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Bruce Levenson Sues Insurance Company

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Bruce Levenson, the controlling partner of the Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment, LLC.(AHBE), have entered into litigation with the New Hampshire Insurance Company for breach of contract and insurance bad faith. The lawsuit stems from claims made by the team’s former general manager, Danny Ferry.

The lawsuit claims AHBE was covered by the insurance company for wrongful termination and workplace torts. They filed the claim dealing with Ferry back in April of 2015 but were informed the company would cover the claim. The Atlantic Hawks are under new ownership, and they are not affected by the lawsuit. The Hawks and Ferry reached a buyout agreement in June 2015. The amount of the agreement according to was undisclosed.

Bruce Levenson is the co-founder of the United Communications Group and owner of Atlanta Spirit, LLC. He also worked as a writer for Observer Publishing and the Washinton Star. He is the director at Tech Target, Inc. and served on the board of directors for the Newspapers and Electronic Publishers Association. He also worked as an adviser to BIA Digital Partners. Levenson is a prominent philanthropist, donating to various causes, and served as President of the “I Have a Dream” foundation.

Levenson grew up in Chevy Chase, MD and worked as a journalist while he attended law school at night. He received his BA from Washington University and his JD from American University.

Online Wine Purchasing With UK Vintners

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It is true that wine intake makes a whole difference to our health. Every decade, there is a flurry of good news associated with wine consumption. According to recent research studies, the health benefits crop from the moderate intake of wine. From reducing heart attack to lowering the high risks of acquiring type two diabetes, this article highlights the history of wine and wine industries in the United Kingdom.

A UK Vintner is a person involved in the wine making process. Working with a vintner is usually fun. Most of the vintners have a knowledgeable team, committed to designing exquisite wine selections for sale. Vintners have wine tasting shops for the clients of wine suppliers.

Vintners in the United Kingdom
The UK Vintners Company was established in 1363. UK Vintners comprises of approximately 500 Freemen including Liverymen. The company of vintners has a long history with the United Kingdom hence the high sales of wine and the name Spiritual Home. Prolonging its trade, social and charitable welfare in the society, the Vintners Society in the United Kingdom commits to playing the vital roles in the community. Through the foundation of vintners in the United Kingdom, the society has reaped enormous benefits. The facilities of Vintners Hall offer exceptional events venues in London.

Wine Purchasing Online
From birthday parties to any particular events, if you need wine delivered at your doorstep, the United Kingdom Merchant Vintners have your back. UK Vintners was established in 1965. It is owned by 20 members in approximately equal shares. Through the company, independent wine merchants have a platform for prosperity and growth. The members can access nearly £2m stock at lower prices hence more profits. The low prices also allow members to decrease independent stock holding and maintain diversified wine portfolios. Through the UK vintners company, you can purchase wine online from the various online wine shops available. You only need to search for online wine stores and order depending on your taste and budget. The UK merchants commit to delivering your wine in the specified location.

About The United Kingdom Vintners
The UK Vintners capitalize in the purchasing and trading of the world’s’ best and pleasurable wine. Their focus is to deliver excellent services to clients with the aim to satisfy their demands. UK vintners produce the most expensive brands from the top vineyards. The company of vintners in the United Kingdom can assist in acquiring the finest wines through their vast networks in the industry.

The Magic of Wen Hair Products

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There are of course many different hair products that you can choose from, but do you know what makes the Wen hair products so unique? The products and the ingredients that have been used is what make the products stand out.

The fact that there has been a lot of research and patience that has gone into making the products makes them a worthwhile investment. For you to be able to understand the uniqueness of the brand, you need to know the products that have are offered to you.

Wen Cleansing Conditioner

Wen cleansing conditioner has been formulated as a 5 in 1 product. This means that you can use it as a shampoo, conditioner, leave-in conditioner and detangler. What stands out with this cleansing conditioner is that it doesn’t lather like most shampoos. The conditioner does clean off your hair well without removing your natural hair oils. Once you use this cleaning conditioner, your hair will be strengthened and moisturized.

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The Nourishing Mousse

Give your hair volume and keep it soft with this product. It is lightweight and thus does not leave your hair with sticky residue. It will help to prevent hair frizz during the harsh weather conditions.

Anti Frizz

When you experience hair frizz, this is the right product for you to buy. It has been designed with ingredients that will moisturize your hair and give it a shiny look. Your hair will have less breakage even during the harsh weather conditions.

Moisturizing Intensive Hair Treatment

Give your hair that spa treatment with this treatment. The treatment has been formulated with different ingredients like the sweet almond oil that will keep your hair moisturized. To get the maximum results, you need to use it weekly. You will be able to manage your hair easily after you use this treatment.

About Chaz Dean

To understand the journey, you need to meet the man behind the brand that has revolutionized the hair industry. Chaz Dean is a stylist who lives in Los Angeles. His clientele includes celebrities and renowned people in Hollywood. He fell in love with hair while he was working as a photographer. After moving to L.A, his interest in hair styling grew, and he decided to venture in the hair industry. He owns a salon in Hollywood called the Chaz Dean Studio where he offers an intimate salon environment for his clientele. He is the man behind the Wen by Chaz Dean hair products.

For the latest hair care tips and tricks, find WEN hair care online on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.


3 Reasons Evolution Of Smooth Is Growing

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Social Media Loves EOS

Evolution of Smooth was founded in 2007. Everything about the company reflects the Millennial wave and its marketing is no exception. When EOS lip balm wanted to market its lip balm, the company looked to social media and celebrities as a starting point. Thanks to this savvy thinking, EOS was able to directly reach its customers and speak their language. Throughout Facebook, Instagram and Twitter you can find celebrities taking selfies with the white spheres of lip balm that characterize the Evolution of Smooth brand.

EOS Knows Its Demographic

The creation of Evolution of Smooth was a risky decision. Targeting a specific demographic, young Millennial women, leaves you exposed to the chance of failure. This didn’t stop EOS from succeeding and the company can now boast about its amazing popularity. As a brand of lip balm, EOS is the second most popular and has even beat Chapstick. Among young women, EOS is one of the top 50 brand names according to a recent study by Goldman Sachs and Teen Vogue. This level of success defied even the best expectations and speaks to the brilliance behind this brand.

EOS Is Expanding Its Product Line

With the popularity Evolution of Smooth is enjoying among Millennial women, the company has decided to reach into entirely new areas of the personal care market. There are now Evolution of Smooth lotions and shaving creams to compliment the lip balm. Honestly, the potential for EOS is nowhere near fully tapped. Millennial women are an incredibly loyal crowd and when they love a brand they’ll follow it anywhere it goes. EOS could easily spread into soaps, shampoos, and other products without a second thought. It wasn’t the most likely outcome, but this company has built a brand name to last for ages. Visit for more information.

How did EOS started?

Securus Technologies unveils GTL’s inappropriate press statements

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Securus Technologies is a renowned leader in providing responsive customer service, innovative and all-inclusive civil justice technical solutions. It has received an A+ rating and certification from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) for upholding their standards. It also aims in serving inmates, public safety, correction agencies and law enforcement societies. Richard A. Smith, the company’s CEO, stated his love for the kind of productiveness of his business. Additionally, he said the company’s mission is to serve their clienteles with their best interests at heart and fulfilling their needs.


The company’s CEO expressed his disappointment. He indicated that the firm compromised their integrity levels while serving their customers. Therefore, Securus Technologies analyses several issues of the potential wrongdoings released by Global Tel Link industry on June 9, 2016. This is done to challenge GTL to act with better integrity and have their issues corrected. Securus Technologies also focuses on providing explanations on many GTL’s inappropriate claims.


Among the multiple issues released by the press, the main systematic wrongdoing by GTL is inflating charges to their esteemed customers. It added various charges to calls after they were rated, timing the call durations while adding 15 or 36 seconds to every call, using add-on programs and frequently billing the phone calls more than once. These actions were crafty, problematic and wholly unauthorized. As a result of these unlawful GTL’s activities, the taxpayers were highly overcharged.


Securus Technologies responded by stating that customers should never be served by an industry that intentionally plays tricks on them. It further reported such actions as a breach of integrity levels and matched forward so that they do not go unnoticed. Securus Technologies deeply cares for its customers and their responsibilities. It would not allow such actions to take place in their industry and tarnish their name. Their accreditation by BBB gives them an upper edge among their competitors and has Securus being confirmed for providing full-spectrum solutions.