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Barbara Stokes currently serves as the CEO of Green Structures Home (GHS) of Alabama, LLC. Her career entails two other incredible companies in which she held managerial roles. She helped take these companies to great heights and make an incredible name for herself. In her current role, she leads a team of professionals on a mission to save those victims of natural disasters. They are able to accomplish these goals by building modular homes and giving victims a new start. The business is a big supporter and helper of FEMA operations. Visit cullmantimes.com to know more about Barbara Stokes.

About Barbara Stokes’ Education

She attended the oldest private university in Georgia, Mercer University, from 1996 – 2000. She would obtain a bachelor’s degree in Biomedical/Medical Engineering. Throughout her educational pursuit, she would also take up pursuits in technical communication, thermodynamics and manufacturing and management. Her teachers would favor her determination, dedication and influence on her peers. She would possess a glow that was extremely positive and attractive, which other students would gravitate towards.

About Barbara Stokes’ Work History

Ms. Stokes would work previously for two other amazing companies: Pisces Corporations and the aircraft manufacturing giant, the Boeing Company. She would have a long-lasting career with the two, shedding much light and increasing the attention on the companies. She was a responsible component for creating a bigger plan in response to the bigger opportunities set out in front of the companies.

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About Barbara Stokes Starting Green Structures Home of Alabama

Ms. Stokes would co-found the company in 2011. She saw a need for the company to exist. It is a huge supporter of FEMA, definitely making a difference in the community. With a deficiency in programs with the power of building and delivering modular homes in natural disasters, Ms. Stokes made it an obligation to be a force to take on such significant matters and change the horrible conditions of the many natural disaster victims in our world. For seven years, Barbara Stokes has been going strong as Green Structures Home of Alabama CEO and the company has seen some great numbers throughout.

Visit the GHS of Alabama website for a more detailed look into the company and also a bio on the CEO herself. Read more at Business Insider.

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