Rodrigo Terpins and The Intensely Difficult Victory He Recently Experienced in His Racing Career

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One of the many passionate racers today that are up to their ears in their work and passions for the game is Rodrigo Terpins, a Brazilian Rally driver.

The Bull Sertoes Rally

There may already be a lot of articles that have been written about the recent race car rally that Rodrigo Terpins joined. But, in case you missed it, you should know that Rodrigo Terpins, with his brother Michel Terpins, just joined the 25th Edition of the Bull Sertoes Rally Team, one of the most challenging and dangerous but most thrilling races in the entire history of Brazil’s race history. The race started in Goiania (GO), and before long, it ended with the brothers winning 4th overall, in the Prototypes 1 Category. You can visit his page


According to Patch, the race wasn’t a piece of cake. They beat their brains out just to go through the hard tracks, the muddy terrain and the challenging technical difficulties of the car they were driving. In fact, the race got so difficult, that Michel Terpins, Rodrigo’s brother, was forced to slow down just to offset the dangers that they might face when they’re at the more difficult areas of the race.

Some of the challenges that Rodrigo faced during the race was that they had to administer a lot of factors in running the race, giving them many more kilometers to tread. Rodrigo Terpins wasn’t having a hard time in the race knowing that it was his brother Michel Terpins who was the current leader in that Cross Country Rally Championship. With the impressive T-rex car that the brothers developed by the MEM team, they were acing to more races than they could imagine. Check out Medium to know more.

The Dangers of Racing

It should be noted here that professional car racing would require the drivers and racers the kind of determination that you would not be able to have when you’re not as passionate and dedicated as the Terpins brothers. Brazil’s race history is competitive, tremulous and outstandingly intense, and if a race car driver can’t keep up with that, it might just be better off for that driver to just do something else.

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