptocurrency Move in the Gaming Industry

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Malcolm CasSelle is the CIO of OPSkins and the president of WAX or the Worldwide Asset eXchange. Through these two companies he is able to create a marketplace for individuals to buy and sell items through their online video games. CasSelle has led many startups and was formerly president at CTO, formerly the Tribune publishing, dealing with digital access. His focus for his company is discovering, displaying, and measuring the engaged assets based on social signaling. He has made his career in the digital industry by working with Media Pass, which is a leading digital subscription solution to major media companies. As an entrepreneur, he is also an investor and has invested into companies such as Facebook, Zynga, big data and blockchain verticals. In his earlier parts of his career, he was a co-founder of PCCW, a publicly-traded telecom in Hong Kong and with them he was able to raise billions for the company through private transactions. CasSelle was able to earn his degree in computer science from MIT and Stanford University. He is also multilingual, learning Japanese and Mandarin.

Malcolm CasSelle and his OPSkins has pushed him into being the front-runner for in-game virtual assets. It is not surprising that he is one of the top Bitcoin merchants in the world. OpSkins is the leader in placing virtual assets in a centralized marketplace. Malcolm CasSelle and the other creators of OPSkins made a new blockchain system for trading virtual assets called WAX. To explain further, WAX is a P2P marketplace, where virtual assets are traded. This form of trading is decentralized and a blockchain. This system is creating a big change in cryptocurrency because it is solving the problems of fragmentation and fraud which is a very common issue when dealing with virtual Assets in the market.

WAX allows its customers to tokenize gaming assets, buy, and sell assets to and from other players without even logging off of their game. The platform also allows users to cross use different cryptocurrencies to give a broader access for many individuals to trade, buy, and sell with each other. There are WAX tokens that act as store-value for receiving items in a game and as a contract for buying and trading in the future. The WAX platform is for global users and allows sellers to access a wider range of supplies. Malcolm CasSelle strongly believes in his work and is convinced cryptocurrency will grow even larger through the use of the gaming industry.

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