Month: April 2017

Tony Petrello: A New Standard For Competence

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Tony Petrello is the impressive CEO of Nabors Industries. While in 2015 his compensation hit a whopping $27,663,602, he started out in the humble beginnings of working class Newark.

Standing out as a math genius, he attended Yale University through scholarships. His freshman college roommate, Lloyd Grove, describes his as “the model for Good Will Hunting,” and while in school, he quickly peaked the interest of acclaimed mathematician, Serge Lang.

Petrello decided to apply his brilliance for math at Harvard Law School. After graduating, he worked in the corporate taxes department of the Manhattan firm, Baker & McKenzie. He soon enthralled one of their top clients, Nabors Industries, who offered him a position. This company is the world’s largest supplier of drilling equipment, who’s high standards and innovation aim to bring the energy industry into a new level of excellence. However Petrello’s distinguishable endeavors do not end there. He also serves on the boards for countless energy companies, as well as for philanthropies. One of which, the Texas Children’s Hospital, holds specific significance to the Petrello family after Tony Petrello and wife Cynthia’s premature daughter, Carena, was born with cerebral palsy. Taking action, Petrello has donated seven million dollars to better neurological research.


A Wen User Experience

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Wen Cleansing Conditioner is a five-in-one product designed by Chaz Dean. The product serves as a cleanser, conditioner, and a detangling product, and is made for all hair types. The Cleansing Conditioner works without lather, using all-natural ingredients that improve the look and feel of the hair.

Chaz Dean, product creator, is a Hollywood stylist with a long list of celebrity clientele. He’s styled the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow and Alyssa Milano, among others, and spent several years developing the product before making it available to the public. The Cleansing Conditioner is one of many products in the Wen by Chaz line designed to provide women with the outstanding hair they need.

Many users have shared their reviews of the cleansing Conditioner over the years, and many have also shared journals detailing their day-by-day use of the product. One user recently shared on Facebook her experience with WEN Hair. This user has fine, limp hair, and like most people with this hair type, found it difficult to get a product that worked as promised. What did she say about Wen?

This user’s daily journal indicated delightful in the product and the phenomenal results that it provided. Although she didn’t use the product on one day and noted her hair was a bit oilier than normal, the remaining six days were successful, each bringing a new joy to her hair care routine. The user experienced shinier, softer hair, among other benefits.

Wen Cleansing Conditioner is a product that promises exceptional results, and then delivers its promises. You’ll love the results, and your gorgeous hair. In just three weeks, Wen Cleansing Conditioner will exceed your expectations!

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