Professor Kamil Idris Thinks China Will Be Hit Hard By Trump’s Tariffs

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When Kamil Idris has something to say, the world listens. Professor Kamil Idris is the former director of World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), and the former head of the International Union for the Protection of New Varieties of Plants. Idris holds a law degree, a degree in Political Science, Philosophy, and Economic Theories as well as a Doctorate in International Law. The Franklin Pierce Law Center awarded Idris an honorary Law Degree in 1999. And in 2005, Professor Idris holds an honorary Doctorate of letters from India’s Indira Gandhi National University.


The Sudan native has a habit of speaking his mind, and when it comes to the pending tariff war, he has a lot to say. Professor Idris believes China’s quest to take intellectual property (IP) from the United States without permission is the underlying cause of the tariffs. President Trump claims China has always come out on top when it comes to trading with the United States, and he wants to level the playing field. China has a history of selling products at rock-bottom prices, and the Chinese make a lot of those inexpensive products. China is moving from a manufacturing-based economy to a consumer-driven economy, and Professor Idris believes the new tariffs will hurt. The Chinese have a history of stealing intellectual property, according to Professor Idris’s article. The Chinese like to take intellectual property from other countries and tweak it so it seems to come from Chinese companies. But the international business world knows China actually steals the IP, and claims it as their own intellectual property, according to another Idris article. Idris thinks more resources are needed, and more IP training has to happen in order to stop IP theft by Chinese companies. Expansion of China’s new economy.


The only way to stop the Chinese from stealing brands, names, images, literary works, inventions, and logos is to raise the price of imports to Chinese consumers, according to some news reports. The Chinese government will have to retaliate and they are. But the impact on China’s new economy will set the country back in terms of international power and growth, according to Professor Idris and other economic experts. Mr. Trump is starting a trade war, and the president believes the United States will win that war. But consumers in the United States and China will pay a heavy price if Mr. Trump adds an additional tariff on $200 million Chinese goods and ramps up that war.


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