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Securus Technologies Expose How Global Tel Link Is Failing Its Customers

When you are working in a certain sector, you need to be the very alert to note the wrongdoings of other companies in the same business. Not just to advance your agendas, but because their wrong doings can have ripple effects on your company. This is why Securus Technology has taken steps to reveal how Global Tel Link, GTL, has been failing its clientele.
In a report by PR Newswire, Mr. Richard Smith, who is the company CEO, said that he was offended that a carrier would stoop below the integrity bar, which most companies have set. He also said that although the PSC order was released in 1998, Securus brought up the issue because GTL’s wrong doings have still continued, and their actions could tarnish the industry’s name.

GTL is a communication provider for inmates, and while providing their services to the Louisiana Department of Correction, they broke a number of laws. The results released after investigations by the Public Service Commission showed that:

The GTL telephones, at the correctional facility, were programmed to add 15 or 36 seconds to the duration of each call.

The Global Tel Link telephones were programmed to rate the calls above the specified rates.

The company inflated the cost of the calls, by adding additional fees after the calls had already been rated.

In some cases, they billed one call more than one time.

After looking at these findings, it was seen that in most of the cases, these actions were done on purpose, and ended up costing taxpayers $1,243,000.

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About Securus Technologies

According to, Securus America Technologies is one of the largest communication and technology suppliers to law enforcement, and correctional facilities, serving over 1,000,000 inmates. The company, which has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas, serves various parts of North America. They take pride in offering efficient services, among them emergency response, public information, investigation, biometric analysis, inmate self-service, and monitoring products.


Yeonmi Park Tells the World Her Story

Yeonmi Park is an extraordinary individual as she is not only a North Korean defector, but according to News.AU, she is also a current human rights activist with the mission to help others escape this totalitarian regime. Yeonmi Park grew up in North Korea until her escape in 2007 to China while accompanied by her mother. In 2009, Ms. Park became settled in South Korea with a new mission to help others who have been put into a similar position as her. Ms. Park, in her new book, In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom, discusses her troubles as well as her fears as she flees the North Korean border and discovers freedom.
Ms. Park was born and raised in North Korea. Though she was born during a totalitarian regime, her family was a well respected family that allowed her many privileges in the country while growing up. Though she grew up in a wealthy family, the economic crash that took place in North Korea forced her family to be involved with the black market. As a result, Ms. Park’s father was sent to a labor camp in North Korea as a result of smuggling to keep his family alive and well fed. After her father was sentenced to a lifetime of labor, Ms. Park and her mother experienced the troubles of hunger and were forced to beg for food.

Though Ms. Park and her mother were able to eventually escape the North Korean border, Ms. Park and her mother then became involved in human trafficking. As a result of this horrifying experience, Yeonmi Park has become a human rights activist who speaks out against human trafficking and now has the mission to help individuals travel safely into China from North Korea. Yeonmi Park, through her experience has been able to personally testify of the brutality that she faced in her country. With tens of thousands of individuals escaping for the border each year, it comes as no surprise that the United Nations will soon be getting involved. Yeonmi Park’s new Amazon released book is a testament to her bravery and to her struggles.



Athleisure: The Perfect Way To Add To Your Athleisure Wardrobe

In a society where yoga pants tend to rule, it’s no surprise how far athleisure brands like Fabletics have come. Since yoga pants have become so versatile when dressing for a plethora of different occasions, they have become one of the most desirable items of clothing on the market. Athleisure, or athletic leisure clothing from Fabletics not only makes a fashion statement nowadays, but provides comfort to consumers worldwide. In a recent article, it talks about how athleisure has become a lifestyle and shares some surprising statistics regarding athletic wear.

For example, the article starts out by talking about how athleisure wear has come so far. Last year, forty four billions dollars was sold in athletic wear alone from Fabletics. And surprisingly enough, denim sales have gone done five percent or more since 2013. Crazy statistics, right? To think that the yoga pant will someday replace denim isn’t so shocking knowing how comfortable and form fitting yoga pants have become. Americans will choose the comfort over style in many instances, but with athleisure they don’t have to choose. You can wear athleisure with regular casual wear and still pull it off for any occasion. The versatility of athleisure is amazing. To read more about athleisure, visit this page:

As mentioned earlier, Fabletics is one of the more popular athleisure brands because of the subscriptions it offers. By becoming a member, you can subscribe to receive new athleisure wear each and every month delivered to your door at a fixed and reasonable price. Sounds amazing, right? For all you athleisure addicts, this is the perfect way to gradually grow the perfect athleisure wardrobe. Even if you don’t want to receive products each month, you can still become a member and purchase when you wish to. With great unique pieces, amazing low prices and free delivery, it’s easy to see how Fabletics has made over two hundred million in a year. 

Rousseff’s Impeachment Trial Impacts Venezuela

Brazilian official Dilma Rousseffs impeachment trial is a heavy blow to Nicholas Maduro’s political faith. Last week Rousseff, who is a political ally to Maduro, was removed from office and given notice that there would be an impeachment trial over national budget discrepancies.
While Rousseff is fighting back against these charges, calling them a “farce” and the trial a ruse to get her out of office, President Maduro has marked this as the beginning of the end for himself and his political allies.Expert Jose Manuel Gonzalez thinks Maduro is being examined for possible removal from office by the beginning of next year through the process of recall referendum. This is due to public unrest over economic hardships and lack of natural resources during his presidential term.

Maduro has stated in last week’s press conference that now that Rousseff has been thrown out, he knows that the political powers that did this will be coming for him. I believe that with Venezuelas crumbling infrastructure and political unrest, there is only so much that his political party can do. Manuel Gonzalez thinks that he sees the writing on the wall and knows that his term as President is soon coming to a close.

No More Beer for Venezuela

Venezuela has had to suffer a host of indignities due to its economic and environmental-driven crises.  As reported by Open Corporates many common household items are in very short supply. Now, even beer is becoming incredibly scarce. While beer is a luxury item, the loss of a beverage people around the world take for granted really does add further insult to the horrible situation befalling this country.
The sad reality of the beer shortage sunk in when Empresas Polar SA, the biggest of all private companies in Venezuela, shut down all four of its beer plants. Empresas Polar SA produces about 80% of all the beer in the country.

Shortages are the reason why the plants have shut down. Beer, like other beverages, requires ingredients to be brewed. Those ingredients have to be imported. Chief among those ingredients is malted barley. The government has not directed the necessary funds to Empresas Polar SA, and the company is no longer able to afford those imported products.

Velasquezn Figueroa explains that the government controls the distribution of hard currency and, in the current economic situation, the government is going to be even tighter with money. Essential goods are in short supply. Venezuela is in debt to many who provide these items. Paying debts owed for food imports is going to take precedence over alcohol products. Unfortunately, paying for food and dairy is extremely difficult right now. Things are not likely to change until the oil market improves and drought conditions stop.

Talking Fashion With Doe Deere

Doe Deere is a young entrepreneur that has never let anything hold her back from her dreams. Deere was born in Russia, and she and her family immigrated to the United States when she was very little. Deere is a woman that wanted to work in fashion and be independent from a very young age. Deere dabbled in fashion after college, and she was able to start her own fashion line in 2004. She named her fashion line limcrime. She was her own model in that fashion line. Even though she really enjoyed what she was doing, she wanted to be able to do more. Deere enjoyed modeling makeup, and she wanted to be able to use a makeup that was bold and colorful.

The makeup industry was really at a loss for makeup that was bold and colorful. Deere decided that she was going to try to make her own brand of makeup. The only problem that Deere had was that she did not really have that much funding. Deere only had a few hundred dollars to make her dream come to life, and that is exactly what she did with the money that she had. Deere was able to form Lime Crime makeup, and now Lime Crime is an international success.

The Bustle did an interview with Doe Deere about all of the fashion laws that she does not obey. Deere is a person that likes to dress however she feels. Fashion stipulates that a person should dress for certain occasions, or that they should always dress their age. Deere dresses in a way that makes her feel good, and the occasion is not important to her. Deere colors her hair colors that are unnatural, and she does not let that stop her from wearing different colors, patterns, and bright makeup.

Deere’s favorite clothing are socks. She had hundreds of pairs of socks, and she likes to wear them on different occasions. Fashion says that a woman should never wear open-toed shoes with sox, but Deere chooses colorful socks with her opened-toed shoes on a regular basis. There is really nothing that can tell Deere how to look or dress. That is the reason why Doe Deere is a woman that is taking the fashion industry by storm.

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Energy Crisis Continues in Venezuela

The country of Venezuela has been getting hit from all sides economically over the last several months, as there has been a major drought in the region, a lack of food and medical supplies, as well as widespread power outages. In fact according to expert Danilo Diaz Grandos, to combat the problem, officials in Venezuela made the decision to cut days off the work week in order to save energy for a time period of two months. Understanding that this was not going to fix the entire problem, they have rolled out other measures to conserve. In an effort to save power, Venezuela has shifted their clocks forward thirty minutes, which officials in the region believe will cut rectify at least a portion of the problem.

The move forward is set to begin on May 1, although it really can’t be said how long the time change will go on. If the switch starts to create a decrease in the lack of energy, there is a good chance that the time chance will go on for a significant period of time. However says Danilo Diaz, there are other things that are going to have to be done to address the problem, and it appears that the government in Venezuela is trying to pull out everything they can to throw at the situation. While people are getting more time off work, the bulk of them are saying that they are dissatisfied, as they say they would rather have more money from going to work, so it is apparent everyone is suffering from the power outages and drought.

Athleisure Fabletics Trending This 2016

Are you looking for sportswear that is fashionable and trendy? Fabletics on en.wikipedia offers a wide variety of athleisure items that suit your styles and needs. You can find your favorite athleisure wear that follows your daily lifestyles, and Fabletics is your one-stop-shop for this.

About Fabletics

Fabletics is where you can find high-quality sportswear items and accessories designed for active women who love function and style. It was launched by JustFab Inc. and co-founded by actress Kate Hudson. Co-CEOs, Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg recognized that the market for activewear on did not provide the complete components that would help and satisfy consumers. They saw that the luxury brands available in the market were not as stylish as many expected. Therefore, they established Fabletics on marieclaire to fill in the gap in the market.

What is athleisure?

It sounds like the combination of the words “athlete” and “leisure”. Apparently, the word speaks for itself. Athleisure is a fashion style that emanates from the love for activewear and leisure clothes. It has become a regular word in many dictionaries today because of the phenomenal growth of the industry.

Athleisure items and accessories have become very popular because many people have already become conscious about health and wellness. It does not necessarily mean that most of them are now going to gyms. However, many people think that they are fashionable and sexy if they look fit and healthy. Therefore, athleisure has become a fashion trend for those who find comfort wearing it even when going elsewhere after going to a gym, or they simply wear it for leisure activities.

Popular types of athleisure items

l Yoga Pants
l Tights
l Leggings
l Cycling Shorts
l Sneakers


If you are active and would like to show it with style in your leisure time, visit or contact Fabletics now to find your best athleisure clothes and accessories for all your daily needs.

Healthy, Shiny Hair is One Bottle Away

Many companies promise all of their customers shampoo commercial hair with regular use of their products. Sadly, it is often difficult to tell which ones are telling the truth and which are just trying to boost sales. The glamorous models in the glossy print ads are styled and edited to look a certain way and it is unknown if the product was even used. Recently Emily McClure, an author from Bustle’s fashion and beauty section, decided to take matters into her own hands and see if a certain product was actually as good as the models made it look. (Original article can be found here Her seven day trial period of Wen by Chaz Dean was written and photographed to give readers a crystal clear look on how the hair care line looked on her.

After using the cleansing conditioner McClure discovered body and shine that she did not have before. Wen by Chaz uses a unique formula to take the place of shampoo, conditioner and detangler to provide the gorgeous hair they promise to their users. After showering and blow drying, the difference can definitely be seem in the before and after pictures. McClure states that she loved the way her hair felt and could not wait to show it off. The only down side to her trial run seemed to be that the volume did not completely last until her next shower. WEN delivers on its promise and gives beautiful Facebook photo worthy hair.

By giving customers something other than a different line of shampoos and conditioners Wen introduces a product that takes hair care to a new level. With real life testing this product will give customers the healthy shiny hair they crave. Wen by Chaz is a cleansing system worth trying. Take a look and see for yourself.



Coriant Has A New CEO and New Directions

Coriant is in the process of upgrading their technology offerings and in their management team. Shaygan Kheradpir has been brought on as the new CEO of Coriant. These changes are actually quite major and will result in a new age of very advanced hardware and software improvements. Kheradpir has already set some new goals for the company. One of his first moves is to bring all their client companies up to speed with the new very high speed and multiply-redundant Packet-Optical Transport Systems (POTS).

Operating in over 100 countries, providing the foundational network backbone for a great many technology companies, Coriant is more active than ever before. Their services business alone has brought in many billions in revenues. With their new POTS systems, companies will be able to offer significantly better ‘up time’ and much higher data throughput rates. Shaygan Kheradpir plans to continue building the business which supplies the best networking integration services to commerce, industry, and government. All of these types of clients will be upgraded and be offered much more enhanced services.

Coriant has supplied these services for 35 years, catering to many different sectors of business and industry, including web content providers, cloud systems, data center providers, and fixed-line networking. Most of the top Communications Service Providers (CSPs) require Coriant’s services. The new upgrades will bring dramatic savings in overhead by applying new cloud computing and less complicated network solutions.

Some of the many brands Coriant supports in their work are optical networks produced by Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN), Tellabs, and Sycamore Networks. Mobile systems and enlarged and more secure clouds are two of CEO Kheradpir’s near-term updating goals. Next on the agenda will be better support for video streaming.

Kheradpir graduated from Cornell University, earning an engineering degree. While there he also served on the school’s Engineering Council as part of the advisory board. He was also on the National Institute of Standards & Technology’s board of Directors. He holds both a Masters degree and a Ph.D.

He is not only the new CEO at Coriant, but also the Chairman of the Board. He brings 28 years of telecom, computer networking, finance, and telecom experience to the table. At Verizon he was the manager of their FiOS program to connect all of the United States. This involved managing a budget of $20 million USD. His first executive gig was at the venerable GTE corporation.