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In the digital age that we live in today, it is important to take advantage of all the resources available to us. For politicians who are trying to connect with their constituents, having platforms available to better connect people to their ideas and campaigns is the future. In comes software provider NGP Van, a company that has provided software for very famous progressive and liberal campaigns such as for the Hillary Clinton campaign and the campaign for Bernie Sanders. This software sounds exciting, but what exactly does the software do? It basically helps you simplify connecting with your audience and running your campaign. Which is why it has become so popular with democratic nominees.


NGP Van has a software program that keeps track of so many things. When they say that you can literally run an entire campaign off of the software program, they are not exaggerating in the least. NGP Van lets you do everything from giving your constituents the option of donating to your campaign on your website, to being able to specialize in a certain constituents interests using the app. Once you donate to your candidate of choice, they will have the option to send a personalized email, phone call, or text message to you about something that interests you personally. You can essentially choose to be notified anytime a campaign that you support is having a rally or a meeting to be notified of the time, place, and date that it’s happening. Campaigns being able to communicate through this app really simplifies staying in touch with their constituents.


The biggest breakthrough that comes with NGP Van is the simplification of the informing and donation process of different campaigns. It is a proven fact that if you make things simpler and more user-friendly, then more people will be more likely to participate. It is just human nature in conjunction with the busy schedules that we all have. NGP Van is a game changer that other campaign should take notice of if they want the same level of success.



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