Fabletics Gives Thought To Traditional Offline Mall Shoppers As Well as Online Customers

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While Fabletics and other online fashion retailers have seen the value of the internet, Fabletics is also aware that a lot of people still like to shop in physical stores. As a matter of fact, some people actually prefer shopping in these stores. Therefore, Fabletics is making sure that they are providing service for both of these methods of shopping. Kate Hudson, Don Ressler and some of the others in the Fabletics team have seen that some people still like to shop around in stores and try on some of the clothes they see. Therefore, Fabletics has decided to open up some physical stores in a few of the markets.


Given the success of Fabletics and what Adam Goldenberg has said about fashion companies that are not primarily internet based, it is still wise to set up some kind of physical presence so that people can have the best of all worlds. This is especially an advantage for people that are not good with their sizes. Often times, people have a hard time measuring themselves because they don’t have the right tools. At least with physical locations, people will be able to try on clothes in order to see if the items fit.


Part of the fun in shopping for clothes is seeing if the items fit before paying for them. This is one experience that people miss from the internet. Fabletics does not seek to deprive people of this experience. With their business model that has turned out to be a success among customers, they have decided that they want to reach more people in the markets. Once they have set up physical stores, they have seen their profits rise even higher. Given that they are always bringing forth new products, it is safe to say that they are going to keep growing as a company.


One thing about mall shopping is that it helps people find some new items. Even in stores like Fabletics, people could actually see all of the products that they company has to offer. This will give people ideas on what they want to buy and wear.

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