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Collecting Evidence Using the Securus Technologies System

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One of the most challenging parts of getting a fugitive into custody is providing the courts enough in the way of evidence to keep them behind bars. These fugitives have become especially clever at concealing their crimes, so when we have to connect the dots, many times we have to struggle to collect things that may or may not be used successfully in the court to prosecute. When a suspect is allowed to walk based on weak or no evidence, despite them admitting to the crime, it can be extremely frustrating.


We has a suspect in custody but the evidence we needed to lock him away for good was missing. We know that someone other than the suspect had been to the crime scene to clean it up before we arrived, we just could not get any leads. The concern we had was that the evidence we needed was still within our grasps, we only had so much time before he was released and he could be gone for good.


While in the jail, I decided to see if I could get the Securus Technologies phone monitoring system to help break the case open. This inmate telephone call monitoring system is able to do the work of a half-dozen officers at once, listening to what the inmates say and picking out key chatter in their calls.


While the suspect was on the phone all the time, our presence in the jail must have upset him, as he frantically called his brother a number of times to make sure something was taken care of. When it wasn’t the suspect got irate and demanded his brother step up. We did too, putting heavy surveillance on him, and catching him in the act one night trying to destroy key evidence in this case that would convict our suspect.


Goettl, the HVAC Experts Share Some Tips

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What you may not know about your AC is that you could be spending more money than you really ought to be. It might feel like you spend more money every year during the summer and the worrisome truth is that you might just be on to something with your assumption! When you live in particularly hot and dry or humid areas, especially when summer really hits its peak in the numbers, going without a reliable air source for your home is an absolute no-no. That being said, you shouldn’t have to worry about seeing what the damage is on your electric bill once it comes due just because you needed your home to be at a livable temperature during the high sun times of the day.

A few tips to keep in mind include making sure you aren’t losing more air than you’re receiving the benefit of. Make sure at the start of the summer, before you even flip that switch for your AC for the first time that year, that your home is well weather proofed so there’s no possibility of your cool air and money from your pocket slipping out of the cracks and into the outside world. Secondly, do your best to keep the thermostat and the air conditioning unit itself away from direct sunlight. You will want these both kept out of the heat as much as possible so they’re not working extra hard to get you that cool air you are paying so much for.

Goettl handles heating and air conditioning issues on a regular basis and they’ve been doing it for quite some time now. They have a rich family history in the heating and air business and their family ties go back as far as before the Great Depression. The modern day Goettl company was founded by two brothers who pass on the tradition by providing five star service to the state of Arizona.

Paul Mampilly Mentions New Trends For Investors

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Paul Mampilly told Ideamensch that one trend that’s driving the markets is the internet and its interconnectivity with major companies such as power plants, robotic machinery, financial institutions and so many other things. Mampilly is an investor who used to work on Wall Street but then moved out and started investment ideas through newsletters such as Extreme Fortune and Profits Unlimited.

Ideamensch asked him many questions in this interview, but one of the key answers he gave in addition to business trends that excite him was that you have to care the most about helping people instead of just making money because people are the most important part of any business you run. And that’s why Profits Unlimited has had so much success because it has ideas that truly work for people.

Mampilly started out in the financial industry upon completing a bachelor’s at Fordham University, though he still continued to work on his master’s while beginning in investment banking. He shared with Ideamensch that his time just prior to getting an entry level job in finance consisted of working as a janitor and gas station attendant, two jobs he disliked but shaped his work ethic once he entered finance. He began in research, but in a very short time he knew so much that he was able to start managing client investments. He served as a director for Deutsche Bank, ING, Sears and Royal Bank of Scotland before moving into hedge fund investing.

Paul Mampilly was noted by Barron’s magazine in 2006 for quickly growing Kinetics International’s client base and assets under management from $6 billion to over $25 billion. While also managing funds at Kinetics, he began his own portfolio that found small businesses to invest in, and it was this portfolio that won a competition at the Templeton Foundation for growing $50 million into $88 million in one year, especially when the financial crisis of 2008 was running at its worst. But Mampilly decided it was time to move on from Wall Street shortly after this, and with his great background in finance he began openly sharing how to manage a portfolio through his Banyan Hill Publishing newsletters. By 2016 Profits Unlimited was bringing in over 60,000 subscribers.

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Cotemar’s Kitchens of the Sea

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Cotemar is an oil company that is 100 percent Mexican owned and operated. As a part of the operations, they have about 4,000 people involved on a daily basis. Since many of the work sites are offshore, Cotemar is responsible for not only feeding their employees but housing them as well. The operation is so large, that a subsidiary is responsible for handling this task. The name of the subsidiary is Cocinas Del Mar meaning “Kitchens of the Sea,” when translated.

The company not only provides services for employees of Cotemar but many other companies as well. Since the operation is certified by ISO 9001 and must meet many regulations, they are considered a “reliable” catering vendor for external companies.

Included in these sanitation standards are not only food safety, but room sanitation, healthcare, and housekeeping for recreational areas. The organization also provides accommodation for those rotating shifts, as well as transportation accommodations as well.

As food safety is a major concern anywhere, and especially for those at sea, the standards are rather high. The menus are prepared by the supervisory staff and dieticians to monitor everything to ensure well balanced and prepared meals are being served. An extra step is added to the equation to ensure food quality.

The supervisors, nutritionists and dieticians practice “innocuous and manipulation normativity compliance.” With this added step, the risk of any type of foodborne illness is significantly reduced. The food is always audited by continuous audits by this team. An external company also audits the food to ensure quality and food safety.

While the operation of Cocinas Del Mar is certainly impressive, it’s also a necessity. As much of the staff is regularly aboard a vessel or other structure that cannot be quickly returned to land, it’s a huge responsibility. Read more: Cotemar | Elmanana

Not only does Cocinas Del Mar have to be concerned with the catering and food for their own employees, but often for other companies that do business with them as well.

Any sort of illness outbreak in these types of environments could be disastrous, so the role Cocinas Del Mar plays in operations is among one of the most important. Cotemar, the parent company, also takes a people first approach to business.

As Cotemar states people are its most valuable asset, protecting their health and well being is critical to a well running business. These practices are consistent with Cotemar’s values, which are admirable unto themselves.

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