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How The Chainsmokers Are Changing Their Reputation

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The latest musical offering from The Chainsmokers might be just as catchy as their previous singles, but the message behind the music is much deeper and offers an insight into what the artists are currently living through. To look at them from the outside, many people would assume that Alex Pall and Drew Taggart have a perfect life. With their new single Sick Boy, the duo are letting fans and critics alike know what it is like to be famous in the modern age and the issues they experience as a result.

Sick Boy talks about the perils of modern fame, including social media addiction and narcissism. Many people put forward an image of having it all together on social media channels, but they are inwardly struggling with their reality. This is equally true of famous people who seem to have it all, like The Chainsmokers. This new normal inspired the lyrics of the song.

These insightful lyrics are a different approach for The Chainsmokers, who have been known for songs that keep the party going all night long. Their first hit single #Selfie made fun of the popularity of social media among the club going set, but it did not offer much insight on the boys themselves. At this time, most of the music the duo made fell into the dance or electronica genre and focused more on the beat and music than the lyrics. With the hit singles Closer, Something Just Like This and Don’t Let Me Down, the duo became one of the most successful acts worldwide. Initially, the media reported more on the lifestyle of the duo, which include plenty of wild parties. However, with their ongoing success, the duo has now proven to be more than just a flash in the pan.

With the release of Sick Boy, fans are able to understand more about who The Chainsmokers really are and how fame has impacted them.

The Effects of a Psychopath According to Talkspace

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Some people are aware of the behaviors of psychopaths. However, one thing that deserves as much attention is the type of effect that the psychopath has on people. Talkspace goes into the behavior of the psychopath and the effect that the psychopath has on the individual. For one thing, people often find themselves at a heightened state of anxiety because of the behavior of the psychopath. One thing that happens in the presence of a psychopath is the target of the psychopathic behavior tends to find himself in a state of high alert and self doubt because they do not know whether they are going to upset the psychopath.

In the workplace, the person working for the psychopath is left feeling that he is on the bad side of the person. Therefore, he is too busy trying to get back on his good side so that things can be better for him. This can make things very stressful for the individual who is working for the psychopath, especially when he has experienced the charming side of the boss at first. He would be wondering what he has done to bring out the bad treatment that he is receiving from the psychopathic boss.

Another effect that psychopaths have on others especially when they are holding leadership positions is that it can cause them to doubt a lot of things. One thing that happens is that people refuse to accept that the person is a psychopath even as a victim of some of his antics. They often put the blame on themselves and look for ways to indirectly control the psychopath. However, Talkspace and other sources of information will state that the psychopath is unpredictable. The best thing to do is get away from the psychopath as soon as possible for the sake of mental health.

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Jeremy Goldstein: Greatest Compensation Lawyer

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What makes a great lawyer? The answer is obvious: years of experience. That answer could be true for any number of professions. All great experience starts with a brilliant education. Jeremy Goldstein got his education from New York University School of Law, University of Chicago, and Cornell University.

After passing the Bar, Jeremy Goldstein started working at Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen, and Katz. When he left that firm, he started his own boutique law firm. Since then, he accumulated over 15 years of business law experience with a focus on executive compensation and corporate governance. Now, he’s many companies’ go-to business attorney when it comes to employee benefits advice.

Lately, a lot of companies have been asking him about stock options. Most of them decided to do away with stock options in favor of less confusing benefits. Overall, the companies seem happy with their decision, but Goldstein suggests that they take another look at stock options.

There are lots of reasons that these companies could be moving on from stock options; most of which involve money and ease of access. Mostly, employees don’t believe in stock options like they used to. These days, the market is a hectic place to put their future. They don’t want to risk everything being gone in the blink of an eye.

According to Jeremy Goldstein, the advantages of stock options far outweigh any risks. For a start, it’s easier for employees to see a resemblance to equality. Paying out additional wages, equities, or providing better insurance coverage can get tricky when it comes to fairness.

The obvious advantage is that stock options make people personally responsible for the company’s success. When people’s futures depend on the success of the company, they’ll work harder to satisfy existing customers and find more in the future. It also brings more ingenuity and innovation to the company.

When it comes to offering stocks, the question then becomes which one to offer. Some options are too dangerous for employee benefits, but some are better than none. Goldstein suggests looking into “knockout” stock options. It’s one of the safest options to go with.

Knockout options are the same as conventional options, except they become useless if the share value falls below a certain amount. That means employees aren’t on the hook if anything goes too wrong. If things get better, the options become available again. Learn more:

Rodrigo Terpins and The Intensely Difficult Victory He Recently Experienced in His Racing Career

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One of the many passionate racers today that are up to their ears in their work and passions for the game is Rodrigo Terpins, a Brazilian Rally driver.

The Bull Sertoes Rally

There may already be a lot of articles that have been written about the recent race car rally that Rodrigo Terpins joined. But, in case you missed it, you should know that Rodrigo Terpins, with his brother Michel Terpins, just joined the 25th Edition of the Bull Sertoes Rally Team, one of the most challenging and dangerous but most thrilling races in the entire history of Brazil’s race history. The race started in Goiania (GO), and before long, it ended with the brothers winning 4th overall, in the Prototypes 1 Category. You can visit his page


According to Patch, the race wasn’t a piece of cake. They beat their brains out just to go through the hard tracks, the muddy terrain and the challenging technical difficulties of the car they were driving. In fact, the race got so difficult, that Michel Terpins, Rodrigo’s brother, was forced to slow down just to offset the dangers that they might face when they’re at the more difficult areas of the race.

Some of the challenges that Rodrigo faced during the race was that they had to administer a lot of factors in running the race, giving them many more kilometers to tread. Rodrigo Terpins wasn’t having a hard time in the race knowing that it was his brother Michel Terpins who was the current leader in that Cross Country Rally Championship. With the impressive T-rex car that the brothers developed by the MEM team, they were acing to more races than they could imagine. Check out Medium to know more.

The Dangers of Racing

It should be noted here that professional car racing would require the drivers and racers the kind of determination that you would not be able to have when you’re not as passionate and dedicated as the Terpins brothers. Brazil’s race history is competitive, tremulous and outstandingly intense, and if a race car driver can’t keep up with that, it might just be better off for that driver to just do something else.

How Dr. Clay Siegall Is Moving His Company Beyond The Need To Form Partnerships

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When Dr. Clay Siegall decided to create the new company Seattle Genetics he did so because he decided that he would be better off working for himself. At that point he had worked for both the federal government and Bristol-Myers Squibb in medical research and development, with a focus on targeted cancer therapies, and he wanted to be free of the bureaucracy and constraints that working for other in this position entails.

Dr. Clay Siegall admits, though, that it was partly about money. He came up with a number of concepts and ideas that were patented. He didn’t benefit from this, though, as the money from his inventions flowed into the pockets of the management of the entities he worked for as well as shareholder pockets. He decided that he should benefit financially too for his hard work and expertise and decided that taking the risk of founding a new company was worth it.

Since he founded his company in 1998 Dr. Clay Siegall has advanced his company’s interests by establishing partnerships both to develop drugs as well as to market and distribute them. His business’ first approved drug was Adcetris, which treats lymphoma, and this is marketed and distributed through a Japanese firm called Takeda Pharmaceuticals U.S.A. Inc. When this drug was first approved by the FDA he says that his company really didn’t have the expertise to handle getting it out on the market.

Astellas is another firm that Dr. Clay Siegall has established a partnership with, in this case a 50/50 one. This is for their Enfortumab vedotin which is used to treat relapsed refractory patients who have urothelial carcinoma. This is the most common form of bladder cancer. This is a global partnership and they will share in all expenses and revenues.

In the future, Dr. Clay Siegall says that his company has developed enough expertise on the business side that they will move beyond the need to partner in order to release and market their drugs. One of his latest drugs that could soon reach FDA approval is Ladiratuzumab vedotin. He intends to market and distribute this drug solely through Seattle Genetics.

Mighty Fortress Church – A Church On Fire For The Lord

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The Senior Pastor of Mighty Fortress International Ministries Church is Dr. Thomas R. Williams. The church is located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The congregation was asked to surrender their hearts to the Lord.

Bishop Williams stated he was there to preach the word of the Lord to help the congregation with their spiritual walk with God. He told the congregation that whatever situation they are in the Lord will show them a way out, but they had to listen to be able to see the way out of their situation. Bishop Williams told the congregation Satan is after their faith in the Lord. Hearing the word is not enough, it must be assimilated and mixed with faith. Visit to know more.

Bishop Williams told the congregation, they needed a building. The congregation prayed to the Lord to provide a building for them to worship outside of northern Minnesota. In faith, the congregation reached out to the Lord to claim their building, depending on the Lord to answer their prayers.

At Mighty Fortress Church, anyone looking for a closer walk with the Lord, to get to know him on a personal level, can attend this church. The people are warm, friendly, and you can develop long-lasting relationships with them. Lives are changing with the bible as a guide. These are some things that make the church unique. It does not matter your race or culture. You are welcome at Mighty Fortress International Church. Watch this video on Youtube.

At Mighty Fortress Church the congregation is important, and people are encouraged to participate in whatever way they can.

For over 30 years, Bishop Williams has ministered to God’s people. He is respected by all who know him. Mighty Fortress International Ministries was founded by Bishop Williams. He is the President of the church.

Bishop Williams graduated from Rhema Bible Training Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He studied Mass Communications at North Central University in Minneapolis, where he received his Bachelor of Arts Degree. He attended Bethel University and Seminary in St.Paul, MN. He received two Honorary Doctorate Degrees from the Seminary and Midwest Christian College. He is married to Sabrina Williams and together they were blessed with three children.