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If you are a parent who lives in a low income community and you are seeking a quality school for you child to attend, Rocketship Education is defiantly the school that you are looking for. Rocketship Education has been around for more than ten years now. The school is a non profit elementary school. The school is very popular because they are only located in low income communities and they are geared to help kids in these communities. Rocketship Education are public charter institutes. The goal of the school is for children who are in low income areas to perform and progress just as well as children who are not.

Many studies have shown that students who come from low income areas perform lower in school than the children who are not. Rocketship Education helps students in every aspect in their lives so that they can perform better.

Many parents are very happy about Rocketship Education and everything that they have done for the community and for the students as well. Some parents came out and spoke publicly about their satisfaction with the school. One of the most things that parents love about Rocketship Education is that they are welcomed to be actively involved in their child’s education life.

Outside of education, Rocketship Education has been helping families financially as well. Some students perform well in school because they do not have food to eat at home, don’t have any school supplies, or they feel like they’re going to be teased because they do not have cool shoes or clothing. Rocketship Education does not want any of their students to feel that way.

They recently had a large fund raiser for the families of Rocketship Education. This fund raiser raised more than $60,000 within a short amount of time. Many people were very excited and grateful about the outcome of the fundraiser.

Parents who actually received the money were happy and thankful for the donation. In the end the children were happy as well. Rocketship Education is doing an amazing job with all of their efforts to make the community a better place!

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