Month: May 2016

Yeonmi Park Tells the World Her Story

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Yeonmi Park is an extraordinary individual as she is not only a North Korean defector, but according to News.AU, she is also a current human rights activist with the mission to help others escape this totalitarian regime. Yeonmi Park grew up in North Korea until her escape in 2007 to China while accompanied by her mother. In 2009, Ms. Park became settled in South Korea with a new mission to help others who have been put into a similar position as her. Ms. Park, in her new book, In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom, discusses her troubles as well as her fears as she flees the North Korean border and discovers freedom.
Ms. Park was born and raised in North Korea. Though she was born during a totalitarian regime, her family was a well respected family that allowed her many privileges in the country while growing up. Though she grew up in a wealthy family, the economic crash that took place in North Korea forced her family to be involved with the black market. As a result, Ms. Park’s father was sent to a labor camp in North Korea as a result of smuggling to keep his family alive and well fed. After her father was sentenced to a lifetime of labor, Ms. Park and her mother experienced the troubles of hunger and were forced to beg for food.

Though Ms. Park and her mother were able to eventually escape the North Korean border, Ms. Park and her mother then became involved in human trafficking. As a result of this horrifying experience, Yeonmi Park has become a human rights activist who speaks out against human trafficking and now has the mission to help individuals travel safely into China from North Korea. Yeonmi Park, through her experience has been able to personally testify of the brutality that she faced in her country. With tens of thousands of individuals escaping for the border each year, it comes as no surprise that the United Nations will soon be getting involved. Yeonmi Park’s new Amazon released book is a testament to her bravery and to her struggles.



Athleisure: The Perfect Way To Add To Your Athleisure Wardrobe

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In a society where yoga pants tend to rule, it’s no surprise how far athleisure brands like Fabletics have come. Since yoga pants have become so versatile when dressing for a plethora of different occasions, they have become one of the most desirable items of clothing on the market. Athleisure, or athletic leisure clothing from Fabletics not only makes a fashion statement nowadays, but provides comfort to consumers worldwide. In a recent article, it talks about how athleisure has become a lifestyle and shares some surprising statistics regarding athletic wear.

For example, the article starts out by talking about how athleisure wear has come so far. Last year, forty four billions dollars was sold in athletic wear alone from Fabletics. And surprisingly enough, denim sales have gone done five percent or more since 2013. Crazy statistics, right? To think that the yoga pant will someday replace denim isn’t so shocking knowing how comfortable and form fitting yoga pants have become. Americans will choose the comfort over style in many instances, but with athleisure they don’t have to choose. You can wear athleisure with regular casual wear and still pull it off for any occasion. The versatility of athleisure is amazing. To read more about athleisure, visit this page:

As mentioned earlier, Fabletics is one of the more popular athleisure brands because of the subscriptions it offers. By becoming a member, you can subscribe to receive new athleisure wear each and every month delivered to your door at a fixed and reasonable price. Sounds amazing, right? For all you athleisure addicts, this is the perfect way to gradually grow the perfect athleisure wardrobe. Even if you don’t want to receive products each month, you can still become a member and purchase when you wish to. With great unique pieces, amazing low prices and free delivery, it’s easy to see how Fabletics has made over two hundred million in a year.

Rousseff’s Impeachment Trial Impacts Venezuela

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Brazilian official Dilma Rousseffs impeachment trial is a heavy blow to Nicholas Maduro’s political faith. Last week Rousseff, who is a political ally to Maduro, was removed from office and given notice that there would be an impeachment trial over national budget discrepancies.
While Rousseff is fighting back against these charges, calling them a “farce” and the trial a ruse to get her out of office, President Maduro has marked this as the beginning of the end for himself and his political allies.Expert Jose Manuel Gonzalez thinks Maduro is being examined for possible removal from office by the beginning of next year through the process of recall referendum. This is due to public unrest over economic hardships and lack of natural resources during his presidential term.

Maduro has stated in last week’s press conference that now that Rousseff has been thrown out, he knows that the political powers that did this will be coming for him. I believe that with Venezuelas crumbling infrastructure and political unrest, there is only so much that his political party can do. Manuel Gonzalez thinks that he sees the writing on the wall and knows that his term as President is soon coming to a close.

No More Beer for Venezuela

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Venezuela has had to suffer a host of indignities due to its economic and environmental-driven crises.  As reported by Open Corporates many common household items are in very short supply. Now, even beer is becoming incredibly scarce. While beer is a luxury item, the loss of a beverage people around the world take for granted really does add further insult to the horrible situation befalling this country.
The sad reality of the beer shortage sunk in when Empresas Polar SA, the biggest of all private companies in Venezuela, shut down all four of its beer plants. Empresas Polar SA produces about 80% of all the beer in the country.

Shortages are the reason why the plants have shut down. Beer, like other beverages, requires ingredients to be brewed. Those ingredients have to be imported. Chief among those ingredients is malted barley.

Velasquezn Figueroa explains that the government controls the distribution of hard currency and, in the current economic situation, the government is going to be even tighter with money. Essential goods are in short supply. Venezuela is in debt to many who provide these items. Paying debts owed for food imports is going to take precedence over alcohol products. Unfortunately, paying for food and dairy is extremely difficult right now.