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Fukubukuro is a Japanese tradition each New Year invented by Ginza Matsuya Department Store. Fuku stands for luck, while fukuro stands for bag. They are known as ‘Lucky Bags‘ which are just bags that have a random selection of things placed inside. Kim Dao went to shop for two of these bags to open up for her audience. She bought one of the bags from a place called Cecil Mcbee and the other from We Go. Kim Dao spent a total of $100 dollars on each one of these Lucky Bags.


The items placed in these bags likely contain contents that are worth more than the initial value of the bag. Some stores even use Fukubukuro’s to get rid of bulk items that the company hasn’t been able to sell off. The items that Kim Dao had retrieved from the first bag was a navy pea coat, white summer dress, grey sweater dress, plaid trench coat, black v-neck top, white sweater and a pair of white shorts. All the items looked especially good on Kim and she seemed thrilled about everything that she got in the first bag!


Lastly, the contents of the second bag was a petite white backpack, a light blue sweater with the words ” If you want to be Happy, be” imprinted on it, a cute white study bag, letterman style jacket, a long khaki skirt that she didn’t seem to like very much, tan jumpsuit, pink and white skirt, a matching pink and white sweater, white gloves, grey infinity scarf, “New York College” imprinted shirt, black Indian style top, two head scarfs with roses and two pairs of socks! The second bag didn’t seem to impress her as much and plans to give away some of the clothes. Kim Dao and her friend Rachel both bought Lucky bags this year and go on to compare what each person got and even trade with each other. They happily shared this moment in laughter and had even managed to get some of the same pieces of clothes. Kim Dao likes to uphold this tradition every New Year, for it is a neat and fun thing to do.


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