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Sheldon Lavin’s Impact on OSI Group Leads the Firm to Global Expansion

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Over the past few years, OSI Group has vastly dominated the American meat manufacturing industry. Initially, the company was known as Otto and Sons and it was majorly controlled by Mr. Otto alongside his two sons who dedicated most of their time to the development of the firm. Moreover, the company supplied meat products to the locals in Chicago. Consequently, McDonalds contracted them to supply fresh meat-based products. For that reason, there was an increased demand for meat and other animal proteins. For that reason, Otto and Sons sought to expand their manufacturing capacity by growing their portfolio of services. At the same time, they needed a finance manager to catapult the leveraging of resources. Therefore, they hired Sheldon Lavin to handle the allocation of resources and plan the way forward to diversifying.

Background Information

While working at the company, Sheldon Lavin focused his duties around the expansion of the firm. For starters, he wanted to understand how the company manufactures its food. Additionally, he dedicated most of his days to grasping the basic managerial processes of the departments. Therefore, when it was time for Otto and Sons to rebrand their company, Lavin came in handy not only as a financial expert but also a stakeholder because he was largely interested in manning the firm.

Joining the High Table of Leadership

Instantly, Sheldon Lavin bought the controlling shares of the company. For that reason, he became the dominant controller of the firm and assumed the position of the chief executive officer. Moreover, he still retained his position as the finance expert and oversaw the management of the entire company. Alongside the fact that he was now a significant shareholder, Lavin was more motivated to propel the firm towards unparalleled service delivery.

Global Expansion

Of late, the company has penetrated competitive markets in the same category of service delivery. Moreover, some of its affiliates are situated in China, Europe, and India among others. For that reason, the company is largely established in competitive markets and has created a clear pathway for its consumers to enjoy its services around the globe.

The General Observation

Perhaps OSI Group is largely recognized as a leading food services provider because of Lavin’s impact in growing the consumer base and service delivery portfolio. Moreover, with his guidance, the company has acquired over ten facilities in foreign geographical locations. Besides, Sheldon Lavin has always spearheaded the acquisition of these facilities with the hope of increasing the profits generated by the company.

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Anthony Petrello- Prolific Business Executive And A Philanthropist

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Tony Petrello is the CEO of Nabors Industries, the biggest oil and natural gas drilling company in the United States. Nabors is an off-shore drilling company with headquarters in Texas and has the best drilling rigs in the drilling industry. The company was started as a contractor of geothermal, oil and natural gas equipment.

Over the years, it has grown into one of the greatest companies in the world. Tony Petrello joined the company in 1991 as the Chief Operating Officer. In 2011, he was appointed the CEO after overseeing a major transformation in the company in different capacities.

Tony Petrello’s role in this company cannot be underestimated. Since he joined the firm, it is no longer the same company. He came up with brilliant ideas of boosting business through acquisition. He was behind two major acquisitions of competing firms. These acquisitions enabled Nabors Industries to expand its operations. Currently, the company is operating in 25 countries and has hundreds of rigs in different locations. Petrello has managed to lead the company at probably the worst time. The economic crisis has messed up many companies which have been forced to close down due to a shortage of finances. Nabors Industries have however not been affected greatly. In fact, during the crisis, the company was doing very well. Post the 2008 financial crisis, Petrello has managed to take the company through the hardships and has seen the business do even better than it would be expected.

Anthony Petrello is not only prolific with business; he is doing very well in giving back to the community. Nabors Industries have created huge wealth which he is now using to supporting the weak and the needy. His main goal in philanthropy is to see the success of neurological disorders treatment research being carried out at the Texas Children’s Hospital. He has been supporting this research since his daughter was born with the neurological disorder. He tried going around the world looking for a facility that could treat her, but there was none. He decided to come back home in Texas and supported Texas Children’s Hospital research treatment of this problem.

Tony Petrello has contributed $5 million to the research center and has pledged to add $2 million later. Petrello is working closely with his wife who is also passionate to see the research succeed as it will solve the medical condition of her daughter as well as thousands of other children who suffer from similar conditions.

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The Inevitable Crush of Cryptocurrency

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In times of financial success, most people never consider an adverse occurrence. Although most people diversify their risks in anticipation for such happenings, some ramifications are unimaginable and can catch you off-guard. Borrowing from our historical experiences, the popular internet money, cryptocurrency might be up for some hard times soon. In “Paul Mampilly’s Advice on Bitcoin and the Cryptocurrency Bubble,” he explains how the cryptocurrency bubble is near its end. According to him, predicting exactly when the crash is going to happen is not possible, but on a statistical basis, it is bound to happen. He goes further to explain how the 1999 financial bubble exploded and most people who had invested heavily in certain companies found themselves penniless. Visit to know more.

In the article, Paul Mampilly states that according to historical events and the 1999 bubble, those companies that were affected were large corporations. These had engaged in business for numerous years and possessed an extensive portfolio of investments spread across different financial sectors. The value of their stocks increased exponentially over a short period which was a real sign of the eventual crash. New investors didn’t even know what was about to hit them. According to Paul Mampilly, this is the same scenario that investors of cryptocurrency are going to undergo. A similar event to the 1999 financial bubble. Read this article at

Cryptocurrency values are currently off the roof with one Bitcoin going at $19,000. If you are not conversant with these terms, then it would be valuable first to learn the definitions. A cryptocurrency is a digital currency that is only available online and doesn’t possess any regulatory body governing its usage and supply. The most popular cryptocurrency is Bitcoin that has a mysterious figure behind its development and actual utilization by the public. Other popular digital currencies followed suit and increased the value of digital currencies even further. Paul Mampilly warns that based on the plunge that Bitcoin took in 2018, other negative impacts that are going to destabilize the coin are yet to be felt.

The frequent occurrence of an economic bubble is fundamentally based on the excessive valuation of a particular asset way beyond its actual functional value. The fate is set when based on such excessive valuation, individuals start to invest in the asset which might not have a future. Mampilly states that one of the earliest signs of is a high public interest which creates more instability. Investors become emotionally connected to their investments and avoid selling their stakes. After the majority of individuals become part of the bubble, it unexpectedly bursts, leaving significant investors with nothing.


OSI Industry’s Survival and Thrive through Time

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OSI industries are one of the largest food distributor and provider in the word. The industry has over twenty thousand employees in seventeen countries. OSI industries dates back to 1909 when Otto Kolschowsky, a German- immigrant living in Chicago, Illinois moved to Oak Park which is the west side of Chicago and opened a small butcher shop which was also a retail market. He used this shop to serve the members of his community. At this time Germans made up a quarter of Chicago’s population. The city was an entry area for immigrants who were setting off to start farms on plains. For ten years since opening OSI, he did a very commendable job and was able to expand his business to a wholesale venture. This transition enabled him to move to Maywood, a suburb of Chicago.

Otto, after another decade had made the business family based and rebranded to Otto and Sons in the year 1928. Before the year 1955 when McDonald’s Restaurant was opened, Kroc who bought the company had a handshake agreement with Arthur and Harry, Otto’s sons who made them the first fresh ground beef suppliers. This agreement was a real groundbreaker for Otto and Sons.

OSI industries grew with the growing McDonalds restaurant since the main product from the restaurant were hamburgers thus they need to make their products consistent and affordable. They were also tasked with the responsibility to make sure that they transport the product for long distances to the widening range of Restaurants. They later came up with a way to keep the product fresh through flash freezing.

Through the relationship between OSI and McDonalds, OSI industries became one of the four main suppliers nationwide. They later in 1973 built their first plant dedicated to McDonald’s only. It was located in West Chicago Illinois. State of the art advanced technology and machinery was installed for flash freezing the burger patties. OSI industries became a tow truck company, a local supplier and a growing provider in the Midwest thus becoming among the greatest corporations in the world. Including the transition into the greatest carnation, Otto and Sons in the year 1975 became OSI Industries. With the major transition, Otto and Sons were approaching retirement, in light of this, Sheldon Lavin became a partner.

OSI industries speared into the international market starting with Germany, their place of origin in 1978 and in 1980 to Spain. From then on OSI industries became unstoppable and over the years has branches in Brazil, Austria, Mexico, Hungary, Poland, and Pacific Rim in the late 80’s and 90’s. Taiwan in 1987, the Philippines in 1990, being 1992, Shanghai 1996.these and more markets have been explored and others enlarged. All this has been done under the leadership of Sheldon Lavin as the CEO.
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All You Need to Know About Sheldon Lavin

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OSI is currently one of the largest food providers in the world. It has employed over 20,000 workers at 65 facilities in 17 nations. The company is commonly known due to its humble beginning where it started with a humble background, from just a small butcher shop to a major company business. The OSI group has an inspiring history that extends over 100 years. The original founder of the company is Otto Kolschowsky. The butcher shop grew to now a global company with many branches all over the world and many partners too.

Sheldon Lavin the CEO of OSI, plans to carry on developing the company using the methods that are market concentrated to focus on food security, sustainability, and green practices. The great success of the company started in the year 1955 when the company was chosen as the first hamburger supplier to McDonald’s which led to the company opening several special plants committed to serving McDonald’s in 1973.

As the McDonald’s began growing at a quick speed, Sheldon aided in steering them into the worldwide market. Under the leadership of Mr. Lavin, the company extended branches to countries like Spain, German, Taiwan, and Australia. It later opened an extra two plants in the United States. In the year 1990, the plant continued beefing up its production in the US and opened other plants in Mexico, China, Philippines, and Poland.

With the entry of Sheldon as the CEO of the OSI, the company started succeeding. This was as a result of his experience as an investor and banking executive. Lavin became the third partner in 1970s with equal leverage. One of the original owner brothers, who were the sons of the original owner, Otto Kolschowsky, sold his interests making Lavin half partner. When the second brother retired, Sheldon got complete ownership.

Due to the joint project and series of extensions, OSI became one of the most significant food providers globally. In 1977, the company opened its first facility outside of Chicago region in West Jordan, Utah which saw other facilities being opened in the country. When China found its way into the World Trade Organizations, things become even better. There was the production of an ever-growing market that was motivated by more wealthy consumers expecting a broader range of food products. OSI got more clients including Starbucks, Burger King, Subway, Yum, Papa John’s and Saizeruya.

OSI opened a new beef production facility in Japan, increasing the grasp of its Asia -Pacific processes. Two years later, it opened other facilities in Bangalore and in Punjab, India.

The OSI group then joint venture with Pickstock in the UK. This was very beneficial to them because it gave the company an extra opportunity to expand its facilities to Europe giving Pickstock an opportunity to expand too.

Lavin is now devoted to reducing the environmental effect by producing and endorsing sustainable supply chain. Apart from supervising the company, Sheldon also contributes to charities for college funds, sick children, and chronic illnesses.

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Who is Barbara Stokes

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Barbara Stokes currently serves as the CEO of Green Structures Home (GHS) of Alabama, LLC. Her career entails two other incredible companies in which she held managerial roles. She helped take these companies to great heights and make an incredible name for herself. In her current role, she leads a team of professionals on a mission to save those victims of natural disasters. They are able to accomplish these goals by building modular homes and giving victims a new start. The business is a big supporter and helper of FEMA operations. Visit to know more about Barbara Stokes.

About Barbara Stokes’ Education

She attended the oldest private university in Georgia, Mercer University, from 1996 – 2000. She would obtain a bachelor’s degree in Biomedical/Medical Engineering. Throughout her educational pursuit, she would also take up pursuits in technical communication, thermodynamics and manufacturing and management. Her teachers would favor her determination, dedication and influence on her peers. She would possess a glow that was extremely positive and attractive, which other students would gravitate towards.

About Barbara Stokes’ Work History

Ms. Stokes would work previously for two other amazing companies: Pisces Corporations and the aircraft manufacturing giant, the Boeing Company. She would have a long-lasting career with the two, shedding much light and increasing the attention on the companies. She was a responsible component for creating a bigger plan in response to the bigger opportunities set out in front of the companies.


About Barbara Stokes Starting Green Structures Home of Alabama

Ms. Stokes would co-found the company in 2011. She saw a need for the company to exist. It is a huge supporter of FEMA, definitely making a difference in the community. With a deficiency in programs with the power of building and delivering modular homes in natural disasters, Ms. Stokes made it an obligation to be a force to take on such significant matters and change the horrible conditions of the many natural disaster victims in our world. For seven years, Barbara Stokes has been going strong as Green Structures Home of Alabama CEO and the company has seen some great numbers throughout.

Visit the GHS of Alabama website for a more detailed look into the company and also a bio on the CEO herself. Read more at Business Insider.

Talos Energy Works on Energy Solutions

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Since Talos Energy started, they’ve always worked to come up with new solutions to help people. They know there are things they can do that will give people a chance to try things on their own and that’s a big part of the industry. They work together with customers so they can provide them with all the services they need. It’s their way of promoting a positive experience no matter what issues people have with their energy. It’s also something they do differently from other companies that don’t know how to help their customers. For Talos Energy, the point of all this is giving everyone a chance to see a positive experience.

There are times when people have to look at the other parts of energy and conservation. Talos Energy knows this and knows what it takes to give everyone a chance to see the positive parts of the business. It’s their goal to give everyone that ability. They want their customers to enjoy everything they have to offer. No matter what Talos Energy does, people get a chance to see how things will just keep getting better. For the company to do this, they had to prepare to help all their customers.

Once Talos Energy and Stone Energy teamed up, they became an unstoppable team. They are one company now and they work to help people through all the difficult parts of energy. Talos Energy knew they could make the most out of helping people with Stone Energy because it gave them a broader range of places they could help people. They’re now on a large portion of the southern area. They want to continue reaching all the parts of the Gulf of Mexico they haven’t been able to reach yet so they can get more from it.

Since the companies are good at what they do and people know they’re doing the best job possible, they prepare to help them in every way possible. It’s their goal of always giving back that allows them to be the best and continue offering new things to those who are in need. While Talos Energy does their best to give back to everyone, they feel good about the business and about helping the business through different opportunities. They make a point of helping all their customers no matter what issues they might face on their own. It’s their goal of always giving back that has helped them grow as much as they have.

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Eric Lefkofsky And Tempus Are Paving The Way For A Brighter Future For Cancer Patients

Home | Cancer | Eric Lefkofsky And Tempus Are Paving The Way For A Brighter Future For Cancer Patients

Eric Lefkofsky and his company, Tempus, are looking to personalize health care through the use of machine learning and AI technologies that rely on data. By gathering data, physicians will be able to better deal with the cancer that is plaguing patients by learning from what has worked and what hasn’t. Tempus is able to help physicians by sequencing DNA/RNA and looks to gather molecular data in one place so it is easier for cancer patients to be treated in real-time using hard data. The company is already making waves in the industry and has been named a Chicago top ten health tech company. What’s even more interesting is the fact that Tempus may be able to help patients who suffer from Alzheimer’s disease in the future. It is hoped that data gathered from Alzheimer’s patients will be able to help physicians discover the disease in people much sooner than they are able to at the present time.

Eric Lefkofsky is the Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of the tech company, Tempus, which is working to battle cancer through an operating system that draws on the data of past patients. He is also a philanthropist who co-created the Lefkofsky Family Foundation, which is a private charity organization that works to enhance people’s lives in numerous ways. He is also a Trustee of The Museum of Science and Industry and World Business Chicago, Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago, and The Art Institute of Chicago and works with a spread of charitable organizations who advance initiatives related to the arts and culture, medicine, and basic human rights.

Eric Lefkofsky is also a founding partner of Lightbank, which is a venture fund that invests in technologies that aim to shake up their respective industries. Along these lines, he wrote a book named Accelerated Disruption that explains how to build companies that disrupt entire industries. Lefkofsky has always been a supporter of education and works as an adjunct professor with the University of Chicago. He received his Juris Doctor while studying at the University of Michigan Law School after graduating from the University of Michigan.

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NGP Van: A Software in Action

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In the digital age that we live in today, it is important to take advantage of all the resources available to us. For politicians who are trying to connect with their constituents, having platforms available to better connect people to their ideas and campaigns is the future. In comes software provider NGP Van, a company that has provided software for very famous progressive and liberal campaigns such as for the Hillary Clinton campaign and the campaign for Bernie Sanders. This software sounds exciting, but what exactly does the software do? It basically helps you simplify connecting with your audience and running your campaign. Which is why it has become so popular with democratic nominees.


NGP Van has a software program that keeps track of so many things. When they say that you can literally run an entire campaign off of the software program, they are not exaggerating in the least. NGP Van lets you do everything from giving your constituents the option of donating to your campaign on your website, to being able to specialize in a certain constituents interests using the app. Once you donate to your candidate of choice, they will have the option to send a personalized email, phone call, or text message to you about something that interests you personally. You can essentially choose to be notified anytime a campaign that you support is having a rally or a meeting to be notified of the time, place, and date that it’s happening. Campaigns being able to communicate through this app really simplifies staying in touch with their constituents.


The biggest breakthrough that comes with NGP Van is the simplification of the informing and donation process of different campaigns. It is a proven fact that if you make things simpler and more user-friendly, then more people will be more likely to participate. It is just human nature in conjunction with the busy schedules that we all have. NGP Van is a game changer that other campaign should take notice of if they want the same level of success.



Achieving Financial Success with Southridge Capital, LLC

Home | Company Success | Achieving Financial Success with Southridge Capital, LLC

Southridge Capital has been a commonly known name in the Financial Industry for the last twenty years. In recent news, Southridge Capital was the subject of an article discussing their connection with the Daystar Foundation, an organization founded by Southridge Capital CEO Stephen M. Hicks and his wife, Mary. The company has provided financial support for numerous non-profit organizations, such as LounsBury House, Save a Child’s Heart Foundation, and the Bridgeport Rescue Mission. (Harris) The article showed prospective clients how committed Southridge Capital is to providing a meaningful effort to help those who are less fortunate.

After beginning in 1996, Southridge Capital has financed over 250 companies and has invested about $1.8 billion in growth to many companies around the globe. The company prides itself in making customized financial plans and strategies for prospective clients and optimizing the ways that the clients’ business will flourish financially. Some of these strategies include providing ways to keep debt at a minimum, offering help with filing Bankruptcy if debt gets out of control, and offering solutions to better credit scores. (Southridge Capital, LLC)

Southridge Capital helps its clients keep debt to a minimum by offering them a strategy called Balance Sheet Optimization. With this technique, Southridge Capital works with the prospective client to help find a happy medium in between the company’s debt and their equity so that there is a firm financial foundation in all parts of the client’s company. Balance is crucial for a company to function financially and Southridge Capital works hard to find the right one for each company.

Sometimes, when all other financial options are exhausted, Bankruptcy is right answer in certain situations. At Southridge Capital, they work with companies to decide if filing for bankruptcy is the right choice. After a decision is made, they will negotiate with creditors to determine how the bankrupt company with bounce back from the filing and what business structure that the company will follow to prevent having to file for bankruptcy a second time. Southridge Capital is also present in the litigation process. (Southridge Capital, LLC) Check out to know more.

Finally, Southridge Capital also offers options to find solutions to bettering your credit scores. One strategy Southridge uses is to eliminate a company’s debt, in favor of a common stock. This strategy will not only better your credit score, but it betters the company’s overall credit worthiness. (Harris).

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