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InnovaCare’s Guide to Medical Advantage Plans

InnovaCare health is amongst the leading service providers of Medicare Advantage plans. Due to the quality of services provided by InnovaCare, more than 200,000 clients have joined the organization. InnovaCare health has an in- network service providers of more than 7500 providers.

Medicare Advantage plans refer to a private health plan that is offered by private insurance providers who are approved by the Federal Government on It is a requirement that all Medicare Advantage plans have to cover for all services that are covered under the original Medicare. However, the services are provided using different coverage restrictions and regulations.

Common types of Medicare Advantage schemes include Health maintenance organizations, proffered provider organizations and private fee for service.

1. Health Maintenance Organizations
Health Maintenance Organizations are private companies that contract with the Federal Government to offer Medicare Advantage plans to people. Clients may get additional medical benefits.

2. Preferred Provider Organizations
In this scheme, consumers will pay a standard Copay when using in-network providers. On the contrary, if you use an out- of- network provider, the medical expenses will be higher. Clients may benefit from additional services like vision and dental care.

3. Private Fee- for- Service
In this plan, all services that are provided in the original Medicare are covered. Additionally, the scheme may cater for prescription drug coverage. In some cases, using the systems in network service providers is cheaper, however, it is not a restriction.

Besides the three typical Medicare Advantage plans, other schemes like Special Needs Plans, Provider Sponsored Organizations, and Medicare Medical Savings Accounts exist. Standard wit all the schemes is that they all have an out of pocket spending. Once the out of pocket spending is reached, your insurance provider will pay for more expenses that will be incurred.

Everybody is legible to join any Medicare Advantage plan as long as they don’t have an end-stage renal disease. However, it is suggested that all members who wish to enroll into a particular scheme to contact a reliable service provider who will guide them in choosing a proper plan.

InnovaCare Health provides a broad benefit-oriented health care model that caters to the needs of its clients. It provides standard services due to proper coordination of its experienced top executives, Richard Shinto, the CEO, and Penelope Kokkinides, the Chief Administrative Officer.

Dr. Rick Shinto has over 20 years’ experience as a clinical officer. He has been an administrator in many health care organizations. Similarly, Ms. Penelope Kokkinides is a seasoned leader with an extensive experience in management of health care programs and facilities.

Revolutionary EOS

Evolution of Smooth is the treat your lips have been craving. With flavors including passion fruit, blueberry acai, passion fruit and many more you will be delighted at the array of flavors to pick from. You’ll also love the unique packaging because unlike standard tube lip balms, Evolution of Smooth lip balms come in a fun sphere-like package making it completely distinguishable and easy to find in your purse. These lip balms are packed with antioxidants, nourishing shea butter, and smoothing jojoba oil. What’s better is the EOS lip balms are paraben and petrolatum free! It’s the perfect blend of organic ingredients you and your lips have been searching for.
Evolution of Smooth is multifaceted because they also offer decadent lotions, hand creams, and shaving cream. All products are come in fun scents like cucumber, fresh flowers,berry blossom and more! They are packed with aloe, oats, and nutritious shea butter. These products are high quality and great for treating your dry skin. They work for all skin types to make them amazingly soft and touchable. Check their products on Walmart.

You can buy the Evolution of Smooth products all over the country. So don’t hesitate go try an Evolution of Smooth product for yourself today! Buy these products on Walmart or online via eBay.

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Dick DeVos And His Family Are Happy Contributors To The Grand Rapids Area

For many rich people, it may be said that their pockets were large but their heart was small. But that’s not the case with Dick DeVos, the son of Richard DeVos, head of Michigan’s 2nd wealthiest family. The DeVos’s pride themselves on how much they’ve been able to give away to local charities and causes that are dear to their hearts. No, they aren’t showy about it, it’s something in the spirit that Richard DeVos, the patriarch of the family embodied as he saw those around him wanting to help the city of Grand Rapids. The DeVos family has passed it on to their future generations. Forbes magazine quoted the DeVos’s as having given about $94 million in 2014, and around a total of 1.2 billion in their lifetime.


Dick DeVos has been a part of the DeVos family business, and built a legacy of philanthropy over the last 40 plus years. His father Richard started the family business, Amway Corporation back in the 1950s. It was a direct selling business that allowed clients to buy products directly from Amway, and sell them to make a profit. Dick learned the family business while young, and joined it after graduating from Northwood University. He served as a vice president for about 8 years before becoming CEO of the NBA’s Orlando Magic, then returned to take over the company after his father retired. He served as CEO of Amway for 10 years, expanding its operations into many foreign countries, and growing its profits into the billions.


DeVos now runs the Windquest Group, but dedicates a lot of time now to the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation. Dick and his wife Betsy have backed a lot of charities through this foundation, and have supported non-profit groups and conservative think tanks. They have set up scholarships for children to attend schools of their choice, and have even built a charter school called the West Michigan Aviation Academy, where children can go not only to receive an education, but to learn about what pilots do and even get taken on plane rides.


Dick DeVos also has had a little bit of a political career, as he won election to the Michigan State Board of Education in the early 90s. He tried out for the gubernatorial race in 2006, only to be beat by incumbent Jennifer Granholm. But he has continued working behind the scene to get conservative legislation passed.

Alleviate Event Planning Stress With Twenty Three Layers

Are you in the process of or pondering the idea of throwing an elaborate foray? Are you considering hosting a lavish dinner party or event? If so, celebrity Lauren Conrad has some very helpful advice that will assist you in ensuring your event goes off without a hitch.

Though Lauren Conrad is most known for her staring roll in the widely successful MTV television series The Hills, she’s a published author, speaker and entrepreneur. She is also currently in the business of event planning. In fact, she is quickly becoming one of the most recognized names in the industry.

Above all else, Conrad suggests that no matter what type of event you are hosting to focus on the people that will be attending the event and determine what type of theme would be pleasing to them all. Often times party planners will come up with themes that are more catered toward their own specific likes and interests. By focusing on the general “likes” of the guests at large, your event is more apt to be successful.

Another important piece of advice that Conrad has shared with her followers is to ensure that not only your guests are having the best time possible, but to also ensure that you are having fun as well. If your guests see that you are stressed out or seem to be juggling a hundred tasks at once, they could in turn begin to feel stressed for you. That is no way for anyone to feel when attending an event of any type. Read more:

One way to decrease stress during an event or in the preparation period is to seek out and obtain the assistance of the very best event planners in NYC. One of the most recognized names in this industry is Twenty Three Layers. With years of proven experience they have the skills and know-how to provide you with the event planning relief you need and desire to ensure the success of your next event.

In fact, Twenty Three Layers is perhaps the most successful and relied on event planning company in NYC. No matter what type of event you have in the works, their knowledgeable staff can provide you with expert services you need so you can tend to your guests with no stress involved.

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Wen Conditioner Could Be a Hair Volume Booster

Most people have seen a commercial on QVC or two for Wen hair care products by Chaz Dean and have wondered whether the products are truly as great as the company claims. Wen uses plant extracts and essential oils to cleanse and strengthen the hair, and a number of famous women have sworn by the products. To find out if Wen is truly effective, Bustle’s Emily McClure decided to try Wen’s Fig conditioner for seven days.
During the first three days of the experiment, McClure shared that her hair felt softer and stronger. She also noticed that her hair was pretty oily. On the fourth day, when she didn’t have time to wash her hair, she added some curls for texture, but they fell quickly because her hair was so well moisturized.

When Emily went out with friends later in the week, she got some positive feedback on the shininess of her hair. She also continued to notice that her hair had more volume and moisture. McClure says that Wen hair Fig conditioner is likely a great choice for women with very fine hair, since the product adds volume fairly quickly. She also recommends the conditioner for women who wash their hair on a daily basis.

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FreedomPop is Closing In on Major Phone Carriers

FreedomPop has made my life easier. I think that most customers can attest to this. This has become the type of communications company that allows a lot of people to save money. At one time I used to have a $300 phone bill. I don’t worry about things like this anymore because now I have access to the plan. I kept my old phone when I discontinued my service with a major carrier. I decided to upgrade with FreedomPop, but I didn’t have to worry about any type of phone bill. That is very interesting to me. I now have $300 in my pocket each month because I am using the FreedomPop services. Learn more:

Some people may not be able to deal with this plan if they need a lot of bandwidth, but I don’t. I have a work phone so I really don’t have a big need to pay for a contract with someone like Sprint or T-Mobile. The phone plans are so expensive with these carriers. I would just rather use FreedomPop. I love the way that this plan has managed to work out for me and my family. I have a router at home so I already have access to all the things I want to play, see or hear without running out of bandwidth. When I am out in most stores there are free guest networks.

I read a FreedomPop review, and I was thrilled by the praise the company received. All of this has made it easier for me to drop my old phone service provider. I can live with the basic free plan that includes 500 text messages. I don’t send anywhere near that amount of text messages.

Some people may buy a phone because this company sells Samsung and iPhones. These are the certified refurbished phones that have been guaranteed to work. I already had an iPhone that I was comfortable with. I checked the bring your own device eligibility and I passed. I didn’t have to spend anything to start using my phone with my Freedom Pop plan, and I believe that this has given me the opportunity to save money. I no longer feel like I am getting ripped off. I am pleased to see that FreedomPop is cutting down phone service for mobile users. The FreedomPop review made it easy for me to choose this company for my new phone plan.

The Long Awaited Lovaganza Announcement of The Upcoming Bohemian Adventure

Lovaganza from Colin Hesterly on Vimeo.

Lovaganza is preparing for an international celebration that is meant to showcase different cultures from around the world. The celebration’s theme is “embarking on a Bohemian adventure around the world.” The Lovaganza 2020 will take place in the year 2020 from the months of May to September. The celebrations were meant to be in the year 2015 but due to change in technology and the desire to incorporate new unique concepts; it was pushed. People will have a feel of different cultures from all over the world. The celebrations will take place in Europe, the Middle East, Oceanic, and Asia.

As part of the celebrations of Lovaganza, a Traveling Show will begin in the year 2017 for the sole purpose of promoting the celebrations. In addition to this traveling show, Lovaganza is also coming up with motion pictures that will be released through the 3D technology glasses in 3D and 2D theaters. The shooting of the film has been set in action in United States, France, and Spain. They also plan to shoot in India and Africa. The presentation of the movie is described as one of the best cinematic experience and with a similarity of the old Cinerama screens with a tinge of modern technology.

Lovaganza is an organization that seeks to create a global entertainment that aims to promote unity and peace. It is a production franchise that tries to bring together different cultures of the world for people to experience. It is inspired by the mid-20th century’s world fairs and the old Cinerama. Lovaganza is described as a walk in the world and is a non-profitable organization seeking to make dreams come true for many across the world. The Bohemian adventure organized by the franchise will also culminate into a Hands across the World Ceremony that will bring together people from different walks of life.

To ensure the success of Lovaganza Entertainment Franchise on, the Lovaganza Foundation will be launched in the year 2018. The purpose of the foundation is to make sure that Lovaganza entertainment is compliant and adheres to laws of every region. It will also guide the franchise on how to deal with the different cultures and ways of living of different areas. The Foundation is described as the mother of all foundations, and the founders are J.F Gagnon and Genevieve Gagnon. The organization will enable people share the same goals and ultimately uniting them for a common cause.

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Shaygan Kheradpir Adds to His Resume by Becoming the CEO of Coriant

After a year of working in the role as the Operating Executive for Marlin Equity Partners, Shaygan Kheradpir has succeed Pat DiPietro as CEO and Chairman of the Board of Coriant. Coriant provides network solutions to major telecom companies in over 10 countries around the world. According to a recent article, Kheradpir was chosen for the slot due to his level of experience as a leader in the business and technology industries and his positive performance with Marlin Equity Partners. Marlin Equity Partners is the owner of Coriant industries and former CEO DiPietro is expected to be taking on the position vacated by Kheradpir. This latest appointment is only one of the many achievements Kheradpir has made in his 28 years in business.

Saygan Kheradpir received his Bachelors Degree and Masters Degrees as well as his Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from Cornell University where he later served as an adjunct professor. He is a past member of the National Institute of Standard and Technology and was included to the Hall of Fame of CIO Magazine in 2007. Read more:

The development by his team of FiOS during his term at Verizon is especially notable. FiOS had a capital investment of over $20 billion and is known as one of the largest ever infrastructure programs developed in the United States. His leadership at Barclays, a company with over 1,500 employee, helped the expansive financial company to create a program that updated and modernized the payment system at their 50 worldwide locations.

Kheradpir has throughout his entire career helped all his employers to find new ways of solving their technology concerns as well as making it possible for these companies to create additional technology solutions that aid their own customers. He currently holds several patents for technology, media and payment systems. He is expected to continue his tradition of modernizing and improving technology and media while serving as the leader at Coriant.

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Thor Halvorssen a Man Opposed to all Tyrants

Thor Halvorssen is the founder of the Human Rights Foundation (HRF) and is an avowed and dedicated human rights activist. He has come out in opposition to the socialist governments in Venezuela and Cuba and as such became an advocate for the right-leaning Weekly Standard and Fox News. But Halvorssen has an individualistic mindset concerning whoever is committing human rights violations. Recently interviewed by a Fox News commentator who wanted to do a hatchet job on Bernie Sanders because of his socialistic leanings, Fox News was shocked when Halvorssen not only was in agreement with Sanders’ socialist value system but was an avid supporter of the candidate having given Sanders the largest donation allowable by law.
The Weekly Standard wanted to know more about this unique advocate for human rights and sent a writer to do an in-depth study.
The writer discovered that Thor Halvorssen began life surrounded by extreme wealth. His home in Venezuela came equipped with a sauna, pool, library, billiard room and a servant’s wing for a staff that included a driver, bodyguard, gardener, butler, cook, and governess. His parents instilled in him a sense of extending family status to the staff. Thor was always to treat them with great respect.
Halvorssen rejects the conservative label applied to him by many and claims to be a classic liberal in the John Stuart Mill mold. He is an equal opportunity activist attacking target on both sides of the political spectrum.
He was sent to an English boarding school where he first encountered and then overcame bullying. He continued his education at the University of Pennsylvania where he graduated Phi Beta Kappa.
After beginning his foundation, Halvorssen appointed Vaclav Havel as the chairman of HRF, who served until his death in 2011 at which time Halvorssen selected the Russian chess grandmaster and political activist strongly opposed to Vladimir Putin, Garry Kasparov as foundation chairman. Kasparov protested the imprisonment of the band, Pussy Riot, and was carried off and assaulted by the Russian police. Pussy Riot was convicted of the crime of singing an anti-Putin song, and the band was sentenced to serve two years behind bars.
Thor Halvorssen is a unique humanitarian who serves to advance the human condition against any repressive political system anywhere in the world.

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Stephen Murray: His Impact Will be Felt Forever

When you look at the life of Stephen Murray, there are a lot of things that stand out and a lot of positives. He has done a lot with his time on earth. He has done so much that even though he is sadly no longer with us, his impact is still felt to this day. That is the kind of power he had as a person.

Nothing he did, he did the easy way. He believed in the old fashioned way of rolling up your sleeves, getting to work, and going the extra mile. As the old adage says, if you are going to do something, you should do it right. Steve Murray always did it right all the way up until his death.

It all started for Stephen with his education and he went to school at Boston College where he received a degree in economics. He went even further with his education in 1989 by getting his master’s degree in business administration from Columbia Business School.

You see, Steve Murray believed in the power of education and the power of learning. In his mind, you could never learn too much and there was never too much information out there. In fact, he believed in the old adage that knowledge was power. The better suited you are for a situation, the better off you will be in the long run. When you prepare and have done your homework, it will help you later on in life. Read more: CCMP’s Murray dead at 52

In addition to that, after school, he went on to great success as president and chief executive officer of CCMP Capital. He was someone that had a clear vision and he stuck to it and saw it all the way through. As president, there is a lot of responsibility on your plate and a lesser man might not be able to handle it.

However, according to Fortune, someone like Stephen Murray enjoyed the challenge and enjoyed the chance to do something special. He would think long and hard and look for any solution that he could to whatever problem was put in front of him. In fact, he didn’t see them as problems.

He saw them as a chance to learn something new and grow as president. This doesn’t even touch on his great charity work with Make-A-Wish. When you have accomplished all of this and done so much, no one can take it away from you.
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