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Helane Morrison Starts Her Own Investment Firm

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Helane Morrison runs one of the most successful investment companies in the state of California. With a staff of all women, Hall Capital Partners has broken the glass ceiling and shown the diverse leadership not found in many like companies.

Morrison’s trailblazing career exposing economic predators began when she graduated from Northwestern University. She went on to receive a Juris Doctorate from the University of Berkely Law School. Using her journalism degree, Helane Morrison able to write about her experiences within the banking community. While working as the head of Security and Exchange Commission of San Francisco, she witnessed fraud, waste and other violations.

Morrison formed her corporation to shed even more light on the wrongdoings still going on within the banking industry. She is certain that her current position will be able to work for the people and root out individuals and corporations that are deemed non-compliant.

Morrison says she worked aggressively working alongside law enforcement to keep banking corporations in line. Her reach was far and included not only Northern California, but Washington, Alaska, Montana, Idaho and parts of Idaho.

Her office investigations resulted in actions against a number of banking firms, large and small. “Unfortunately, you have people who have no intentions of staying within the parameters of the law.”

Many perpetrators were turned in by whistleblowers, according to Morrison. “We have had a number of people grow a conscious and do the right thing.” With her new firm, Morrison knows she has to set the example.

Former Head Of CCPM Capital Stephen Murray

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I have worked in the field of finance for many years. During my years as an accountant, I’ve interacted with many people from numerous fields. As a result, I’ve often had cause to deal with people who are truly committed to excellence. One such person is the late Stephen P. Murray. Murray is someone who I remember fondly.

Before his untimely and unexpected death, I remember him as someone who was always happy and full of life. In our time together, I was always impressed with his unyielding integrity and his thoughtful devotion to our chosen field. As a result of his efforts, the field of finance and economics was a brighter, happier place for all of us who work here.
Our First Meeting

From the very first, I remember being attracted to numbers. Numbers were always a subject I have truly loved and adored. This was very much for Stephen Murray CCMP Capital as well. He shared my passion for the subject. This was instantly He also shared my love of being able to help our customer base get access to the kind of service we all know is important and necessary for any person of honor.

Just as I pride myself on my love of helping people, so too did the late Stephen Murray. He was also someone who cared about being there for people at all times.

Two Decades Together

When I began the long climb up the banking fiscal ladder, I realized that it would be ideal to have a teammate on my side.

This is why I reached out to someone who clearly shared my personal goals. Stephen Murray was that person. When we began our careers together at Chemical Bank over two decades ago, I knew that he had what it takes to get somewhere. His leadership skills were evident from the very first and obvious to all of those who worked with him.

We knew that he was the person we could count on to help us all figure out how best to serve the needs of our customers at Chemical. At all times, he was there for us, helping us get the knowledge we needed to stay on top.

Securus Technologies Expose How Global Tel Link Is Failing Its Customers

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When you are working in a certain sector, you need to be the very alert to note the wrongdoings of other companies in the same business. Not just to advance your agendas, but because their wrong doings can have ripple effects on your company. This is why Securus Technology has taken steps to reveal how Global Tel Link, GTL, has been failing its clientele.
In a report by PR Newswire, Mr. Richard Smith, who is the company CEO, said that he was offended that a carrier would stoop below the integrity bar, which most companies have set. He also said that although the PSC order was released in 1998, Securus brought up the issue because GTL’s wrong doings have still continued, and their actions could tarnish the industry’s name.

GTL is a communication provider for inmates, and while providing their services to the Louisiana Department of Correction, they broke a number of laws. The results released after investigations by the Public Service Commission showed that:

The GTL telephones, at the correctional facility, were programmed to add 15 or 36 seconds to the duration of each call.

In some cases, they billed one call more than one time.

After looking at these findings, it was seen that in most of the cases, these actions were done on purpose, and ended up costing taxpayers $1,243,000.

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About Securus Technologies

According to, Securus America Technologies is one of the largest communication and technology suppliers to law enforcement, and correctional facilities, serving over 1,000,000 inmates. The company, which has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas, serves various parts of North America. They take pride in offering efficient services, among them emergency response, public information, investigation, biometric analysis, inmate self-service, and monitoring products.

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