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Southridge Capital is to be Awarded for Successful Investments

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Financial analysts are advisors who suggest to a capitalist the best project to undertake. Usually, this one is based on the projection of which a project has a likelihood of doing better in the days to come. Southridge Capital is one of the enterprises that carry out this investment function to enhance decision making. This successful idea has worked best with the unending contribution of Steven Hick’s.


Steven Hick’s has seen small and medium enterprise come up and gain stability in the business world. He is known for his unique act of performing duties so successfully by primarily using his knowledge. The Southridge Capital has been in operation for the last two decades. Having had a lot of expertise in finance, Steve has managed to beat the competitors in the industry. Indeed he had acquired training in management from the King’s college and later in Fordham where he attained his master’s degree.


Ideally, the Southridge Capital is meant to assist corporations that are publicly owned especially by the government. Individual clients also happen to be beneficiaries of the same. Apart from being an advisory body, it also acts as a profit-oriented enterprise. Whatever kind of service they offer to their clients, it’s done at a certain fee. Most capitalists cannot ignore these bodies since they have got a lot of information and exposure as well. Again this is done by highly skilled and qualified personnel. Southridge Capital uses various principles to carry out their projections. Some of them include the use of comparative income statements that assist in determining whether the business is performing financially or not. This strategy also provides a summary of the items that led to the nonperformance. Check out for more.



Balance sheets are also of Importance in that the company can compare the liabilities alongside the assets. This assists companies in honouring their obligation when they fall due. Southridge Capital has also sent a warning to their clients concerning insolvency that is caused by a mismatch between the assets and liabilities. In the real world when an enterprise lack financial resources to continue with its operations, it can be acquired by another well-performing organization.



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OSI Group: From German Immigrants to Global Inspiration

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When Otto & Sons was formed, who knew that success from this small butchershop would turn into one of the world’s most dominant meat suppliers. This company serves as true inspiration to what immigrants can do when they believe in the American dream.It all started with a German immigrant from Chicago name Otto Kolschowsky. He opened up a small retail meat store that also served as a butchershop. Once the business started to get off the ground, he decided to go into wholesaling of meat. This led to him having to move to Maywood. As a result, in 1928 he named the company Otto & Sons. His selling of good and fresh qualities of meat led to Ray Kroc wanting Kolschowsky to supply his first McDonald franchise.

However, once Kroc bought out the company, Kolschowsky‘s meat became the sole supplier for the entire chain. This made the company a huge success.Once McDonalds took off in the fast food business, Otto & Sons went right along with it. One of the main reasons this happen was because of the loyalty in wanting to serve meat to every McDonalds restaurant. They were able to do this with a process called cryogenic freezing. This involved freezing the meat and keeping it frozen while traveling to the different franchises. If it were not for this invention, the meat would have spoiled.

Otto & Sons did so well that other restaurants wanted their services too as soon as they found out how successful McDonalds had become and some of the reasons behind it.Otto & Sons success became massive so they changed their name to reflect it. Now the company is called OSI Group. Once the company saw that globally they could make an impact, OSI Group used their technique of cryogenic freezing to send meat overseas for any business wanting fresh meat. Yes, OSI Group serves as a lesson of hard work paying off. Mostly everyone has benefited from this company’s service. OSI Group will be around for a very long time as long as people want fresh meat.

The Success of GoBuyside

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GoBuyside is a Global Recruitment Platform Based in the New York City which was established in the 21st century. The organization was developed to serve different types of mandates including private equity organizations and advisory platforms in the New York City. The firm majors in necessity sourcing and screening top talents for organizations that require people with excellent skills for hire. The contestants are expected to deliver quality services once hired since they all have academic credentials showing that they have qualified in different fields. The screening process is done to the performers to ensure that once appointed they are in a position to execute tasks in the customer’s expectations. GoBuyside ensures that the clients receive quality services at all times. When it comes to customer reach, the firm serves about four hundred clients with their human needs at international level. They have over ten thousand extensions of the organization globally that help people from all walks of life. The company spreads its branches to five hundred cities globally serving different networks of talents. Initially, companies used the traditional methods to search for skills which were a bit hectic as opposed to the new ways the firm has adopted. Read this article at Accesswire.

Arjun Kapur, the founder of GoBuyside, has excellent performance in the labor market as well as in the execution of his duties in the talent search projects that have previously involved over forty cities in America, and over ten others cross the world. Arjun holds a degree in Economics from the University of Johns Hopkins where he graduated as Phi Beta Kappa and later took his Master’s degree in Business administration from Stanford’s Graduate School of Business.



Research by most financial services all over the world shows that clients are looking for talents to hire always struggle to get people who meet their expectations of human needs. In the early 1990’s, the internet era began which has seen the world evolve much. Traditionally clients only used to ring local talent recruiting agencies when they needed to fill slots in the local organization which is not the case anymore. The nature of jobs and opportunities have also changed with the internet age which has influenced talent recruitment a great deal. Luckily, GoBuyside is an organization that has given the best solution to the finance industry. Follow GoBuyside on Facebook.

Cybersecurity: Commissioner William Saito

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William Saito was one of the dedicated expert workers at the Global Commission on the Stability of Cybersecurity Space (GCSCS) before he opted to pursue personal interests. The GCSCS commission thanked him for the great work that he had done while working with them. William Saito’s expertise and experience in the tech industry led to him being named as one of the 100 influential people in Japan by Nikkei.

Saito began software programming while still in elementary school where he also started his first company. In 1998, Ernst & Young named Saito as the entrepreneur of the year. By that time he was recognized worldwide as the king of the crypto world. He moved to Tokyo in 2005 after selling his business to Microsoft. As a result of his vast experience and expertise in cybersecurity and software, Willian Saito advises governments around the world.

Currently, Willian Saito runs his firm Intecur in Tokyo. One of his greatest beliefs is that a failure is not a negative in life, rather a stepping stone to success. According to William Saito, entrepreneurs who are not willing to take risks are unlikely to succeed in their endeavors.

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Sheldon Lavin Input at OSI Group has Contributed Greatly to the Global Expansion of OSI Group

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As a leading food service provider globally, OSI Group has cemented its name in the industry as a company that is dedicated to offering quality services and also ensuring customer satisfaction. The company started out as a small butcher shop that was launched by Otto Kolschowsky in 1909. Since a man always has to fend for his family, Otto saw it fit to venture into the meat business after settling in Chicago, Illinois. Surprisingly, the company that started out as a butcher shop is still standing tall to date. With a global presence and dedicated leaders such as Sheldon Lavin, OSI Group has been able to maintain its title as a leading food service provider.

Background Check

Since Otto Kolschowsky decided to introduce his sons to the business, the business entity was rebranded to Otto & Sons. As a company that thrived in the meat industry, they partnered with McDonald’s back in 1955. The demand for meat products by the McDonald’s enterprise was high. Otto & Sons even launched a service plant in 1973 in order to dedicate it towards satisfying the demand that was being presented by McDonald’s. As McDonald’s grew exponentially, Otto & Sons also grew at an exponential rate. After many years in the industry, the sons of Otto Kolschowsky were nearing their retirement ages.

As Otto & Sons grew further, they in turn rebranded to OSI Group in 1975. In the same year, Sheldon Lavin joined OSI Group as a partner. With his expertise as a leader, Mr. Lavin was bound to lay out various strategies that would ensure that OSI group would achieve great heights. Under Sheldon Lavin’s regime, the company was able to increase on the global presence as well as their acquisitions.

The Various Acquisitions Made by OSI Group

Baho Foods is among the companies that have been acquired by OSI Group recently. The company’s success and proper leadership make it a suitable choice regarding acquisitions that are set to strengthen the reach of OSI Group while expanding on their global presence.


Sheldon Lavin has been in OSI Group for more than four decades. As an investor and staunch leader, his input at OSI Group is remarkable. By employing proper strategies, Mr. Lavin has played a major role in the growth and global expansion of OSI Group.

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Professor Kamil Idris Thinks China Will Be Hit Hard By Trump’s Tariffs

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When Kamil Idris has something to say, the world listens. Professor Kamil Idris is the former director of World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), and the former head of the International Union for the Protection of New Varieties of Plants. Idris holds a law degree, a degree in Political Science, Philosophy, and Economic Theories as well as a Doctorate in International Law. The Franklin Pierce Law Center awarded Idris an honorary Law Degree in 1999. And in 2005, Professor Idris holds an honorary Doctorate of letters from India’s Indira Gandhi National University.


The Sudan native has a habit of speaking his mind, and when it comes to the pending tariff war, he has a lot to say. Professor Idris believes China’s quest to take intellectual property (IP) from the United States without permission is the underlying cause of the tariffs. President Trump claims China has always come out on top when it comes to trading with the United States, and he wants to level the playing field. China has a history of selling products at rock-bottom prices, and the Chinese make a lot of those inexpensive products. China is moving from a manufacturing-based economy to a consumer-driven economy, and Professor Idris believes the new tariffs will hurt. The Chinese have a history of stealing intellectual property, according to Professor Idris’s article. The Chinese like to take intellectual property from other countries and tweak it so it seems to come from Chinese companies. But the international business world knows China actually steals the IP, and claims it as their own intellectual property, according to another Idris article. Idris thinks more resources are needed, and more IP training has to happen in order to stop IP theft by Chinese companies. Expansion of China’s new economy.


The only way to stop the Chinese from stealing brands, names, images, literary works, inventions, and logos is to raise the price of imports to Chinese consumers, according to some news reports. The Chinese government will have to retaliate and they are. But the impact on China’s new economy will set the country back in terms of international power and growth, according to Professor Idris and other economic experts. Mr. Trump is starting a trade war, and the president believes the United States will win that war. But consumers in the United States and China will pay a heavy price if Mr. Trump adds an additional tariff on $200 million Chinese goods and ramps up that war.